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 I walked into the woods, I looked behind me and heard noises and voices. I knew that there were evil creatures lurking around me. Once I got to the Mississippi River, I tried to find my raft.  When I did find it, I saw it beaten up. “Oh no… They beat me here! My… My raft…. I’ll find them!” I thought to myself, and continued to think, “Oh… FREAK! I forgot about Niro…” I thought about trying to teleport him to me or me to him, but I’m not so good at it, and I haven’t mastered it. I knew I had to go back, but if I did… we’d both be dead. I have a giant after me, and who knows what’s after him. I tried to think of where he could be. I ran back to him, “Only ten miles to run or walk to get back,” I said sadly, “Yay….




As I saw her come into view, knowing that she didn’t leave me for good, I looked around for materials. I needed the materials for my raft, but not too much ‘cause I’m going to have to walk the ten miles back. She came in and slammed the door shut with a loud crack.

“I came back from the freaking ten mile! You had better have an explanation for why you’re still here!” she shouted with anger.

“Ummm... You left me here and I had no idea where to go, so I stayed here. You have no knowledge about what happened here! Giants came here and pulled my roof off. Not just that, but ogres came opened my door and breathed straight in my face with their sticky garlic breath. While that we happening, little evil fairies pinched me and tried to turn me into animals… Do you know how hard it was?” I replied back.

“Look, it’s both of our faults because you weren’t at my house, and I forgot about you until I got to the Mississippi River, and found out that my raft was destroyed. We need items to fix it and need to hurry, Jex and Nixxra are ahead. They won’t stop until they have the crystal that controls all the woods and forests.”  We got interrupted when we heard bangs on the door. I was ready to kill whomever, or whatever, was behind that door. We opened the door and immediately jumped back to be ready to kill off what was there. When we saw what it was we lowered our weapons. “Mini-zombies?” I asked.


“What the heck?”




“What the heck?” I responded. They weren’t attacking us, and usually almost everything and everyone does.

“We come with a mission,” one of them finally said.

“You must come with us,” the second one said.

“Who are you?” Niro said with yelp.

“I am Maronk, and this is Duffy,” said Maronk and continued, “We already know your names, Nakki and Niro. Now come with us.” We followed and they brought us to the playground, or so we thought it was the playground.

“These are our bikes,” said Duffy in a hoarse voice. “If you get on that purple horse with the blue-green eyes, and the coke next to it, it will zip you through different time periods,” Duffy said with excitement.

“That green and purple duck over there,” Marnok said with a shaky hand showing them where it is, “can have too much power in it! It can paralyze you in matter of seconds, and have it last for at least 20 seconds. It also sets off many elements around you. It can cause earthquakes as well at points and do many other things. Oh! That one in the corner. The pink tiger can leap faster and higher than any other animal or living things for that matter!” Marnok and Duffy were so happy that they got to share these things with us.

“Oooooo! That white polar bear over yonder. You can go into that, and it’s a giant robot. You control it, and it has a button for self-destruction that destroys the galaxy,” Duffy said sadly.

“Okay, okay. We get that these plastic creatures can do different things and have different abilities, but we don’t have time for this.”

“Ohhhh, but you do!” said Duffy.

“No… We don’t. We have to get to a certain place before someone, more like some people, get there!” I exclaimed angrily.

“Nope, because we have the matter of time and traveling on our side,” explained Marnok.

“And we can put you in a sleeping trance if we need to, so don’t try anything,” finished Duffy.



“SLOW DOWN!” I yelled to Nixxra.

“No!” she responded loudly.

“Why not? We’re already so far ahead their raft is broken so unless they want to walk 30 more miles, we’re good. Also, it’s turning night. So slow down,” I tried to reason.

“Fine! But when ten minutes are up I’m leaving,” Nixxra argued back. I tried to reason with her, but there’s no way I can she… She’s just a…. A little bit competitive. Okay, maybe more than a little bit… We rested up, and let me just say this, she fell asleep. I started to set up the tents and got a fire up. It was almost silent. You could only hear the owl hooting and the crickets chirping, but that was it.



                I woke up the next morning tied to a tree. “What the….,” I said questioning it, trying to struggle out of it, and I continued to yell, “Nixxra! Where are you? Where am I for that matter?” I looked around, but then heard a noise. I stopped for a minute. It was from a bush. I started to panic a bit, Nixxra jumped out and scared me. I screamed and she covered my mouth.

“Calm down, Pickle Brain. You’ll attract them to us,” Nixxra explained.

“MMMMMMM!” She took her hand off of my mouth. “Who? What?” Her hand was covered with a substance, like sleeping powder or something close to that. I started to doze off, but immediately jerked back up, hitting my head against the tree. A sharp pain ran through my body. “Owww!” I shouted immediately.

“Do you not know about the…. Uhh… The (*snaps*) uhhh (*snaps*) freaking mini-zombies attacked us. They tore up our tent and stamped out the fire. Then I woke up and saw them, so I ran. I hid and remembered that you were still there. So I ran back and climbed a tree until they left. I saw them tie you up. I tried to… to help, but just couldn’t. I sat on the tree branch, frozen…”


“Stop, right there. Okay? Calm down, I think that I know what they are. Were they a green-ish and pale-ish color?”


“I think so. They had mini-bows and swords with an arrow container. They could have killed me within seconds, but they didn’t. They stood there, staring at me, but I panicked so I ran. They had one black eye and one red eye. The mini-zombies were like friends, best friends. They tied you to the tree though, and raided our stuff. They didn’t take anything really valuable, but they tore the tent and took half of the gems.”


“Okay, okay. First untie me from the tree. I think I can find out what they are and how to defeat them. They might not be defeated, because if they are friends or more than friends, than we might not be able to break their bond. Mini-zombies have a friendship that not humans, monster, creatures, etc. has.” Nixxra untied me from the tree and I calmed her down. I’ve never seen her like that before. After a few minutes of her panicking, I finally calmed her down.





                I‘ve never seen anything like that before. They didn’t attack. They just stood there, watching. “We have to get going. We might not make it. Remember that last time we tried to do that?” I told Jex.

(Flashback): “We’re almost to the enchanted forest!” I exclaimed excitedly. The gates closed up before we got there. If we arrived 3 seconds earlier, we would have made it. “NOOO!” I screamed.


“Nixxra… I’m sorry. It’s… It’s all my fault. If I didn’t come, I wouldn’t have slowed you down, you would have made it.” Jex tried to apologize.


“No, Jex… It wasn’t your fault. We just need to come earlier next year, then we’ll get your parents back, and my parents too.” I tried explained to him. We walked back in silent, until we heard a snapping sound. (Flashback ends).




                We stated walking again after I untied Jex. He still felt a little bit nauseas, so I had to help hold him up while we walked. “The gates will close in four days. Two more days until we get there, but we still need to get there fast. Or we’ll still not might make it. And we don’t want a repeat of last year.” I said calmly.


“Yeah, I know.” Jex replied. “I’m trying to think of where we need to go once we get to the gates. I have questions that are floating around in my head. For example what if we get to “The End Realm”, but the gates close? Or what creatures live behind that gate? What if we don’t find our parents?” He said slowly getting more tensed as he talked.


“Jex! Calm down! We’ll think of the answers later, not now. We can’t have that type of stress now. We already have a trail of creatures we have to deal with…” I was cut off by a loud shrieking sound. “J-J-Jex run!” I stuttered out.


“Nixxra! I can’t run though, remember? You’ll have to go without me, if you want to survive.”


“No, Jex! I’m not leaving you behind. We’ll make it together! I’M NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU HERE!” I grabbed Jex’s arm and ran with him stumbling close behind me. It started screeching extremely loud again. There was a cave to the left and we tried running there, but I tripped and we fell. “Jex, go into that cave.”


“Nixxra, I’m not leaving you!” Jex protested.


“JUST GO! I’ll be there soon.” I yelled. He went into the cave, and I closed it off. I ran and slide under its legs. I saw an egg sack under the belly, and it was all purple-blue with dark green spots. “Come at me you… you… you monster!” I ran and tripped. “OWW!” I exclaimed. I had nowhere to go, nothing to do….






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