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 The cold air brushed against my body. People ran screaming in the streets. Gas covered the air so I could only see people faintly. Explosions went off. Three men with armed weapons come in front of the little flower shop my parents own. My dad grabs me from behind a large flower pot near the window. He, my mom, my sister, my brother, and I ran out the back door. The dark alley is narrow but we manage to get out onto the street. The gas rises high into the clouds. People lay on the ground for blocks and gunshots could be heard from all around me. I jump into the alley again as soon as I see someone come out of the foggy air. Blood stains the cement road and a man with a mask and a gun confronted my family. The man raised the gun to my mother. Loaded a bullet into the barrel. I leap on the guys back and throw the gun to my father and he hides it. I punch the guy a couple times before returning to my family. He still lies there as I run down the road. We ran down the tiny streets and into the woods.

 Ocean Creek once a city now is a ruin. The small peaceful city now lies in the hands of terrorists. We walk towards the other side of the woods. We all look down an empty road. My dad goes first and leads the rest of my family. The neighboring city of Little Phoenix was once filled until many people decided to leave for better internet and more jobs.

We run into an empty market building.  My dad helps my brother lift a table and place it in front of the door. Everyone falls asleep except my father who watches at the window. I stand in the middle of a road. A man with a grey shirt and grey pants runs towards me. Another much older man steps out from the shadows between two large buildings and starts beating the man with a baton. The man walks away and leaves the other helpless, beaten and unable to get up or move. I wake up with sweat covering me. I walk over to the window and wake my dad who has fallen asleep. He wakes up and swings his fist at me and I jump back.”Dad it’s okay, it’s just me” I say to him. He stops to wipe his eyes. And he goes over and wakes my mom, my sister and my brother. We run down the road. A truck with what could be six of the men from the attacks in our town come down the road. We all run faster and the truck speeds up. The air smells like smoke from burning fires.


 Gunshots ring in my ears. The air blows my hair back and I dive into an alley and continue running. The alley seems to take forever and I finally make it back into the opening. A gunman stands right outside the market we were just at. I walk past a dumpster and out of the corner of my eye I see a pipe and pick it up. I walk slowly behind him and hit him with the pipe. He collapses unconscious. I start running again. My mouth runs dry and the only thing that lies at the edge of my tongue is the thirst for water. I thought for a long time as I kept on running. Flares went up in the sky as I slowed down to catch my breath. The large hill I lay on  lies directly in the middle of the cities. As I could see the flares from both cities on the hill. A helicopter flew over my head and landed on about the area of the hospital in Ocean Creek. Lights shine on the men who stand on the roof. I can barely make out the shapes in that distance. Gunshots ring in my ears again and I cover them. I am so far from the hospital but I still know someone is lost forever. Then another helicopter flies over my head and I can clearly read the symbol on the side of it….

U.S. Enforcement Division of Protection. This one lands in Little Phoenix and sets down on a open roof of possibly an office building. Trucks roll down the dirt road from the highway directly down from me. More of the E.D.P. I run into the woods behind me and stumble out in front of the highway. Some of the officers get out of their cars and help me up. They can tell I am not with the terrorists. They put me in a truck with a whole bunch of other armed soldiers. The truck stirs up a lot of dirt as we drive down the dirt road that ends the highway into our city. We pass the Ocean Creek sign and enter into a death zone. The men all get out and the truck continues on with only me left. The driver follows other vehicles into a large plane that has landed on one of the soccer fields. He drives up the ramp into the plane.


        I walk slowly up a flight of stairs with nobody in front or behind me. I look around for about 20 seconds before an officer welcomes me and asks if I came to help fight. “Um yeah kinda sure.” I hesitate. He tells me to follow him. We walk into a room filled with cabinets. He places a card into a card slot that looks like one when you checkout at a checkout counter and it opens to a lot of military gear. He tells me I can leave whenever I am ready. Fifteen minutes pass and I run out of the plane. A whole lot of groups stand everywhere. Gunfire can be heard for miles and miles. I run with another team of the E.D.P. We run out onto 63rd street and we open fire on about 6 or 7 of the armed terrorists. Three go down immediately, one of ours goes down. I run off down an alley again. Lots more shooting follows my footsteps. The sound of explosions rains on me as I keep moving along the alley. A fence lies directly at the end of it and I hop over it. I look up and see some of the soldiers leaping across the open gaps between the buildings roofs. E.D.P officers line across the street in front of a small restaurant and throw a grenade inside. Things fall from the building and it crumbles to the ground. A small plane lands on the baseball field next to the mall. More E.D.P. Soldiers run out. I run towards the baseball field and onto the plane. Hours pass by and I fall asleep. I wake up and stare out the window at the dark night and into the stars that shine above. I look down and barely see the shimmering water below me.

I jump in nervousness  as the plane dives and explosions go off everywhere in the sky. One of the wings on the plane explodes and it falls. The plane falls with smoke leading its path from the sky to the ocean I throw the raft out and jump onto it. The plane hits the water and explodes into little parts. I fall asleep again.


       Days pass and I always wake when the sun hits my eyes in the mornings. It becomes night time and I stare at the stars. I think about my family, I think about the people from the cities that lay on the ground  and I think about if I will ever survive. Lights shine far in the distance and come closer to me and the raft. After about 20 minutes it reaches within jumping distance. I see an aircraft with a symbol that I can never tell what it is. Someone hits me on the back of my head I fall to the floor and fall unconscious. Someone shouts “wake up” at me. I open my eyes just a little and then rub them. I open them wider and look around at the walls that stand  all around me and metal bars stand directly in front of me. A prison cell. the security guard opens the cell and grabs my shirt and throws me on the ground. I hit the metal grates on the floor hard. He hits me with his baton and another man walks in. He looks older and a lot tougher. He shouts at him and the man who threw me on the ground leaves. The older man helps me up and gives me a piece of bread. I eat it and he asks if I am okay. I respond “Yes”.

“Well, welcome to your new home,” he says. He locks me up and walks out of the room. I slump into the corner of the cell and wait for what feels as all of eternity. I start to develop a weird sense and get scared of the dark a lot.

The guy that beat me yesterday walks into the room and opens the cell and yells at me to get up. I do. He walks me down a long hallway into a large room that looks like a cafeteria. He grabs a tray from a stack and tosses it at me. I am not prepared for that and it hits me in the stomach. “ Hey, you not able to catch prisoner!” he shouts harshly at me. The guy that stopped him yesterday enters into the room. “ Hey you doing this again!” He yells at the guy that just threw the tray at me. The officer walks away and leaves me again with the nicer one. I stand up and get the tray. He walks with me over to the counter and helps serve me some of the food. The cell door locks a while later and I fall asleep on the ground. The world just seems to melt away and I stare blank into space. I don’t dream or anything that night but I wake up and rub my eyes again. Everything lays still and quiet. Total silence until..


Everything is torn away nothing of the ship or whatever it was. The explosion injures me a lot. I bleed from head to toe and barely keep hold on one of the pieces of the ship that still floats in the water. Planes circle above shining lights everywhere. One ship stops over me and someone gets me into it. I watch out the window as someone on the crew takes care of my wounds. We set down on a runway. This looks very much like an airport but it’s not. A gate opens and we go into a very large garage like thing. The ramp opens down and everyone walks out. Never in my life had I seen something so much like this. The Enforcement Division of Protection symbol is spread out into the floor. People stand everywhere working. More groups of their armed soldiers run across the open floors to more garage like things with planes in them. I walk up some stairs into a large office with a lot of workers. I walk to the front and look out the window. The symbol is the most easy to see now. It is a bird more like an eagle than any other with the words in two lines across it, two bold lines line the sides of it. I walk away from the window and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        someone takes me too my room to stay in. They close my door and I fall asleep. I wake up again and walk out into the open hallway. Luxury pure luxury. A spiral staircase leads to something upstairs but I do not go up. Three white leather couches sit in a square sort of with a table in the middle with a large rug under them to the left of the stairs. I slowly walk towards the direction I came from the day before. People are still working and more are walking around with files in their hands than the day before. A map that shows everything happening at the moment. Ocean Creek and Little Phoenix are still red which means they are still fighting there. I look over at another screen and a surge runs through my whole body. The flower shop has been blown up soldiers lay everywhere and none of the terrorists are there anymore.


I run out of the office and into one of the garages. A plane waits there and I run up the ramp. I turn it on and drive it out of the hangar garage type thing into the open airfield. It seems to take hours in the air but I finally make it to Ocean Creek. I land the ship on an open field of some sort and run out. You can hear gunshots even from here. I jog towards the shots. My black grip gloves help me keep my hands a little bit more warm from the cold. I jump over another fence onto the baseball field again. The urgent pain suddenly wrecks me as I finally remember my family. I came here to help fight the terrorists but now I have to find my family. I run past the flower shop onto 79th street. I run faster and faster. I finally reach the end and find a Starbucks just a plain old Starbucks. I walk inside slowly  and check everywhere. Nothing it is completely empty.  The streets run with E.D.P soldiers. Finally a building explodes on the second floor just two buildings down from where I am. I cover my head and run towards the building. Inside there is fire and smoke everywhere. Crates are lined and stacked all the way down a hallway. I hear yelling from outside. It is dark inside but the exploded part still begins to let smoke down the hallway. I open the first door and there is nothing. And then the second still nothing. Finally I reach the third and open it. Someone lies dead in the middle of the floor. I walk around a couch and open another door into a bathroom and there I find my family. My mother, My father, My brother, and My sister are all there. I untie them from  where they were and walk out of the bathroom. 3 men with guns stand there in the room. I fire first and kill 2 of them. The final terrorist shoots me in the shoulder and my dad grabs the gun and shoots him.

I hold my arm as we all run out of the exploded building. Some of the E.D.P Medical workers come and work on our wounds. My mother watches the sky for some reason I can not understand why. We all get up and walk away down the road to the ruins of the flower shop. We eventually end up walking to the roof of the hospital and taking one of the E.D.P. Jets. We land in Hawaii. My mom settles for a insurance company job. My dad now works at a nearby Meijer. My sister and my brother both attend  the same school. I have just my senior year left in college before I can graduate. The years go on and I never can forget saving my family and seeing my city lay in Terror.

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