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The Primate race was the first intelligent life to evolve on Earth. They were here for millions of years before any other intelligent life. The Primates refer to themselves as Primes. When the Primes were at the peak of their civilisation and technology, some scientists started to create new forms of life. But one day, something went wrong, one of the life form’s experiments became uncontrollable and unstoppable after being exposed to high levels of radiation. They started to destroy buildings, killing hundreds, then millions a week

The Primes fled to the center of the earth to hide. No one expected such a small thing to tear them apart. The experiment was called Project Human.


Walking to the speech that our Leader is going to give us today, I look up to see the red warm glow from the lava. I wonder what the sky looks like from the surface of the planet. I have read books about it, but I still want to check if it is the same color or if the sun feels different compared to the lava. I heard it shines a blue, but I doubt it. I want to experience the way the ground feels… is it soft or hard as metal‽I will most likely never know. I keep walking, the ground is hard and makes a slight dung sound every step you take. “Hey Oofie!” A Prime shouts with such energy I could feel it.               “Is that you, Ank?” I replied with as much enthusiasm as he did. “Yes,” Then he jumps on me, almost knocking me down to the cold ground.

“Hey how have you been?” I gasp. “Yeah, I’ve been okay. But I am great now that I see you here!”. We keep walking, side by side talking about all the basic stuff that you would if you didn’t see your best friend for seven years.

We arrived at the stadium for the speech by the Leader. We normally don’t have to go to these speeches, but this one was different. We’re told that it was necessary for us to come to this one. I hope it isn’t something bad. We sit down on the green metal seats that are never any temperature other than perfect. The Leader walks on to the stage and what was once a loud, large group of Primes became silent like no one was there but the Leader. He speaks. “My lovely Primes... It’s time to take back what was originally ours.” Whispers fill the stadium. “Some of you know what I am talking about, and those who don’t I will tell you. We are taking back the surfaces of the Earth!” He screamed in the microphone which only made it louder coming out if the speakers. The crowd cheered with excitement almost making it impossible to hear the rest of our leader’s speech. “You must prepare to take out the Human race, we are attacking in one month's time!” The leader finished. I don’t think this is a good idea we know very little on how many of them there are or their technology. We are going into a fight blind, and it looks like Ank thinks that way too.


I am at my house now with Ank. “So what did you think of taking back the surfaces?” I softly ask Ank.

“I don’t know, I think that we do deserve to live on the surface. “We were there first after all...” Ank said sounding a bit fake.

“Well I don’t think we need to kill them, just live together,” I argued back. this is the one planet that we can live on right now and we need to live as one species!” I yell without thinking. “ I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

“It’s ok, we all have something to say,”.

“I think that we should go up there and find out more about the surface,”  I say.

“ I don’t know. It is pretty dangerous,”

“ So is a war.”

“Good point.”

We left that morning bright and early before anyone was waken by their alarms. It took us an hour to get there. Then we had to sneak past the guards then get through the door to the surface. It was big and needed machines to open it. As the door opened we ran hoping that we could make it. The distance was further than we had thought so we ran faster and faster until our legs felt pain in every step. “ I don’t know if we can make it!” Ank screamed. I say nothing. I hope we can make this. I dive… I am in. Ank still is running. He dives, he makes it but with a part of his pant leg is missing stuck in the door. “How are we supposed to survive on the surface is we can hardly get passed a door?” Ank said sounding terrified. “Maybe we should head back.”

“No way! We are the only ones that can save a race of intelligent life,” I pronounced loud enough for it to echo. “Now lets keep going...” Ank and I don’t talk for a long time. I hope I didn’t kill his spirit. We walk for a long time, what feels like forever. I think that there must be a way to get up there faster than this. After all it is like four thousand miles. After we walk a bit longer I spot what looks like a bunker. “Lets check out what’s in there,” I whisper to him. He follows me but still no response. I walk up the metal stairs Ank close behind me. We reach a door at the top. I hopen it. there wasn’t much. Just some beds and a basic kitchen and another room on the other side that I can’t see into. We walk in. I go to the kitchen on the left to look for food and Ank goes towards the the room that I haven’t seen much of. “Come on there has to be some food in this place,” I mutter to myself.

“You have to come see this Oofi. I think you might like it,” he happily cheered. I walk over, as I walk in I see two (scorchers or  hybra)s. “Wow these things are acent! Why are they here?” I say surprised. “These are vintage! The last time I ever heard of one being driving cease the Primes were on the surface,” Ank said.

“Do they still work? If so we should drive then to the top!”

“Well lets give them a go.” I hop into one. The key was in already. I turn it, the vehicle started with a putter and a ear wrenching screech. Then it steadily rumbled so quiet you could almost couldn’t hear it. Ank dos the same,his is running now to. “Lets go,” Ank yells. He hits the gas and zooms through the wall landing in the tunnel wheels down. Then I go. I land to the side of Ank. “ I will race you there,” I yell.

“Your on. On the count of three… One… Two… Three!” We zoom off. Gaining speed at an incredible rate. First sixty than one hundred then 150 mph, always speeding up. I look out the window. We were moving so fast that everything was a gray bler except for Ank. We drive for about two and a half hours before we reach the top. I hop out of the vehicle but Ank is still in his. “Come on Ank we are here,” I say as I walk over to his car. “Ank are you ok?” I ask. He opens his hood and says “Can we do that again?” I laugh. he gets out and we walk to the surface door. “Are you ready/” I ask.

“I don’t know. I hope it is worth it,” he says as he walks to the the control panel for the door. “Ready?” Ank squicked loudly.

“Ready,” I say. The door opens slowly. There is a bright light coming through the opening that blinds me. I look away hoping that my eyes will adjust to the light.

The door is open the entire way now. My eyes have finally adjusted and I see green everywhere. But it is a different kind of green then I am used to seeing. This green gives me a soft vibe. I take a breath of the air. It is moust unlike the dry air at home. Ank runs to me and hugs me almost knocking me down. He smiling with joy. We did it!” he screamed.

“Lets get out of the tunnel and really explore!” I scream just as loud as Ank. I run feeling more free just by the air I jump on the ground, It is soft and filled with green grass that was better feeling than a book I read had described. I hear noises that sound like “tweet, tweet” I look up trying to find the thing that made that sound. It was a small round blue animal. “See that Ank?” I call “It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life!” I say but still no response from Ank. “Ank?” I yell. I look around trying to see if there is any way to find him. I spot a footprint on the ground. It’s Ank’s. I start running where the footprints point becoming more and more worried with every foot step I take. Soon I find Ank standing by the side of a cliff staring. “what is it?” I say. then I turn and see what Ank is staring at. It was a city, a human made city. I almost fell by the beauty of it. We stand there for a long time hoping that we could explore for the rest of our lives. But we have some work that needs to be done. “Come on lets go finish what we started,” I say snapping Ank out of what seemed to put him in a trance. \

“Ok,” He says. It take us some time to get down the cliff but we did it. We walk and walk until the sun is almost on the horizon. We have to get there soon.

We finally walk into the city. Everything is so tall and wide. But the best thing about the city is that there were humans every direction I looked. AnK and I keep walking. Suddenly we both fall to the ground. My eyes start to blur. Then everything went dark…. i woke up sitting in a chair tied up. Ank is on my left trying to escape but with no progress. I look and see a human in front of me and at first I smile trying to look friendly but then i see his face. It looked tough and stern making my stop my kind intent.

“What are you two doing here and what are your intents?” He snapped at my. I in awe that we speak the same language. “ We have come to make peace. Most of our race planes to attack any day soon but we were trying to see if we could live together as one,” I say. He turns back and seems to talk to someone but I don’t see them.

“And how do we know that you aren't lying?” he asks.

“Because we traveled from the center of the this planet to warn you with no help from anyone but each other,” I yell. He is silent.

“Thank you. We will see what we. But for now you two should rest,” he says calmingly as he leaves the room. “We did it buddy,” I say to Ank.

“We shere did,” Ank replies. I close my eyes to rest for the first time this trip and sleep.

When I woke up I am in a soft bed and some beautiful plants that are blue and red on top of a green stick like thing to the side of my bed. I look around the room to see that Ank is there. “We did it,” he says with the biggest happiest face I have ever seen and that made me smile and cry of happiness.

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