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The Jump




Right now, they are making the pictures and putting them in the photo album. I am not in any of them because I didn’t want to do the last three jumps. We were in El Salvador, it was during spring break and we were just visiting, we went to this place called the falls, the people who work there give tours to people and the let them jump off the waterfalls. The water was like 50 degrees, I thought I would be like the titanic and as jack said “When you jump it will feel like jumping into a pile of swords.” I was so scared, I had already done the first three jumps and I was not planning on doing the forth. These jumps weren’t little baby ten foot jumps, no these jumps were like 60-60 f


 We were taking a break when we got to the forth jump to eat. We were in a wind cave soaking when in freezing cold water. The wind was blowing and I started shaking. My lips were purple, my mom started to get worried and said that I couldn’t do the rest of the jumps.


  There was a man that would climb around the waterfalls so he could hold our phones, food, and towels. He never got wet, so my mom decided that I was going to go with him. It was hard for me because I couldn’t move most of my body, but I made. I guess my brother was cold to because he came up after me.


  I didn’t talk much because I was so cold. My parents made the jump, but as soon as they got in the water they realized the water was only seven feet. Their feet touched the floor they banged their butts, and their feet were really sore. After I found that out I was so glad I didn’t jump.


   After the tour guide told us there was a natural slide. i knew it was going to be could but I couldn’t resist. I went once, then twice, and then once more time. I don’t know why but I had and extreme fear that there was an alligator under me in the water. So every time right when I reached the water I would swim right the rock next to me to get out. The last time I went down the slide I decided I was going to do it, I had already missed the opportunity to jump down one waterfall. I wasn’t going to miss another but this time sliding down a natural slide.


    Going down gave me the thrill of a lifetime, it felt like I was at a waterpark. I went down at least 20 times, and every time it felt different. I w2anted to do it every day but, that wasn’t realistic.


  There were other parts of the tour, we still had one more jump. This jump was 200 feet tall. The water was the coldest. Only one man had ever jumped off, and he was a insane French man. My dad said he was done and I agreed. My mom and brother wanted to jump, so we had to climb this enormous trail just to get to the jump. My mom and brother obviously weren’t going to do the 200 foot jump. There were smaller jumps on lower ground, my brother wanted me to do just one last jump. I agreed to do the lowest jump possible, it was 5 feet and there was a huge rock that I could sit on right next to the jump. I jumped and swam as fast as I could on to the rock, my brother tried to beat me, but he didn’t. He might of Knocked me off like 20 times but I always got up and knocked him down.


    I loved this tour but I really regret missing the opportunity of jumping of the waterfall. I wish I could rewind the clock and just jump. So what if I was cold that is not and excuse for no doing. I hate this but I am going to go out on a limb and call myself a baby.


      Now these gift card are for all of our friends and I am not on them. I have all of these cards to send out and give to my friends and it is going to look like I am the adopted child forced to take the picture. All of my friends are going to laugh, and yell out baby.  And I can’t say shut up no I am not, because that would be a big fat lie. I was crying with my knees in my shirt, it doesn’t get more baby then that, I feel pathetic. This was one of those moment you wish you could erase from life.


       I also regret the fact that I left my phone in our driver’s car. We were staying in this surfer resort right on the beach and there was no internet or no television so all I was connected to my friends by was with my phone. I was using and then I put it in the cup holder and I just left it.


     I left it and I only realized it like 3 hours after and we couldn’t call the driver so we had to wait a whole 3 days. I was so bored, I never got to listen to music or take pictures or basically do anything, it was driving me insane. I was entertaining myself but at the same time I really wanted my phone.


     I really regret leaving it because all of those three mornings there was the best sunrise, sunsets, and bird chirpings. I was so sad and the worst thing is was that my mom and dad had no room on their phone for pictures or videos or basically anything. We had almost no evidence for the whole trip, I had such a great time but nothing to prove it. I was devastated and I don’t think any of my friends believe anything in said about the trip.


       This trip looked like to people a complete fantasy. I didn’t care all I wanted was my happiness and that is what I got but a little more than I expected and I loved that.


      Even though I missed some opportunities, since I did others came my way. Sure I might regret the things I missed it didn’t take any of the fun away, actually it might have added some for me. It was amazing to me, and that is all that matters to me.


     Now back to real life where I am in the position of the fake adopted kid. Where I am not in any of the pictures and I am basically a ghost on our whole adventure. I had finally made my parents take one more picture to put on the front that I was in. we were about to take it and then I had to go to the bathroom so  left and then right when I sit down the photographer come takes the picture and leaves, yet again I miss another picture.


      I was furious. I went outsider dragged the photographer in the house and then forced him to finally take I picture that I was in. I was done and picture ready. The man got his camera and took the picture on the highest flash setting. Of course I was wearing white and I never came out in the picture. It completely blocked me out. If I had a dollar for every time something bad happened to me I would be a billionaire. I wish just for once something amazing could happen to me in this current lifetime. But that is just a fairytale that is impossible.







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