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My Lips are sealed and so are My Deals


            I lay awake thinking and staring up at the stars.  The ceiling in my room was a humongous window, so I could see the sky that was staring back at me outside.  Why did I have to be so different?  That question had been buzzing in my head for so long.  I have been different ever since I was five; I was old enough to remember it all.

I could hear my parents’ voices arguing in the hallway.  “But it costs so much just to repair the damage that she does, let alone the taxes and bills for all sorts of other things!”

            “I know, but what would she do without us?”  My mom had a point.

            “I don’t know, but I’m so tired of having to pay for all of the damage she does.  Is it really that hard not to destroy the city?”

            “Keep it down!  You’ll wake her up!”

            I remember thinking.  Already am awake.  If you don’t want me to hear what you’re saying, then you should probably go somewhere to talk other than right outside of my room!  Do I really cause my parents this much agony?  I already know the answer to that question: Yes.

            “And is everything about the money these days?  What about the good of Macy?”

My parents continue to argue, “If she gets left alone, I don’t know what will happen!  She hasn’t been that bad, has she?”

            My dad answered with so much anger that I thought his head was the volcano in Pompeii.  “Of course!  She has always been that bad!  She went to the mall last week and when we passed the AT&T store, the lights went berserk!  You call that not being that bad?”

            “Keep it down!”  My mom struggled one more time to keep my dad quiet.

            I decided to fake it.  I walked out of my room with my most innocent face and asked “Is something wrong?”

            “No Macy.  Go back to bed.”  My mother answered with her sweet voice.

            I went back into my room and lay down again, staring up at the ceiling.  The stars winked at me as if they felt my pain.  I try to control my powers.  I really do!

            My parents kept arguing, only they moved downstairs now.

            “You know she tries to control her powers! And –“

            My dad cut her off, “Just trying is not going to be enough.  If you want to live like this for the rest of your life, then that’s your choice.”  My dad stormed back upstairs and I entered his mind as he slammed the door to his and mom’s bedroom shut.  He knew that I wasn’t asleep; and he knew that my mom was right.  I do try to control my powers.  And I wouldn’t be able to live if they left me because there are bad people out there that would kill to get their hands on me and my powers.

            I woke up the next day and I felt cold.  I exhaled and saw my breath.  That’s the only bad thing about having a window for a ceiling in your room:  It’s not insulated.  I started to think about what my parents said last night.  If you want to live like this for the rest of your life, then that’s your choice.  My dad’s voice echoed in my head.  Does that mean that dad is going to leave me?  I tried not to think about it, but all of a sudden, the mirror on my dresser shattered. 

This happens all the time.  I can’t help it.  Whenever I feel a strong emotion like anger or fear, it buzzes through the room and something like a mirror shatters because of it.  This is because I am telepathic.  I can read people’s minds and input messages into them too.  I can also control objects with my mind.  But the thing that really gets me into trouble is that whenever I touch things, I absorb the matter that it is made of.  One time, I leaned up against an electrical pole, and I got electrocuted so bad that my parents had to take me to the hospital.  The power also went out for a week.  I don’t actually turn into whatever I touch, I just absorb the atoms that it is made of, and it runs through my body.  So, the electrical wiring in the pole ran through my body and electrocuted me.  But another thing that gets really complicated is that I can move myself and sort of transport myself from place to place by using my mind.  One time, I was in my history class, and I closed my eyes and thought: I wish I was at home.  And when I opened my eyes, I was.

I got my powers when I was five.  My mother worked at a Chemical Plant, and the plant sometimes gives off radiation because of the chemicals.  That is why there is a limit to where you can be unless you are an employee.  One day, when I was five, my dad and I went to pick up my mom from work.  We were sitting in the parking lot, and there was an accident.  There was a problem with one of the chemicals and it was spewing out one of the valves outside.  All of sudden, a speaker came on saying to evacuate the area, but it was too late.  As soon as my dad started the car, there was a radiation blast.  Thankfully, no one got hurt.  Except me.  My mind got affected.  I could feel the radiation running through my nerves and I went into a coma.  My parents said that I didn’t wake up for weeks.  But when I did wake up I looked at my mom staring back at me with her beautiful eyes and I could hear her voice saying “There’s my girl!” but her mouth wasn’t moving.

Telepathy isn’t like how it is on T.V.  I don’t go crazy because I hear voices in my head all the time.  I can still hear voices, but it’s not like that.  I can control when I hear thoughts and when I send inputs through my mind.  At least I can control it now.  Telepathy actually comes in handy sometimes.  If I’m at school and the teacher calls on me to answer a question I don’t know, then I can enter another students mind to find the correct answer.  Some people call it cheating, but I call it using my resources.

It’s fun to confuse people by moving a simple object around with my mind like a pencil.  They go crazy because they don’t know what’s going on.  Then they finally just hold the pencil, and the fun is lost.            One time, I was in the movie theatre, and I actually changed the plot of the movie to what I wanted the plot to be.  Another time, a lightning bolt hit the house, and I actually absorbed the power without getting hurt. 

“Macy!  Come down for breakfast!”  My mom called from the kitchen downstairs.


I smelled bacon and eggs as I rushed downstairs.

“Morning Macy.”

“Good morning Sidney!”  Sidney is my sister.  She’s in 10th grade.  She’s not really that nice to me and always teases me about my powers.  A few people know about my powers.  But not many.  That’s why when my parents found out I had powers, they made my sister swear that she wouldn’t tell anyone. 

I have special doctors that only work on me.  They have to do radiation tests and they test the limits of my powers.  But they take me to a secret facility to test on me.  Sometimes they refer to me as “the miracle.”  Whenever something gets destroyed, the public domain thinks that it is an earthquake or something.  But an earthquake can’t happen as often as it does, and they are bound to find out sometime.

After we ate, I went upstairs to my room to get ready for school.  I touched the light switch to turn the lights on and… the power went out.


“I can’t help it OKAY!”

I arrived at school with all of the kids staring at me.  I don’t really talk to many people, except for my best friend, Dana.  She knows about my powers, even though she’s not supposed to, but I know I can trust her.

She met me by my locker, and we started to talk.

“So guess what natural disaster happened at my house this morning!”


“I touched the light switch and the power went out.”

“Yikes.  Is it getting stronger or something?”

“I don’t think so, but it might be.”


After all of my classes, I walked out of the school to wait for my parents to pick me up, or take the bus.  Today I had to wait for my parents.

But when I looked at one of the bushes surrounding the school, I saw a pair of eyes staring out at me.  They were bright blue.  And I saw the tip of a blue hat from above the bush.  This wasn’t just a plain blue, like normal.  It was electric blue.

“Hello my pretty…”  The woman said it in a witch-like voice.

I know not to talk to strangers so I just ignored it.  I guess you could call this more than Stranger-Danger though.

All of a sudden, a stream of blue flew at me and hit my face.  And I don’t remember how, but after that all that I remembered, was waking up with a potato sack on my head in a dark room.

“Hello my pretty… I see you decided to ignore me…”  She started to mumble, “Says a lot about your personality…”

I could only hear the voice.  That scratchy voice.

“Now… Let me make you a deal.”

“I don’t want what you have to give to me.”

“Yes you do.”  She continued.

“You show me your powers and let me ‘play’ with you, and I will show you how to control your powers.”

“I guess I do sort of want to know how to control them…” I said talking to myself.


“Wait… What?”

“Let me explain…”

My Lips Are Sealed And So Are My Deals.




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