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The Perfect Thanksgiving

I sit on a hard wooden chair next to a warm fire that took almost an hour and a half for me and my parents to set up. I am wearing light green long sleeved shirt, a new pair of light blue colored jeans and green and navy blue colored sneakers. I get up from my hard uncomfortable seat and take a quick glance through the biggest window in my whole house. Outside of the window I see a large pile of reddish orange colored leaves that have fallen from one of my favorite climbing trees. I still have my last minute Halloween scares about both bloody zombie costumes and Chucky himself. My mother comes over to my uncomfortable wooden seat and tells me that I shouldn’t be thinking and talking about Halloween we have moved on to Thanksgiving. As my mother leaves the room I mention in my head all that’s left of Halloween is a pile cherry flavored Jolly ranchers and a whole bunch of Three Musketeer chocolate bars. I slowly walk back to my seat enjoying the warm soothing fire while it lasts. I patiently wait for my family’s special Thanksgiving Day dinner. While I wait I see many of my family members walk through my front door to join our special dinner. First I see my Grandmother and Grandfather walk through the door, next I see my aunts and uncles, finally I see my joyful cousins . I am extremely excited to see my Grandparent’s joining us especially since I haven’t seen them in such a long time. The smell of the delicious Thanksgiving dinner attracts me to my families new remodeled kitchen like a piece of metal to a magnet. The first food I site is a large fresh roasted turkey that took a very long time to cook. I also see many other foods especially Greek foods since my family is Greek. My Grandparents brought a traditional Greek desert called baklava, the next food I site is my mother’s favorite home cooked green bean casserole, onion gravy and a half of a plate full of disgusting pickles that I am truly not a big fan of at all; mashed potatoes, a huge home baked pumpkin pie and two dozens of chocolate fudge brownies with a small drizzle of white chocolate icing on top of each and every brownie in the platter. Just then I hear my mother say “Petros come in the kitchen dinner is now ready”. When I first walk in the kitchen I was amazed, my kitchen looked as if this was where the pilgrims had their Thanksgiving feast. I see my Grandmother sitting next to my Grandfather, I see my playful younger cousins sitting beside each other, my brother and sister are sitting next to each other and of course I see my mother and father sitting beside each other . I take a seat next to my brother Nikolas and my sister Harriet. Before we get to enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner everyone goes around saying what they are thankful for. When it was my turn to say what I was thankful for I say, “I am thankful to enjoy such a lovely meal with my wonderful family and hoped this could happen every Thanks Giving”. As everyone began eating there wonderful Thanks Giving dinner my grandmother kindly interrupted to explain how she made the baklava in specific detail. She first told us told us that she made the dough by hand. Then she went on to explain how her sister which is my great aunt sent the walnuts and honey from Greece. She added the walnuts and honey to make her baklava more authentic and lastly she stated how she bought tradional Greek butter from the specialty store in Hollywood. First she rolled several thin layers of dough and refrigerated it over night with wax paper in between each layer of the dough. The next morning when the dough was ready for baking. My grandmother takes the walnuts out and puts them in the middle of a fresh clean towel and folds them as if she is wrapping a gift. Then she calls my grandfather to crush the walnuts with his hammer. After that she layers the honey, and nuts inbetween each piece of dough. After every layer has been filled she begins to cut the Baklava into small triangular pieces. Finally the baklava goes into the oven for aproxemently twenty minutes for three hundred and sixty degrees. Finally after my grandmother finished her long discussion we all got to try it. To tell you the truth her baklava was actually scrumptious everyone in the family enjoyed the treat with great pleasure. After everyone finished with their dessert. We all go in the living room and watch holiday related films such as Charlie Browns Thanks Giving, The Grinch who stole Christmas and it’s a wonderful Life. Most people in my family enjoyed the movies. After we watched the movies it was time my family members to go home. My parents and I thanked every one for coming and we all said are final goodbyes to each other. We all agreed this was the best Thanksgiving we ever celebrated together as a family. 

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