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  The Return of Percy Jackson



Chapter 1



Hi I’m Elliot Jackson. I am 12 years old and in a few days I will turn


13...if I live that long. Right now, we are surrounded by a legion


of full armored ogres, telkines and a huge golden dragon. Ok,


you’re probably thinking, “What the heck? These things aren't


real.” Well, they do exist and they are mostly bad news. These creatures


have been hunting for half bloods like me and my two best


friends Janey and Will since ancient times. Remember those old


Greek and Roman stories, well they are all true, even the story of


Hercules. This is a lot to take in. I know that you are thinking we


are crazy and that is totally accurate.


It all started just a few weeks ago. It was the last day of summer


and I was having an awesome time playing football with my two


best friends, Janey and Will. I said, “Why do we even need to go


to school. I already know enough to get me through life”. The one


thing we did not know was that it would be the last day we would


ever be just normal kids playing around.


“Pass.” I called while I was running.


Will yelled, “Go back go further.”


SLAM! I had knocked into a man with a dark suit and a trilby


hat. He was enormous, at least 6’ 6” with fair skin and eyes


that were pure black. I heard Will and Janey howling with


laughter. That jerk, Will, knew I would hit this dude.


“Sorry,” I say to the man.


He replied, “You should watch out or you might get hurt.” As he


spoke, I saw his teeth. They were as sharp as dog teeth but twice


as long. I walk over to my friends and said, “Let’s get out of here.”


We were just a few blocks away from my house when I saw the


man again. When I saw him this time, it was just for a second then


he transformed into a sleek black doglike humanoid.


What he said to us was, “You all might not know it yet but, you are


extremely strong and willful, therefore, you must die.”


You might think that all the things your parents are telling you is


just crap. In reality, most of the time, what your parents are saying


to you is usually really important. Good thing I listened because my


parents’ advice just saved my life.


My mom always says that that brain beats brawn. The monster


was clearly more brawn than me so I just hoped I had I had


enough brain to beat him.

                                      Chapter 2



“What the heck do you mean,” I said. “You must have me mixed


up with another awesome strong kid.”


He says, “Enough joking around. I can smell the sea god in you


demigod.” I fought your parents before, all of them. Percy, your


parents are Percy and Annabeth Jackson. Janey, your parents


are Frank And Hazel Zhang and yours, Will, are Jason and Piper




Suddenly, he was on me. The guy jumped in into action like a wolf,


only at least twice as big. Will and Janey tried get him off me with


absolutely no luck. Then suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I


see a man with a hood on. He jumped out of a nearby bush with


a bronze sword in hand. He sliced the creature across the lower


abdomen. As the creature crumbled to dust he said, “You will all


pay dearly. You will all die a horrible death.” With that he was


gone. Nothing was left of him except for ashes that had already


started to blow away in the autumn breeze.


Looking at the man with the hood was hard but I could make up


just a few details. Sea green eyes and dark brown hair swept one


side, like you just been on a walk at the beach. This person has


been with me all my life. I know him as dad.


      Chapter 3



What the heck! My dad was laughing so hard and I saw nothing


funny about this.


“What’s so funny about almost getting killed,” I ask.


“Nothing,” he says. “It was just what the monster said.”


“First of all, what do you mean monster? And second of all, why


did you find death threats funny? Are they supposed to be taken




“Honestly I’d love to talk all day but I really don’t want to be killed


by a bunch of his friends. They will be here any minute, monsters


almost never travel alone”


“What did the monster mean by calling us demigods? Is that


supposed to be offensive or some something?” I ask


My dad explained, “No. He means half man half god.”


“I don’t believe you.”


“You don’t have to but have you ever noticed that things go wrong


when you’re angry like toilets exploding, pipes bursting, anything


like that? Have you are noticed that when you think you are going


to do bad on a test, you get a 100% even though you never


studied? That is your other side coming out, the Athena side.”


“Now come on. We really don’t have enough time to talk. Follow




We run the next few blocks until we arrive at my house. We dash


into the old shed in my backyard. I say to my dad, “What are we


doing here? It’s just a bunch of tools.”


“Try looking little bit closer and tell me what you see.”


“Wait a second. It’s a sword. How? What?” I sputter


“Pretty neat, right? It’s the mist. It is what mortals see because


most mortals can’t handle all this stuff about the gods and


monsters. It would completely destroy them. Knowing the truth is


not always a good thing.”


As he says this, I know he was not only talking about the mortals.


There were hundreds of blades and shields. There were all kinds


of weapons like swords, daggers, bows and arrows and a bunch


I couldn’t even name. Janey grabbed a bow. Will, on the other


hand, grabbed a golden dagger.


Quickly, I pick out a weapon. It was not that fancy, just a curved


blade that was wickedly sharp. It seemed to glow just a little bit


brighter than the rest. It was 3 feet long and made celestial bronze.


Engraved in the hilt was ancient Greek word but somehow I could


decipher it. The engraving means amorphous or shapeless.


“Very good,” my dad says. “That’s the Greek side of you coming


out. Even though you have dyslexia, you can decipher it. Also your


ADHD is your battle reflexes.”


Pretty much all demigods have these killer instincts, including me.


“You like that one,” he says. “It turns into any weapons that the


wielder wants but be careful.”


“Interesting,” I say. The leather grip fits perfectly in my hand.


Suddenly, it starts shrinking and it turns into an AK-47.


“Seems like you’ve been playing too much Call Of Duty,” Will says.


Then I see him. About 100 yards away stands a guy. I can smell


him from here. He doesn’t look any cleaner than he smells. He


holds a huge club over his head and is dressed in battle armor


“Reinforcements?” I ask.


“Probably.” Janey says. “Doesn’t look like a good guy.”


In the distance I hear a roar and it sounds like the reinforcements are


not very far behind.


“Come on.” Will says. “We can’t stay here or we will get killed.”


I felt myself not moving. Why? I wonder to myself.


I say to my dad, “No let’s get him.”



   Chapter 4   



Ok, if the world had an award for most stupid demigod, I would win hands


down.  I charged at the thing with the club, he was bigger than I thought


and bulkier too. For some weird reason he had a unicorn tattoo on his


bicep.  When I reached him I was out of breath he laughed obviously


amused at my effort.  With one swipe of his hand, he sent me sprawling


across the pavement.  The impact sent me flying at least 25 yards in the


air, away from my sword.  Now I was defenseless against an eight foot


ogre. I didn't like my odds.  All of a sudden, running away from the beast


seemed like a great idea.  He lumbered towards me with his club raised


high in the air. His club was full of spikes and stains that looked like blood


stains. Wow I think to myself. How am I going to get out of this one?  Well,


I think, long live Elliot Jackson. He raises his club and strikes but the blow


is blocked by my dad.


“Go get your sword. NOW!” he says.


So I run and get my sword and it turns into a javelin.  The ogre does not


want to fight my dad so he pushes him away and charges at me.  I throw


my javelin. Thwack. It hits him in the chest and he crumbles to dust.

         Chapter 5



“Oh gods.  What is that?”  I say to Will.  


Will screams, “It looks like a dragon.”  


“Great!  That’s what I thought.”  “Will, we have a little problem.” I  said.  


“More like a big one,” said Will.  “What are those underneath it?”  


Elliot’s dad chimed in, “They’re telkines and ogres.”  


“Hey,” I said.  “Aren’t those monsters from ancient Greek stories?”  


Everyone looks at me funny.  So I say, “What?  My life isn’t just hanging


out with you morons.  I love reading about Greek gods and monsters.  


Come on, let’s go. I don’t like our odds against those guys because one


of them almost killed us.  


Elliot’s dad says, “We need to go now!  Get in the silver Prius parked on


the side of the road.”  


We all get in the car.  The monster army was gaining on us with alarming


speed.  The car hummed to life and then zoomed away.  We didn’t go


slower than 95 mph until they weren’t even visible behind us.  


Elliot’s dad says to us, “I have a lot of time to talk so let’s get started.”


Chapter 6



“So, what you're trying trying to tell me is that those guys back there


are monsters? And you’ve killed them all before?”


He replies, “All except the Golden Dragon, that was a team effort with


your parents.”


“What do you mean?” Will ask.


“That’s beside the point. How you expect us to believe this this crap?”


“I believe him” Elliot chimes in.


“He is your dad. You basically have to believe him.”


“Whatever. I saw it, too.” Will says “Didn’t you?”


“Who knows what that could’ve been.” I say.


“Whatever. I guess I believe you. It’s just...understand this is so hard to take in all in at once. I have another question; what do they want with us?”   


“Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that. They want us dead that’s for sure.” Elliot’s dad explains.


“So what exactly …” I starts to say but a flying car cuts me off.   


SMASH, I hear in the distance the car land with a sickening crunch.


People are yelling and running. A rampaging bull is barrelling towards us,


he is half man, half bull.


“Minotaur,” I yell “Like the one from the labyrinth.”  


“Stand back,” Elliot’s dad says.”He wants me not you,  I have a score to


settle with this overgrown bull.”  


The Minotaur was missing a horn and for some reason he is touching the


spot where his missing horn would be as if realizing who Percy was and


what he had done.


I could almost hear the Minotaur call Percy’s name but it was barely




The bull met Percy head on. Percy jumped into action. He started siding


under the bull, clearly trying to strike the center of beast. The bull quickly


stepped out of the way. But Percy smacked him with the hilt of his sword,


catching him in the left side of his rib cage sending him sprawling. The


Minotaur got up and started charging. Again Percy jumps to the


side and slices the Minotaur to ashes.  Percy yells at us to get back in


the car But what we don’t realize until we are a mile down the road and  


Will is gone. A blood red note takes is in place it says just the words


“Brooklyn Bridge.”


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