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Last night my mom asked me to get my sister ready. I casually agreed not realizing what I had gotten myself into. Agreeing to take care of my sister for even an hour is a death sentence.


“Tata! Shoes!” My little sister, Hanna, exclaims while pointing down to her fresh out of the box Minnie Mouse shoes with pink bows scattered across the lining.


“Okay, but you have to sit down first.” I said this and to my surprise, she instantly sat down. This came as a surprise because ever since she turned two, she decided to take directions from everyone but me. I tell her to put something down, she ignores. My mom tells her to put something down, she listens. My friend asks her to open her mouth, its wide open before she can finish her sentence. I ask her to open her mouth; she covers it with her hand.  I’m convinced she has a hearing problem. "Good job!" I say while slightly applauding “So, you grab the bunny ears and wrap them around themselves, put one through the bridge and pull. Got it?" She gives me a slight nod of the head, indicating she does not. “Okay, I’ll help you on this shoe too." I then grab the shoe lasses and repeat the directions. “Grab the bunny ears and wrap them around themselves, put one through the bridge and pull."


“Tank you Tata." She said merrily and pranced away.


"Mari, why is your sister strutting down the hall?" My mother asked curiously.


"I tied her new shoes." I responded looking over to see the baby trying to place a bow in her hair. “You need help Hanna?"


"Nope" she responded with sass


"You sure?" I asked already knowing the answer that follows




“Okay I'll be in the bathroom if you need anything.” I tell her while walking into our fish themed bathroom.




I walked away into my bathroom getting ready. Five minutes into my routine and of course while I'm brushing my teeth, I hear a knock close to the bottom of my door.


"Tata, bow!" Hanna called out trying to get the bow that does not match her outfit into her hair.


“Okay, but you have to get your pink Minnie bow.” I say while half spitting half slobbering.


“Okay!” She yells, and like that I hear the pitter patter of her feet scurrying off into her room then heard the door slam shut. I could get used to this listening thing.


“Okay, that will give me about five minutes to finish brushing my teeth.” I say to myself. Then I heard the creak of the door opening, and as the footsteps get closer, I brush faster.


“Tata! Open you door! Bow!” She yells from the other side of the door. When I open it, I see her with a pink Minnie mouse bow, and untied shoe lasses.


“What happened?” I ask getting down to her eye level and pointing down to her shoes. She shrugs. Then I grab her lasses and start repeating the bunny ear rhyme from five minutes ago. “You grab the bunny ears…” She cuts me off and grabs ahold of the lasses.


“Put bunny ears under bridge then pull!” Her classes are now a huge knot.


“Take your shoes off so I can fix it.” She does as told. Three for three.


As I untangle the knot, out of the corner of my eye, I see her get up, back away slowly and sprint to her room.


When I finish with the knot, I set the shoe on the counter and head to my mother’s room.


“Hey, mom. Good morning. How are you?” I ask while giving her a kiss on the cheek and quick hug.


“I’m good. Are you girls ready?” She asks while she goes back to multi-tasking on her makeup and breakfast.


“Well the baby and I still have to eat, and do my hair, “I say and quickly put my hair up into the usual ponytail. “Now only eat breakfast.”


“Were the baby? “She asks while concentrating on her perfect eyeliner.


“In her room, playing quietly.” I respond as I put on my socks.


“What? In her room quietly?” She says completely turned towards me dragging out the word quietly.


“Yes.” I respond knowing something was wrong. Like that my mom was out of the room sprinting down the hallways and opens Hanna’s room only to find her sitting in a big pile of shoes tangled.


“I tie the shoes!” She exclaims with a big smile on her face.


“Yeah. We will clean up this mess tonight. For now just get some shoes with Velcro on her, and put her in the car.” My mom says while turning to go back to her room.


“Okay, But we still have to eat breakfast. “I say while untangling the child from the string that’s attached itself onto her ponytail.


“Alright, make a foster strudel for you and three mini pancakes from the freezer for the baby. Hurry up!” She says and leaves into her room.


“Okay!” I yell out after her.


“Tata, food!” the baby yells out.


“You are getting pancakes.” I say while searching the cold freezer for mini pancakes.


“I like a pancakes.” she says with incorrect grammar.


“I know you do.” I respond while putting in the time for the pancakes to defrost. Then I remember that I have to eat too, and decide to eat a banana and drink a glass of milk.


“Tata. Bow!” Hanna tells me shoving her body into my shin.


“Hanna! Wait one moment.” I continue drinking my milk.


“Tata!” She yells and shoves her body at me at me, but this time with more force and knocking my glass out of my hand.


“Hanna!” I exclaim and pick her up worried that she would get glass into her skin and cut herself.


“What happened? “My mom asks expecting the worst.


“The baby knocked the glass out of my hands and spilled the milk everywhere.” I say as I dust off any possible pieces of glass attached on her.


“Okay, give her to me and you sweep the floor.” she tells me while caring the baby to her room to change her clothes.


“Okay. I will” I tell her and start sweeping before she yells at me.


After I have already finished sweeping, and we are on our way to school, I remember something that might be the end of my life.


“Um, mom.” I say hopping she does not get mad.


“Yes Marilyn?” she asks with a Spanish accent.


“I don’t know if there is school today.” I tell her looking outside seeing my school dark with no lights on from a distance.


“Oh, really?” she asks me looking right at me.


“Yea, I totally forgot. I’m so sorry.” I say hoping not to get in major trouble.



“Give me your phone, laptop, no T.V for two weeks, and no more seeing friends until further notice.” she says with her hand outstretched in front of my face so I can give her my phone. She then takes a sharp U-turn, and before I know it I’m at home taking care of my sister and my mom is working in the home office with no kids.

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