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 The  Visit from the Planet of Zucchini                  Page 1 






It was a young warm and no so comfortable Tuesday. Rain hadn’t throng in the young village of Mississippi not even a drop of rain had been felt or heard of for 10 days straight. The small village was desperate. People of the village were on the bare dry streets walking in hunger, stress, and thirst wandering lonely. Kids of young age were streaming on the streets awestruck of where there parents might be seen. Farmers were losing business plants were dying food price was reducing and sales were going extremely down. Everyone was in terrible state. 


The only food in this young village that could be grew perfect was zucchini. Zucchini was a type of plant that could be grew at the very end of the village. Young farm boys and older men would go early at sun dusk to the base of where they found grown zucchini for there family in await. 


Everyone in the village didn’t mind for this plant and ate anything that wouldn’t harm them. On the other hand, Heather who was a young 8 year old who was very very bossy. She wanted and excepted with high demands for things to be her exact,precise and strict way. Her older sister Martha was afraid of her and her high demands and stayed a far distance away from her sister afraid to get told with more demands. Her dad on the other scale was very mean to her. That was who she was afraid of but hardly afraid of, anyway. She was like the controller of minds. 


Every day till today she started to love zucchini for the past 9 days hating it was her middle name. Anytime her father mother or sister brought any zucchini to her 


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she would make a fit and possibly throw it on the ground in anger. But today she saw her dad bring zucchini in and she started picking zucchini’s off her dad’s bowl. 


Her sister asked her “Why so, have you changed with a snap of one day?’’ she answered “because I should tell you a tale believe it or not it is your choice but a alien came yesterday. Her sister afraid of saying anything in case Heather would be angry with her confronting and questioning, stayed silent and listened to the girl.


“It all began yesterday” she said. “What all began yesterday?’’ her sister asked getting a reply as a big frown. “As I was saying, yesterday night it all began when I was sleeping sound asleep and perfectly comfortable dreaming of mermaids who defeated the zucchini of the dinner plate with their power when I heard a “big machine” roar up vibrating me.


“Of course, you guys couldn’t hear it only I could these visitors were meant for me not any of you guys” Heather said going outside with her sister and sitting on the sidewalk. “Then, of course my curious minds couldn’t resist the curiosity of what it was so I went outside in my night gown rubbing my dried up night owl eyes and I found a big UFO there.


Thanks for making this wonderful story up, I know the reason is because of your friends pure pressure!’’ said her sister laughing. “SHUT UP, I SAW THIS ALL AND I DON’T LIKE TO LIE, IT WAS A UFO!’’ yelled Heather jumping on her. “Anyway” she said calming herself like a quick change reactor. 





Heather continued as her sister uncovered her ears. “The weather was dry and dark as usual as I went outside to check. It seemed like no one was in the UFO but there must have been someone in it. 


“Then I thought for a second then another then another that it might have been a prank of old Jimmy Falcon’s across the street neighbor, you know?’’ I yelled across the street laughing that this prank didn’t fool me. I thought of a quick song to tease him.


“Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Ufo’s are great but pranks aren’t thanks for the prank now I shall go inside Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy the master of the pranks!’’ I yelled as Jimmy came outside sleepily. “What is it Heather don’t you know it’s 2:00 in the morning!?” he said rubbing his eyes vigorously.


He was a young boy who loved teddy bears and had messy hair and big blue eyes. 

So then I apologized to him for waking him up in the middle of the night and saw a purple door open.


“Wait, what color was it again I just had a “sneeze” said the sister putting her phone down in no interest. PURPLE Heather had calmly but in a loud voice. 

I went inside the UFO and saw a alien working with a machine and suddenly he turned around.




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He was purple and really scary and had 7 eyeballs, like do you think a human ever these days that has 7 eyeballs!’’ said Heather.


This Alien told me in some language that I was in danger, it was Mike the Dictionary Zucchini. 

“Who’s Mike?’’ said her sister starting to pay a little attention to her sister afraid if not her sister might tackle her.


“Mike, is a robot dictionary that comes from the planet zucchini. Anyway, this robot told me they have come for me.” 

“Who would do anything for- said her sister and stopped.


Her sister walked with her to the park. “Mission Heather was the name of this, it might sound weird but they came to teach ME a lesson on why food is precious and be happy with what you have.” she said.


“Hey, look I think I just saw a purple dude in the woods, you know strange stuff happens when no one is around.” said her sister nervously. “Probably a guy late for work or something.” said Heather lazily.


They saw something come out of the woods and it was purple and had 7 eyeballs as Heather had said. “AHH, it’s him the alien!’’ said her sister. “This is Steve The Zucchini Master remember what I told you the one who helped me last night he is really smart and that’s why I like the food!’’ said Heather hugging him.


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“I hope you are doing as I told you, Heather?’’ said the alien in a serious immersed voice. I have heard this is your sister. Hello Sister what is your name.”


Her sister looked at the alien weirdly and pretended to get a call. “Do not, fake with me, I am not a gullible monster of some random west.” said the alien floating closer to her frowning.


“Heather!’’ Bring out your Zucchini Chart let me grade it, your sister isn’t in a bright attitude today” said the alien laughing as well as Heather. “Shut up!’’ she said to the alien angrily.


“Very well, your sister’s doesn’t have manners for their 500 year old elder, if you know sister I am the ruler of my planet and whoever says mean stuff to me is punished but due to the fact that we are on Planet Earth 100,000,350 miles away from my planet it is against the law to do so” he said.


Heather whispered something in her ear. “Do as he says, he promised that if he finds his mission keeper’s family nice he will bring food and joy to the village” she said in a low bossy tone. “Yes, you are indeed right.” said her sister faking.


“Stop faking with me to be nice, I know the pattern, since your niceness doesn’t come in hand this town will not get any food. “NO!, I’m so sorry.” said her sister. The alien smiled. I am just joking I know how desperate this town is for food after the amazing record of rain. Let it rain! said the alien.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Page 5



Soon it started to pour and rain. The alien said goodbye to them and went off in his spaceship. This alien had taught the town a lesson to always love what they have and tested them to see how they would survive. 

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