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My name is Geoff Parker. I live in Texas, and I’m 20 years old and wasaddicted to heroine. I robbed banks and convenience stores for my boss who goes by the name Killer Dragon. I robbed banks and convenience stores for 3 years and now I’m tired of hiding and robbing. I just want to live a normal life.  A few months after deciding I’d had my fill of that life,  I ran away from Killer Dragon and now Killer Dragon wants to find me alive so he can force me to rob again for him. I ran away to Pennsylvania for a good place to live and a good college.


Here I am finally in Pennsylvania. The only city I can think to live in is the capital, Harrisburg. I need to find a good apartment, I could maybe get into Penn State Harrisburg college. I should really think about getting into a college after I have an apartment. Good thing I took some money from Killer Dragon’s place before I left. Oh looky here its Harrisburg- I didn’t think I was that close to this place. The first thing I do is explore the city for an apartment. I saw a few apartments that had rooms for sale for only 13.99 a month “That’s a great deal!” said Geoff. “Maybe I’ll go to Starbucks and feed squirrels lemon pound cake. I might even eat some lemon pound cake myself, I’ll get some hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s, Tim Horton’s has some pretty darn good hot chocolate.

*Gasp* “I just had the best idea ever, while I wait to get my new apartment furnished, I’ll go to a fortune teller.”

“Hellllllooooooooooo young grasshopper,” said the old fortune teller.

“I would like to have my fortune told.”

“O.k. hooooooooooow muuuuuuuuuchhhhhhh woooooooooood couuuuuuuuullllddd a woooooooood chuck chuck if aaaaaaaa wooooooooood chuck couuuuuuuuld chuuuuuuck woooooooood”. *gasp* “I always knew I would become a Wood Chuck.”

“Wow! Here’s some money for your troubles.” I say to the old fortune teller.

A few hours later I return to my apartment to go to sleep. I’ve always fallen asleep really quickly when I’m trying to sleep. After a few minutes I fall asleep and wake up the next day ready for school. I eat breakfast and put my stuff in my backpack. At 7:30 A.M. I pack up and go to school. “Alright class I’m going to assign algebra 5 to half the people in the class and algebra 4 to the other half.“ My 20th day of college a homeless man walks up to me and says, “Want some drugs?”

“Uh no I don’t do drugs anymore.”

“Ooohh so you did do drugs but not anymore so therefor I know you won’t be able to resist soon enough.”

“None of your business,” I say angrily.

“You’ll come back her at some point, I’ll be waiting hehehehe.”

This goes on and on everytime I pass by that alley to get to school, but eventually he disappears, I kind of get lonely when doesn't show up in that alley for a year, and I eventually get so angry that I scream “FINE I’LL TAKE YOUR DRUGS!!!” I wait in the alley for an hour and when he doesn’t show up I walk the rest of the way to school angrily. my teacher asks me “Why are you-” Before she can finish her sentence I say “there was an accident so I had to take a detour.”


“Yes and hour detour it was a 56 car pile up.”

“Oh yeah I heard about that must have been a long detour,”

“told you” I say under my breath. I take my seat for the hour, I take out my algerbra four from my backpack and start working on the packet.


The hour is over and it’s time to go home, I walk by the same alley no dirty man wanting to sell me drugs I’m sad but also happy that he doesn’t bother me I walk fifty minutes in the wrong direction because I just need some alone time to think about things and hopefully just forget about the whole thing completely. After I walk almost completely around Harrisburg I find a weird building that looks abandoned. “This seems like the perfect place to clear my mind and work out for free after school,” I come and stay here which I come to call my “Orchard of Solitude” I stay here after school for hours on end smelling the nice cool fall air while working my muscles until muscle failure. I eventually start sleeping here at my Orchard of solitude I build a bed in the main hall and make fires for warmth during the cold fall wind of Pennsylvania I start building a small wall made of cloth and clothes lines to shield me of the cold chilling wind.

I eventually fall asleep at some point in the cold night; I awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the sweet fall sunrise. I go to school that is boring as usual. The next day I went to school and walked past the alley way. still no dirty man whose name I don’t know I keep walking as if I didn’t even notice that he wasn’t there.

As the school came into view  I saw the dirty old man on top of the school I walk a few feet more towards the school. The dirty old man jumps off the roof the second he saw me, as he’s falling he starts yelling ¨YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE OFFER!!¨ *splat* The dirty old man hit the ground with a loud crack as you could hear all his bones breaking and splitting into tiny little pieces as he hits the concrete. The concrete was broken and mended, cracked and split ¨OH JESUS CHRIST!¨ I hear someone yell from across the street. ¨oh god… oh god… oh god¨ I say in a whispered voice. I run up to the dirty old man I notice he’s holding a note in his hand I pick it up and read


¨Geoff Parker From Anonymous¨


¨I’m sorry I couldn’t help you beat Dragon, Geoff I wanted to help you lead a normal life but Dragon said if I didn’t get you back into the business he would harm me and my family which by now if you’re reading this letter I’ve already been killed and he’s going to kill everyone I love and care for. So please please! for me either kill Dragon somehow or join him for ME! PLEASE I’m trusting you and thank you for showing me the right path Thank… you¨


-Eric Rowe


¨I-I can’t I can’t but I have to¨ I said as tears filled my sight ¨I’m...sorry Eric¨ I immediately start running towards my house to gather all my belongings after I take everything I go to the Orchard of Solitude and say my last goodbye because I’m pretty sure this is the last time I’m going to see this beautiful and calming area *sigh* “I wish i could stay here forever,” A few minutes later I walk to the bus stop and wait… waiting and waiting… it seems like forever that I wait there.

“jeez I got here around 4:20 and it’s almost 5:00,” at the exact moment I say that the bus seems to appear out of nowhere. Well not out of nowhere, I turned around for a second to look around Harrisburg for the last time and the seemed to come barreling down the road silently. “Huh weird that’s one quiet bus I guess,” the doors open and the first thing I notice after a take $1.50 for the public bus to the train stop. I notice that there is a big and muscle heavy man with a Glock pistol strapped to his thigh. he has a very deep baritone voice he says “no admission cost,”

“o-ok,” I say with a slight nervousness in my voice. “I’m guessing everyone on this bus works for Dragon? as soon as I say his name, Everyone in the bus turns his/her heads. They all grunt almost in unison “I take that as a yes?” I sit next to the nicest looking person on the bus which is not very nice looking at all. after an hour and a half of riding in god forsaken bus with stinky people I finally got out and went to go take a nice long bathroom break but a guard had to come with me and wait outside the door for me to come out after I go to the bathroom I get back on the bus for 15 minutes then come out of the bathroom just to get on the bus again for fourteen F***ING HOURS!

The End of Part 1

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