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We were at Dean Rusk Middle School in Holly Springs, Georgia when Isa and I met. I moved to Holly Springs, Georgia  from Williston, Vermont. I was starting 7th grade at a new school. It was frightening for me knowing that I wasn’t going to know anyone.

We moved to Georgia in August to our small little cottage on Brashman lake. When we got there, it was my room I wanted to see first. I stepped inside to our new house.

It was dark, dusty and completely silent. I felt like I wanted to run out the door and go back home to Williston. I took another step, the floor creaked. I took five more steps, the creaking getting louder, almost like it was screeching. My heart was pounding faster and faster. I felt something brush up against me and then I saw something moving in sight. It was coming towards me when suddenly the door swung shut and slammed.I was locked and now stuck in my new house. The object was now only 10 feet away from me, and it was coming closer and closer and closer and closer. I saw it jump, go in the air and land on me. I fell to the floor with a hard knock, forcing me to let go of my bags. My bags flew and dropped right beside me, one slamming against my arm.


I woke up. The cool breeze was brushing against my cheeks. I squinted my eyes trying to remember where I was. I didn’t have any memory of what happened. All I knew was that I wasn't suppose to be here.  My eyes opened wider and now I could see. A chill came up my spine.  It was a cold summer morning and I was covered in goosebumps. I felt the dew drip down my back. With my weak muscles, I started to pull myself up to sitting up straight

I was stretching it felt so good to be loose so I could get back in the feel and really wake up. Which got me thinking. I was sitting in front of a house that I didn’t even remember. I woke up here, but why? I was trying to think back to what just happend. I was thinking as hard as I could but couldn’t recall anything.

My parents came screaming and running out of the house across the street calling my name. “Amberrrrrrrr!”. I could see that there faces came in such relief when they saw me.

I stood up struggling on my feet. When they came running towards me we all fell into a big hug making me collapse off my feet again.

I came inside the house. My parents walked me through some hallways but took me straight to my room first. I walked into my bedroom and saw Brashman Lake right there through my arched glass window. Now, my bedroom was super small, but it had the most beautiful view you could imagine. You could see the sparkling water, the luscious forests and the beautiful sunrise. The sunrise was blended pink, purple, orange and yellow. You can’t get an awesome view like mine everyday. My parents then took me through the rest of the house I saw the living room, kitchen and my parent’s room. Our house had very high ceilings so it felt bigger than it actually was. It seemed like I was in Wonderland and belonged here in the first place. I felt like I had already seen this, but it couldn’t come back. I was trying to think all day of what I had done.


I was going to the only middle school in Holly Springs, Dean Rusk Middle School. There is three days until school starts and I'm going to the mall for back to school shopping. Two days ago I got something in the mail that said my name, which was very unusual. I opened it up but it was just my friend back from Williston, I miss her. I told her about the house and the new school I’m going to but I felt like I had to tell her something else but I just couldn’t say it. I had to write her back though. I was sitting on my bed writing her a letter back


Hi Lily I miss you so much!!! How is it in Williston? Holly Springs is a very beautiful place and I love it so far. I forget when you guys start school but I start school in three days and am really freaked out. Is comet doing well? I miss having a dog around. Hopefully theres a dog around here that is just as awesome as comet which will be hard to find. Well I hope we can visit sometime during the year. Let me know how school is when you go.


After I wrote it I remembered I had to go out and get all of my school supplies which took a while so we came home had dinner and then soon after went to bed. The next day I woke up, ate breakfast and sat on the deck. After that I did my chores and got the mail. There was a letter from my school which I was assuming had important information. Me and my parents opened it up. It had my schedule, my homeroom and everything I needed to be ready for school. My two electives were art and computer technology which were pretty good considering I enrolled late plus the normal requirements like math, social studies, language arts, science and world language. Next I looked at who was in my homeroom obviously I didn’t know anyone but there were only five more girls. I hoped that Ms.Sullivan was a nice teacher because that was my homeroom teacher. I was getting ready tonight because school was the next morning at 7:30. I had to have a folder and notebook for each class but I go full out and get like every possible thing plus you need a different color for each class in my mind. Before I went to bed I was thinking to myself school was a day away not even a day like 10 hours and I still didn’t know anyone.




My alarm started buzzing and it was the first day of school it felt like 3:00 but it was 5:30.  I first took a shower then ate breakfast, made my lunch, got ready and gathered up my bags. My dad was already up and ready to go as usual. He drops me off at school and then goes to work. That is the only reason why I had to live here right now( because of his work). We pulled up to the school. It was very crowded. I could tell from out of the window what the groups were the popular ones, the nerdy ones, the athletic ones and the just ones who were miscellaneous. I opened up the door and got out of the car, then started slowly walking into school. I was waiting outside ready for the bell to ring. Across the steps I noticed there was a girl that had cute freckles and dark brown hair. She looked like she was new too, quite shy and scared.

RING!!!! well that was surely the bell.

A bunch of people started running in trampling over people as usual. Going through the jungle of kids someone stepped on my foot and I heard a quiet “sorry” it was that girl that I saw earlier. Once I got somewhere where there weren't a whole bunch of kids I took a look at my map. I had to go to the admissions office first. I soon found my way around and got there. As soon as I got there she was in front of me, the girl. I asked her what her name was

“Hi my names Amber, what’s your name?”

“Hi, nice to meet you Amber. My names Isa.”

“What homeroom are you in?”


“I am too.”

We then started walking towards are homeroom. We got in right before the bell rang and Ms.Sullivan was standing there ready for class. She was probably in her thirties and was pretty which I was glad cause when your in class for 45 minutes you can’t stare at a ugly face. In homeroom we found out our lockers and desks. It ended up that mine and Isa’s lockers were next to each other but our desks were not. We later managed to get through the whole day of school with a little help. After school Isa and I traded phone numbers. I had to get on the yellow bus because my parents couldn't pick me up so I said bye to Isa and headed onto the bus. I put my earbuds in and started listening to music, so I didn’t have to listen to all the yelling. After a half an hour of sitting on the bus I finally got home. When I got home I went through the garage and came in to the house, sat down my stuff in my room then went to the kitchen to cut up some strawberries. Later that night my mom came home from work and started making dinner. While my mom was making dinner dad came home. We were having lasagna and asparagus for dinner which was one of my favorites. While sitting at the table I asked if I could get together with Isa. They're normally pretty cool about that kind of stuff so they said “yes” I just need to contact her and figure out the details. After dinner I took a shower and called Isa. I called her and she didn't answer. While I was doing some homework she called me back and I answered the phone.

“Hi Amber is this you?”

“Yeah. So I asked my parents about hanging out and they said thats fine they just wanted to know some details”

“Awesome! Well I’m available friday are you available?”

“Yah I’m available friday what time would work best for you?”

“How about we get together after school at my house on friday”

“Sounds like a plan”


It was Friday and me and Isa were hanging out today. The school went by very slow today cause I was going to Isa’s house after school. Finally the bell rang and Isa and I met each other at our lockers. We went outside to a pretty nice car that she opened the door too. I hopped inside and met her mother, Catalina which I thought was a very pretty name. Driving in her mom’s car was much shorter than the bus ride. When I got to her house I opened up the car door and felt like I’d recognized the house. I didn't know why though. Then I realized that was it; The House! The House I walked into.


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