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Chapter 1 LMI

Living metal is nanotechnology cells mixed with various metals. There are several types of living metal.
There is living metal designed for augmentation of animals and people and it is called organic grade living metal - that type of living metal derives its energy from glucose in the surroundings. As such it is often injected or used where it remains in a mixture of FC-40 and glucose into which a person is inserted.

There's also generic living metal that derives its energy from fission. It is used for tools and other applications where the metal has to change shape
or form. A subtype of generic living metal is alchemy grade living metal which is used for machining other materials, since it is so
small to an inexperienced person it looks like magic or alchemy.

LMI or Living Metal International produces all the living metal in the world or at least tries to by destroying any competitors or counterfeiters, as LMI calls them. LMI has three main branches.
First is the PES or Patent Enforcement Squad which destroys counterfeiters and also serves as LMI's mobile army.
Second is the Perimeter Defense also called the sea urchins due to their symbol which defends the perimeter of LMI which is a
tall concrete-steel wall 90 meters tall and 5 km in diameter.
Lastly is the Laboratories and people who work there are nicknamed "the flasks" due to their symbol. They research new weaponry and other types of living metal.
Those who are perfect at two branches are called "bi's" and those who are perfect at all three are called "tri's".
The founder of LMI is a person simply called “He”.
The co-founders of LMI are Litha, Mark and Bob.
So far the only tri's are He and the co-founders.
The most known fact about He and Litha is that, He is cruel, Litha is extremely nice.

Chapter 2
The Fourth PES expedition

He said "it's the fourth time someone tried faking living metal"
"There's two kinds of missions: suppression and annihilation" He said. "Today it's going to be a suppression mission"
As the PES was getting ready Litha said to Him " I even got you favorite draconian dragon coffee."
Finally the LMIS Crocodile started moving He then went to get everyone in the PES a Electric Gecko and Bird.

An Electric Gecko and Bird consists of two electro-magnets that can be turned on and off to climb iron and steel surfaces, Thats what the gecko part is, the bird part is a jet engine and a large wing suit.

He then said "tomorrow at noon we should arrive at the fakers base"

Next day Litha made Him a cup of coffee.
As he drank it he thought " the EGB suits are all red which is easily visible by the enemy and Two of them are numbered 4 and 13."

Then suddenly Mark ran into the control room and shouted " Captain, a type 2B war robot has destroyed two of our photon cannons"

He got an oxy-hydrogen torch and went to the deck of the ship to cut the bent bolts holding the heavy bases of the photon cannons, He thought "why waste energy carrying a ten ton chunk of scrap metal?"

Then everyone was on the deck ready to stop that type 2B war robot He saw that Litha picked the EGB suit with number 4
on it. Then Litha Said " Mark, Bob and I will fight the war robot"

He then made the decision he will regret for all eternity and agreed with Litha.
At first it all seemed to be going well as Litha with her two sledgehammers bashed out the war robot's
cameras. But what Litha did not know was that the operator of the robot installed a peephole in the robot. As all of the
PES excluding Him tried to cut every hydraulic hose visible. The war robot first attacked Mark which turned him
into a red cloud, Litha out of shock lost control of her EGB suit and fell straight down which the
robot used as an opportunity to kick Litha also turning her into a red cloud of blood. Bob then tried to land on the LMIS Crocodile but out of horror aimed 5 degrees lower which is the difference between landing normally and exploding like a blood balloon.

As He watched what happened he took a canister of mustard gas mixed with capsaicin and carbon dioxide along
with oxy-hydrogen torch cylinders as He ran up the 2B war robot He remembered it's weakness

Chapter 3 Attack on Megatronics

He called asking why Megatronics sold a type 2B war robot to his rivals. The response He got was that it was for profit.

Not trusting the answer He got He told to the 2nd in command, Mike to dismantle core 4 of infinitus potentia, He
joked " Megatronics are going to have a bright night."

That's exactly what happened. He then grabbed some weapons and supplies for His one-manned mission to Megatronics,
including the oxy-hydrogen torch, the living metal "adzet" and some spare living metal then went on the LMIS Crocodile
to Megatronics.

When he arrived the Megatronics wall was in chunks and all the surface buildings were flattened by the explosion.
He then descended using his EGB to the bunker floor in the Megatronics city, floor 404 but the door was locked so
using his oxy-hydrogen torch He cut around the perimeter of the door and kicked it out. There He found the Megatronics
leader, Tina and captured her as prisoner and went back on the LMIS Crocodile to LMI. Upon arriving at LMI He took Tina
to the interrogation room, floor - 20 and attached her to the machine. Then He questioned Tina about why Megatronics
sold the type 2B war robot to his rivals and got the same response. After that He asked the same question but at the same
time threatening to activate the machine, this time he got the real answer: "because Maria was Tina's sister"

Tina tried taunting him about what happened to his elite squad but He said "let the meat fly" and pressed the button.

Chapter 4 LMIS Crocodile

He says "the LMIS Crocodile has a maximum speed of 10 mph and that will be increased to 120 mph."
He then converts it into a hovercraft, four jet engines for propulsion and one for the LMIS Crocodile to hover.
He then says "next the fuel tanks need to be expanded as it will burn all it's fuel in one hour."
"How were these even considered primary weapons" He laughs at the photon cannons
Then He replaces them with heavy guns. When thinking about weapons He realizes that LMI is lacking in powerful weaponry compared to
CFU( oh it's the counterfeiters' union). So using the LMIS Behemoth, He will seize control of the CFU's weaponry lab. He then says "the reason I don't
use it is because it eats fuel like there's no tomorrow!"
First He needs to start the LMIS Behemoth if there is to be a mission (which is quite a challenge), so He starts the starter motor (a jet engine) and cranks it
up to full speed of 9000 rpm and with a 10 to 1 gear reduction presses the clutch. There is a problem however, on the deep howl of the diesel engine He hears
the sound of ground gears, He then says "the engine will not be shut off"
Just as He is about to leave He remembers the third expedition
Unlike the LMIS Crocodile the Behemoth requires at least five to control it: first is the weapons operator, which is Philly next is misc. systems manager who is Bob
at that time, Next is problem remover who moves around the ship and solves problems, who is Mark
After that there's also the radar, sonar and optical operator, who is Litha.
And finally there's the captain, who is He.
So while returning to LMI, Litha spots that there's an enemy trying to get in by cutting a hole in the middle arch of the ship while in a canoe.
He then sets the engine to full power and says " that enemy earned himself a one way ticket down the river Styx!"
After about half a minute the spray coming out the back of the ship has turned red.
Litha then says " that was cruel"
He then replies "yes, maybe pulverizing someone with a six meter propeller was cruel."

Chapter 5 The Raid

This time for the control group, He has some mercenaries.
As the LMIS Behemoth approaches the CFU weaponry lab he finds that the CFU have a cargo ship loaded with Olympus robots headed to LMI.

Olympus robots are crab shaped robots the cut and incinerate most materials.
The LMIS Behemoth's main cannon shoots and half of the robots are annihilated also the fuel tank of the cargo ship starts leaking.
He then says "all they need is an inferno" and goes to the cargo ship in a small boat. For big operations like this He carries a 40 kilogram hydrogen tank filled with
liquified hydrogen.

As He arrives, He ignites the fuel and says "hydraulic systems explode when heated"
However the tank had little fuel to begin with so now it's empty.
After dealing with the first problem He goes to conquer the weapons lab.
Upon arriving at the lab he discovers that CFU's general Aurum arrived first with his squad and taken control of the lab.
There is none of Aurum's squad on the first floor, but He knows that the entire army might arrive in half an hour.
So He goes to the second floor( which is a concrete storage room with concrete pillars every 15 meters).
As He leaves the staircase he is attacked by one of the General's soldiers, so He quickly throws his adzet at the soldier which slows the soldier for 15 seconds, during which He uses his adrenaline injector. As the soldier runs at him, He quickly kicks the soldier with enough power that he hangs half-way out a window and slowly falls out, He then yells " defenestration!"

Then Igna, one of the general's soldiers taunts by saying "Maria really nailed Litha". He replies " I will f***ing nail you to the wall"

Igna then tosses a flashbang close to him. This sets off the photoreactive glasses that He wears. After that He hears that
the general plans to attack him while He "can't see". So He quickly calculates "40 kilos divided by two equals 20, 20 times 20 squared equals 8 kilojoules equals
lethal". Then when the fog begins to clear the general notices the He "can see" and so quickly yells " Igna, run"

He then shouts " too late!" and flings the tank at 44 miles per hour. The tank impacts the concrete pillar with such force that it
sends cracks through the pillar as well as staining it with blood. He then says " oh I forget a railroad spike as the nail part"

Then general Aurum starts chasing him with a sword. He while running down the stairs shoots a modified magnesium flare straight at the general
and says " What a miserable fool" That attack severely burns the general's face. He then says " while you and your troops have been putting on
a show my mercenaries have gotten all the data on the weapon technology"

He then sails back the LMIS Behemoth to LMI.
After arriving at LMI, He asks how is far is Luci-01 built.
The people who build the robot, the flasks said “it’s 20% done”
He then says “can’t believe what horror happened when Luci-00 detonated”
They reply “if it happened not on the lowest five floors the floors underneath it would have cracked and fell down like a giant avalanche”
He then says with horror “the upper floor has a giant crack from the previous three impacts and if anything large hits it all of LMI would come crashing down”
He then says ”the plan is that I get inside of stick shaped container and seal the heavy hatch,
the container is then flooded with a mixture of FC-40, living metal, and glucose”
He continues” then that stick shaped container is inserted into the Luci-01 like a stick of RAM into a computer”
He finishes “ then I go to CFU’s main bases and demolish them to shreds”
Then a swarm of dots appears on the radar screen.

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