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Pt. 1

I am William.  You may think I am human, and I am, but not fully.  I have powers sent from the gods,  although what I am about to tell you has nothing to do with mythology (there are too many books about that).  It all  started when my father said I had to find a certain girl, and I thought: Woah, wait a second, I am only eleven years old andyou want me to have a girlfriend?  But then I saw the picture in his crystal ball.  “Okay, I’ll do it,” I said. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and enough charm to make you babble like a cretin.  This girl’s name is Angelica, and she is the last female godling alive, even though she doesn’t know it.  We will teleport to the party she is having tonight.  She happens to be the President’s daughter,”  said my father.  

“When are we going?” I asked.  


“Welcome to Washington D.C.  Home of the President Benjamin Daniels!”  said father as we arrived instantly outside of the White House. We showed security our godling security cards (all godlings are allowed access into the White House because the president is one)  and we entered the party.  

“William, Andrew!  So glad you could make it!”  said president Daniels as he politely helped us in.  

“With teleportation it isn’t that hard to be on time,”  said my father, Andrew.  I saw Angelica walk by.  She looked at me in a shy way, but then looked away, and I think I saw her blush a little bit.  “So, What do I have to to? I asked.  

“Angelica, will you dance with me?” I heard a boastful voice say.  

“sure” said Angelica, though I could tell she didn’t mean it.  

“Ah, I see.” I said as I filled with jealousy.  

“Come with me to the top floor Angelica, I want to show you something.”  They walked upstairs as I ordered a drink from the bar.  Suddenly, there was a scream as Angelica ran down the stairs.  She explained that there was something that threw a knife at them when they entered the room, and it killed Leonardo.

“I never really liked him anyway,” she muttered.  I suggested that some of the people go up there to investigate.  A group of six, including me and Angelica went upstairs.  I stayed behind for a minute or two outside the door to the top floor, and I heard some yelling outside of the door.

I opened the door to see what was going on, and I saw a brown marionette that was connected by strings to a blue creature.  “It’s not a creature, it’s a puppet!  I yelled as I charged at the blue creature.  It noticed me and jumped into a hole in the ceiling.  We heard some clanging as the creature walked above us.  A clawed hand grabbed the edge of another hole, and a puppet was lowered.  I noticed a couple of the people climbing a large pole leading to the ceiling.  The moment they went out of sight, there were two screams, and that left us with four people.  I took a punch at the puppet, and it was knocked off of its strings, but two more soon took its place. Now it was the puppet’s turn to attack.  They shot knives out of their bodies killing the two remaining people.  it was now just me and Angelica.  “Angelica, run!”  I said.  The puppets were now aiming at us, but I closed the door just as the knives banged against the door.  “I think we should let the others know what happened,” said Angelica.  “Good idea,” I said  “four deaths is news.  We barely made it out alive!”


We hurried downstairs, where the people at the party were chatting away.  Someone noticed us, and exclaimed that we were back.  

“We are lucky to be alive” I said  “The other four died.  Those puppets are a force to be reckoned with,”  

“I think the party should be postponed until this problem is solved,”  said president Daniels.  There was much sad agreement from the others at the party.  “Father, can William stay?  He not only saved my life, but also knows more about any of this than anyone else.”  

“I agree William should stay.”  Said the president.  “Can I give William a tour of the house?”  said Angelica  

“Sure!”  said president Daniels.  Angelica showed me around the house.  

“I guess you have had a good enough tour of the top floor haven’t you?” said Angelica.   A knife began to fall on top of Angelica, and with a flick of my hand I blocked it with a forcefield.  “What, how did you do that?”  she said.  

“I’ll explain later, but for now, it’s raining knives!”


I forced my hands upwards toward the ceiling as the knives continued to fall.  “We have to go back now!”  I yelled.  I held my forcefield and ran to the door.  I checked the door.  “Locked” I said.  I turned around.  A puppet was walking toward us.  It took out a knife.  “Uh oh”  I said.  He threw the knife at me.  I braced for impact.  still holding the forcefield above me.  Nothing.  I opened my eyes.  “Angelica!”  I exclaimed.  “You’re doing it!”  I saw a forcefield colored red reflect the knife back towards the puppet.  Direct hit.  The rain stopped and the door unlocked.  Dad and the President ran towards us.  “William, Angelica!”  President Daniels yelled.  “What happened?”  “It was raining knives”  I said.  “He’s moving down”  we need to move fast or else the White house will have to be evacuated.”  “Dad, we have weird powers, what is wrong?”  Asked Angelica.  “William, you used your powers?!  We had a talk about this!”  “Dad, it was raining knives, I had no choice!  We again barely survived!”  “I see.”  said father.  “But now he knows.”  “Who?”  Asked Angelica.  “Leonardo, the godling slayer.  I’m sure it’s him that is causing all of this.”  I said.  “Oh my goodness, how did I not know before?”  Said president Daniels.  “Who invited him here?”  I asked.  “I met him only today”  Said Angelica.  “I thought he was one of your friends” Said Daniels.  Suddenly, a knife landed on the floor with a clang.  We all looked up slowly.  There it was.  The blue puppeteer.  I slowly moved my hands into a position to fire a projectile.  I meant to fire a fireball at the monster but it failed and I threw a stuffed bunny.  “No, fireball, not stuffed bunny, fireball!”  I yelled after I hit the puppeteer with the bunny and it ran up through a hole in the ceiling.


After a short walk downstairs, we found a strange thing on the floor.  i reached down to touch it, and I pulled my hand away just as it sparked with electricity.  “a jellyfish tentacle.”  Said Dad.  We all looked up slowly.  Above us were thousands of jellyfish, and they were flying.  “Oh, my, gosh,”  said Angelica.  “Tell me about it,”  I said.  “Leo does not have this much power, he can’t.  The Jellyfish were too powerful,”  said dad.  “If it wasn’t Leo, than what was it?”  I asked.  “I don’t know, but we should just leave them alone for now,”  We slowly walked, avoiding the various jellyfish tentacles on the floor.  As we were making our way, a cat meowed.  One thing you should know about us godlings:  cats are to godlings as catnip is to cats, so the moment I heard that cat, my cat sensors went berserk.  All of us went over to the cat and started petting it.  It meowed again.While we were busy petting the kitty, we didn’t notice the puppet behind us, but luckily, the kitty did, so it destroyed the puppet by biting and clawing it to death.  It meowed again, and began washing its face cat style.  We swarmed it again.  Right now you might be thinking:  “But William, what about the jellyfish?”  Well, they’re jellyfish so they just float around until they notice you… Which they just did.  The cat turned into a flying jellyfish (Fun fact:  Cats have shape shifting powers.  That’s why they’re so cute!) and mixed in with the crowd.  We came back to our senses and I immediately launched a kill-everything-but-cat bomb (Yes, they exist)  and they all died except for one, which morphed into a godling.

“Hi, my name is Cleo Nelson.  And you are...?”  We stood there, stunned.

“Uh, hi”  I said.  “I am William, this is Angelica this is-”

Suddenly, I heard the sound of someone getting stabbed.  I swirled my head around.  There was My dad, and President Daniels, dead, with knives in their chests.  I looked at Cleo.  She was also dead.  I saw a knife flying at Angelica.  Time stopped.  Literally.  Angelica and I were the only things that could move.  I had finally done it.  I had stopped time.


Angelica was still bracing for impact.  I tapped her on the shoulder.  

“Am I dead?”  she asked

“Close, but not quite,”.

She opened her eyes and saw the knife, inches away from her heart.  She backed up, and looked at her father, lying dead on the ground.  She began to cry.  I managed to hold back my tears, but I had no mentor now.  No father.

I looked at Foogle who was a cat again.  It was sitting there taking a bath.

“I thought you got stabbed, Cleo!”  I said.  She morphed back into godling mode.

“I was pretending to be stabbed so they wouldn’t stab me,”.  I had a look of disbelief on my face.  This cat was unbelievable!  Angelica walked over, her eyes red from crying.  I restarted time, and I heard the noise of a portal.  I looked back, and saw a human, and a cat.

Pt. 2

My name is Maizie.  I am a sort-of-normal house cat in the year 2020.  I occasionally go on space trips with my owner, Taco.  His real name is Zach, but we all call him Taco.  We are both sixteen, in a way.  I am 16 in cat years, and him in human years.  Anyways, I woke up, ready for a nice breakfast and wonderful day.  I then realized how dark it was outside.  I looked at my alarm clock.  five in the morning?  I then remembered that today was vacation day.  I went BALLISTIC.  I ran around the house twelve times, jumped on Taco and sat on his head until he woke up.  After a big breakfast, I ran around the house twelve times again and saw my friend/sister, Cleo.  

“Good mornin’ Cleo!”  I said as I jumped on her.  

“Hey, you don’t have to kill me because of vacation day.  Where are we going anyways?”  “Haven’t you forgotten, we are going to Alphapocus, the only other habitable planet in the world.  Of course no other creatures live there as far as we know.  It was only discovered yesterday, so we will be the first non-explorers to go there!  We got in the spaceship and flew to Alphapocus.  After about 5 hours of flying, we made it to Alphapocus.  We put down our portable mansion, and decided to rest after a long time of flying.  We all fell asleep.  In the morning something was wrong.  Cleo was missing.  “HOLY EXTRATERRESTRIAL COW!”  I screamed.  “CLEO IS MISSING!”  After  a long bit of yelling and screaming about how Cleo was missing and how we were all gonna die, I realized Cleo’s computer was on.  I checked out the article, and it said; “Aliens discovered on Alphapocus!  Are they friend or foe?”  I gasped.  Cleo had been abducted!


I ran to Taco.  I told him what happened to Cleo (Luckily there are translators so he can understand me).  

“We must go on a quest, of royal bravery, so we can have knighthood!”  He said.  

“Dude, we are from 21’st century Michigan, not 3’rd century England”(Monty Python Reference).  

“Whatevs, we must save Cleo!”  We packed our bags with food, water, and other various necessities.  

“Waaait a sec”  I said.  Shouldn’t we just go in the ship and use the tracker to find her?  I suggested.  

“No, it is more heroic to do this”.  Said Taco.

So we headed out of the vacation house and looked around.  We saw no sign of life.  I walked forward and saw a rock with some carvings on it.  It showed a war with lasers and space ships.  But what surprised me the most was the dirt raining from the sky.  I looked at the stalagmites sticking up from the ground.  I walked over to one.  It was made of metal.  It wasn’t a stalagmite, it was a spire to an underground skyscraper!  I looked at the rock.  the dirt and rock falling.  I realised it was the apocalypse for this planet.  It had been covered with the dirt and rock covering all of the cities and villages.  Something rushed past me with super-human speed.  

“Who’s there?”  I said.  Something moved behind me.  I turned quickly, but nothing was there.  I then remembered I was with Taco.  

“Taco, you okay?”

“Oh, I am okay.  This is the best i’ve felt in centuries!”  I heard a demonic voice say.  I looked towards him.  It was Taco, but something was wrong.  His eyes were blood red, his skin was a dark shade of purple.  “Oh, don’t be afraid Maizie, I am only taking your friend’s body, and I wouldn’t suggest hurting me, because that would hurt Taco, and I would just escape into some place on the other side of the world.  The reason I am here is to give you information.  I mean you no harm,”  At the sound of this, my body relaxed.  “Cleo has been captured by a galacticore, the most evil and dangerous species in the universe.  They are ruthless cannibals who can’t help but take any living thing back to their planet.  They are also the smartest species in the universe, and they are working on two things that no one else has:  Teleportation, and time travel.  They have tough hides that even the strongest laser cannot pierce.  the only way to kill them is by hitting their tiny eyes, but they always wear goggles which only a stupendo-laser, the most powerful laser in the universe, can destroy.  They live on the planet galacticourse.  My goodness, look at the time!  I really must be going.  I hope my information is helpful.  Goodbye!”  The color in Taco’s face and eyes went back to normal.  I stood there in shock.  

“Ugh, what happened?  I felt as if I left my body,”  Taco said as he looked up at me.  “Maizie?  Is something wrong?”

“Oh, something is terribly terribly wrong,”  I told him about my conversation with the… Thing.  

“So Cleo’s been captured by a so called galacticore?  The evilest, smartest, and most dangerous being in the universe?  This is bad, real bad.  worse than the Bad News Bears, worse than Sir Alex Ferguson leaving Manchester United, worse than a television in the 1950’s.  Maizie, this is not good at all.


We went back to the hut.  We packed our things and set off.  We then realised that we didn’t know where Galacticourse was, for it hadn’t been discovered yet.  We set off towards the undiscovered area of space.  We saw a spaceship that was not from earth.  We flew towards it.  We requested a video call to their ship and they answered.  A yellow skinned being in blue kingly robes came on the screen

“Hello, I have never seen your type before.  What is your species?”

“I am a human, and this is a cat,”  said Taco.

“What’s a human and what’s a cat?”

“We are from planet Earth.  Humans just started space travel, so we don’t know much.” I said.

“I see.  My name is Ganondalf the yellow.  I am a Hysterian.  What is your purpose for calling?”

“We want to know if you have seen any galacticores nearby, because my friend Cleo has been stolen.”

“We were attacked, but I don’t know what it was.  We managed to chase it away, and in the window, there was a creature that looked alot like your cat jumping into a portal, so it probably was a galacticore ship,”

“Alright, can you tell us where Galacticourse is?”

“I can’t tell you, for it is hidden very well, but I can board your ship and insert it into your autopilot.  We will have to get to a planet, for our boarding system is broken.  If you just follow us to our home planet, Hysteria, I can get on your ship and add all of the planets missing from your autopilot,”

“Alright, we’ll just follow you,”  said Taco.

We followed Ganondalf and the rest of the Hysterians.  Finally we made it to a blue planet.  We landed, and Ganondalf entered our ship.  “Hello guys, Welcome to Hysteria!”  You can check out some attractions for a little while if you want.  It takes a little while to add planets to autopilot.  We walked outside, but instead of a nice city, there was a portal.  We looked at each other, and jumped in.


We ended up inside the white house, except it was a bit different.  There were three creatures.  Two things that I knew were godlings (I had a feeling), and Cleo!

“Cleo!”  I said, but a forcefield appeared between us

Pt. 3

The ending

A puppet lowered from the ceiling, Suddenly the air vent broke and the puppeteer died in the fall (anticlimactic, isn’t it).  It turns out that Cleo was in the Galacticore ship, and she jumped through the portal mentioned by the hysterians.  the Nelsons reunited and everyone lived happily ever after.

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