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It’s kind of funny. This whole thing started with death and now it will end with it. He had killed my whole family and now I’m going to find him. He will never be safe again. Wherever he is I’m already there, watching him. Waiting for the right moment, to strike.

This will end with him dead. Just like my family. Slaughtered right before my eyes, but I will have my vengeance. He will pay for his sins. And I will be there. I will be the one to end his life, or will I?























Chapter 1

It was a bright day just like any other. Everyone was happy and cheerful. I was out with Alex, my brother. We had come to a common love of shooting. We would go to the gun range and he would always choose a rifle and I would choose a handgun. The easy, nonchalant way I could grab it was reassuring. I had been saving up to buy a pistol and I was getting closer and closer. It was killing me. I needed one, bad. Whenever I went anywhere, even if it was with Alex, I felt unsafe…like I was being watched. Alex promised to protect me from any danger, but even he couldn´t protect me from my own imagination.

            Months went by. I went into my room and placed yet another twelve bucks into my clear mason jar which was now filled with money. I dumped it out to see how much I had. I had it all. I ran downstairs to Alex and Henry, my dad; I just call him by his name because that’s his name.

“What?!”Said Alex.

“I have the money!!!”I exclaimed.

“Then let’s go!” My dad said.

We went by the gun range and picked up out my favorite pistol. That’s when it all started. That’s when I didn’t feel safe anymore.


















Chapter 2

            I looked around trying to find Alex and Henry in the midst of people. I saw Alex trying (and failing) to flirt with some blonde chick. I still couldn’t see Henry. I went to Alex.

            “Yeah so I basically own the car.” Alex said trying to impress the girl.

            “Hi, I interrupted, I’m his sister, Kelsey.”

            “Kels please don’t. He begged.”

            “Sorry, I can’t help myself.” I muttered to him.

            “Did you know he still sleeps with stuffed animals? Yeah which was it, Harry the Hippo?”

            “It’s Harvey the Hippo stupid!” He yelled.

            “Ooook.” The girl said before she left.

            “Stupid.” He told me.

            “You’re welcome.”

            I heard a scream. It came from the other side of the room. I felt drawn towards it. We ran to the corner and that’s when I saw him. My dad was cut open with what used to be inside of him sprawled out on the floor around him spelling RUN.

            I had no words for what I was seeing. I just fell to my knees and cried. Then one thought came to mind, my mom.











Chapter 3

            Alex was just barely old enough to drive and he wasn’t very good at it. He drove like a drunken maniac swerving at every possible moment, but I wouldn’t judge him today. We had to get home to save my mother from whoever killed my father.

            When we got to the house I ran to the door with my set of keys (Alex lost his a while ago). I was frantically trying to fit it into the lock. It opened. I ran in screaming for my mom. No answer.

            I went upstairs to check her bedroom. She wasn’t there, but there was a deep shade of red staining the carpet in a trail going to the closet. I opened it cautiously and there she was crucified against the wall with a message in blood on the wall; I WARNED YOU! I rushed downstairs to Alex and told him. He hugged me and tried to comfort me. It wasn’t working but I made him believe it was.  

            I heard something in the kitchen. My immediate thought was run, but apparently that wasn’t Alex’s. He darted towards the kitchen. He screamed and that’s when I ran.

            “You baby.” I told him.

            “You’re a baby!” He said back.

            “It’s just a cat dumb dumb nothing to fear my brave bro.”


            It was just my cat Jinx. We thought he was jinxed because every day he would do something bad and Henry would threaten to shoot him, but would forget about it.













Chapter 4

I grabbed Jinx and we ran out the door. It was impossible to think that everything I had known was gone and the people I loved were dead. At least I had Jinx and Alex, but Jinx is a cat and Alex is my stupid brother.

I had to find who did this. They would pay. I imagined what I would do to them.

Step 1: Yell at them.

Step 2: Torture them.

Step 3: End them.

I still didn’t know if I would be able to do all of those things even if the person or people did kill my parents, but by the look in Alex’s eyes I knew he would.

Think about it though. One day you’re living a normal, everyday life and then BAM it changes like that. I wish I could’ve done something. It just seemed like there were no clues, but there were. I keep looking back on that day and now I know there were clues everywhere.

We drove for about an hour until we reached the city limit. Was this really it? Did we have to leave our home town? I told Alex to stop.


“Just do it.”      

I wanted to say good-bye to my home. Everything I once knew was gone or dead. I stood there for a minute or two. Alex was getting impatient so I looked at the sign saying city limits. This was it, I was leaving my home.












Chapter 5

            We hadn’t stopped driving for 50 miles. We were hungry tired and scared out of our minds. Alex looked as if he were about to go insane, so I told him to stop at the QT. I went in and grabbed some candy and soda. I couldn’t see Alex in the car so I assumed he went to the bathroom or something. I turned around to see Alex pointing a gun at me.

            “Alex what the heck are you doing!?”

“You’re next little sis.”

“What the hell! What have I ever done to you?”

“Nothing, you’ve done nothing wrong my little sister.”

“Wait, Alex did you kill mom and dad?”







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