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Mind Me


“Why do I have to be felt right now?  Can’t Kary or Serene be felt?  Although it is great to spread terror, I would rather put terror into you guys.  More fun to do that,” Evilla complained.  

“This is what’s best for Dominique at the moment, Evilla.  She needs to feel this way, so please do what you’re supposed to do.  That’s all I ask,” Angel tried to explain in a calm matter.

You might be confused right now, so let me explain.  Those people?  They are little people in Dominique Fitzgerald’s head.  Those people along with many others are her feelings.  These little people all have different personalities and tell Dominique what to do, what to think, what to feel, when to feel, how to feel, and who to feel for.  Now get comfortable again, we are going back to Dominique's head.  

Evilla, the mean one, came back at Angel, the nice one, with a snarky remark, “Well who cares about you say!  Who died and made you the queen of England.  I’m pretty sure no one did you overbearing too nice for anybody snot hole!”  

“If putting me down makes you feel better go ahead.  Won’t hurt me any, so go ahead.  I’ll be fine,”  Angel said staying her usual self.  

“Evilla, couldn’t you be compassionate one day in your lifetime?  Would it really hurt you to feel sympathetic to others and all that?  Can’t you ever consider other people’s feelings?” Kary, the compassionate one, came up to the nasty-looking fight and questioned.  

“SHUT UP PEOPLE!!  Some of us are trying to sleep right now and you stupid people are ruining my beauty sleep with your pointless fight.  Evilla you’re my best friend, but shut up so I can get some sleep.  THAT’S ALL I WANT SO, SHUT ALL OF YOUR FAT MOUTHS!!” Demetentrie, the angry one, yelled who just woke up from all the fighting going on right outside of the place where sleep happens, the pons.  

“Yes we will.  Sorry Dementrie.  We didn’t mean to wake you up.  Evilla just did not want to control Dominique right now.  She just wants to do her own thing which is not what Dominique needs.  So if you would go up with her and convince her to do it or help her.  Please, anger and meanness usually go together, and if you are up there she might cooperate.  Please. Do this for me,”  Angel pleaded in a hopeful tone.  

Dementrie thought about that decision carefully.  Why should she help someone when she could sleep in this horrible menace of a thing?  That day, though, she felt a little bit nicer than usual to all of the people in the place that looked exactly like her.  With their dirty blond, straight as a board, thick hair going halfway down their back’s, boring brown eyes, palest color of skin, chunky, short, and with their freckles cascading all over the skin they looked exactly like Dominiquie.  

“I guess.  Not like I got anything better to do.  Although I would rather sleep, I’ll help you,”  Dementrie said in a tone that was layered with disgust.  

“Thank you very much Dementrie,”  Angel stated.  

“Thanks Dementrie!  I appreciate all you do, but especially this!”  Kary exclaimed in a happy tone.  Dementrie rolled her eyes at the compassionate person and made her way to Evilla.   She got there and after a hateful conversation, her and Evilla got to work.  

Meanwhile, Joy, the happy one, Melonkey, the sad one, and Arriantae, the sassy one, were at the place where what Dominique hears comes through, called the ear-radio.  They listen, one of them writes it down, one checks it, and the other messages it to Angel, Bright, or Serena (depends who is on duty) who then tells the one controlling her feelings.  

“I don’t want to write this down anymore.  Everything she hears is so so sad.  It make me want t-t-t-to cr-cry,” Melonkey sobbed out.  Usually Melonkey overexaggerated on things they hear, but that time she was being 100% on-point on the words coming out.  Dominique’s parents were screaming at each other.  They usually screamed about small things, but that time it was about their children.  Melonkey had the feeling that once Angel gets the messages she would be up onto The Platform of Feels.  She always hated when she had to go up there.  It made her so much sadder than she naturally was.  

“Hey, don’t be sad.  They’ve always fought, it’s just one little fight.  Come on Melonkey, cheer up a little bit.  It will be okay, I’m sure of it.  Please stop crying.  Stay happy, don’t give up,” Joy said, doing her best to reassure Melonkey.  

“Oh, of course you would say that, Little Miss ‘OPTIMISTIC.’  You can’t let anyone not be another emotion.  See the dark side of things.  It won’t hurt at all.  But no you can’t because there’s always a good side.  Just shut your ugly mouth,” Arriantae voice screeched with sass layered in her voice.  

“T-t-thanks f-for trying, but I-I-I feel like something b-b-bad is about to h-h-happen.  I-it’s a g-gut feeling, s-s-so d-don’t try, b-but thanks f-f-for trying,” Melonkey sobbed with tears running down her face.  

The fight between her parents kept going on while Joy tried to make Melonkey happier.  Then, all of a sudden one long speech came over the ear-radio that made them pay attention and almost made Joy cry.  “We should just get a divorce.  This isn’t working out.  We have tried for 20 years, and it just hasn’t worked.  I can’t live in the same house anymore with you.  All of the damage you have caused me, I can’t live with it anymore.  I'll take Dominique with me since I’m her mother, and you can keep the boys.  It will be better for them to have a father figure while Dominique has a mother figure.  I-I’m sorry.  It’s just...I can’t.  Not any longer.  We’ve tried so many times.  You’ve hurt me in ways unimaginable.  I will always be hurt now.  There not a single thing you can say to me to make me change my mind, so please just accept this.  I can’t do this with you any longer, Steve.  I’m sorry, but this is the best decision,”  Dominique’s mother, Hannah, cried out to her husband.  

“If this is what you really want, I’ll get the lawyer.  I guess you are right.  We have hurt each other in ways that can’t be fixed.  We are fragile glass spheres, and we both broke each other into shards of glass.  Glass isn’t fixable.  I’m so so sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you.  I know it doesn’t matter right now, but if you ever can find it in your heart to forgive me. I would appreciate more than you’ll ever know.  Sorry, just sorry,” Steve apologized over and over to his soon-to-be ex-wife.  

The three around the ear-radio had to process this information before they reacted to it.   Melonkey hysterically sobbed out in incoherent words,”H-h-how c-cou-u-uld this e-eve-er h-ha-happ-pe-pen.  N-n-nnoo.  I-i-it ca-can’t h-happ-pen.  It w-won’t.  T-t-the-e-ey a-ar-re re-reall-ly do-oin-ng it.  W-w-wh-y? N-n-nn-nn-oo-oo.  J-j-jo-jo-joy y-you s-s-sa-said i-it w-w-wa-as p-pe-pet-tt-ty.  I-it w-w-was-was-was-asn’t.”  

“Wow, just wow.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m...I don’t even know.   I’m too sad and mad to even come up with a good comeback to that.  I hate this!! It just...I can’t even,” Arriantae yelled at no one in particular.  

“I’m sorry Melonkey, I thought it was.  Maybe, they will still get together, but don’t get your hopes to high.  But still don’t give up hope now folks.  But this need to get to Angel or whoever is in charge so let’s start going over there,” Joy tried to reassure, but failed miserably choking on her words because of the tears that were threatening to spill.    

In the place where The Platform of Feels was, Serene, the calm one, Bright, the smart one, and Vaile, the prideful one, were awake, standing next to others.  They were all gaping at something that has never happened in the 15 years they’ve been there.  There was a new person that looked exactly like them.  

Bright stepped up first to question the girl who now stood in front of them.  “Who are you?  What are you?  Are you like the rest of us? How did you get here?  Why are you here?”

“I’m Misnery and I don’t know what I am.  I think I’m like you.  We look alike and all.  I just popped here.  Why does this matter? Not like there is anything to be here for.  Too many emotions,” Misnery said in a depressed voice.  

“Ohh, nice to meet you Misnery.  I welcome you to Dominique Fitzgerald’s mind.  All of us are emotions that Dominique feel.  We tell her what to do with her emotions, feelings, and thoughts,” Bright explained and then introduced all the people in there besides those three that were basically sprinting all the way over there.  

“Oh, so does that mean I’m an emotion too?”  Misnery replied to Bright.  

“Yeah, it does.  I bet you are…” Bright started to guess before she was interrupted.  

“Whoever is there,”  Joy screamed at the group of people as she was entered the room.   “D-dominiq-ue’s p-paren-parents are g-g-getting a d-d-div-vorce.  A-and the-ey a-ar-e separ-rati-ing the kids,”  Joy yelled out of breath from the sprinting she did.    

“Calm down.  I bet it isn’t as bad as you think.  Tell us what has been going on.  Just take a deep breathe and focus,”  Serena helped the confused girls in her usual calming tone.  

The three girls who had just came up in a sprint slowly explained the story they had just heard.  After the excruciating depressing story, there was a depressing mood surrounding everybody.  

“This is all my fault.  We should have done something to try and prevent this.  We should have spoken up, and now we are getting separated.  There’s nothing we can do.  It’s all our fault,” Misnery said.  

“Shouldn’t we be proud it’s our fault.  Now we will get all the attention.  This is a good thing.  It will all be about us at Mom’s.  No brothers or anything.  Celebrate, don’t mourn,”  Vaile announced to the others.  

“No.  Don’t be glad about this.  We our being separated from our brothers.  How is that good?  And yeah we will get all the attention from Mom, but what about Dad?  Don’t look at the bright side because there isn’t one at all.  So just be a realist and look at what is in front of you.  Not the good things because again there isn’t one.  Because this is all our fault’s.  No one else’s,” Misnery convinced Vaile.  

“You’re right.  There isn’t a good side to this.  It is my, no, our fault.  We did this.  We should have made Dominique do something to help her parents instead of just standing there,”  Vaile responded 100% convinced of the things Misnery preached about and snapped into a world of depression.  

After a while, everyone snapped into a world of depression (Melonkey being the easiest to convince) beside Joy that wouldn’t look at the bad side of anything no matter how much Misnery tried to convince.

“No, I won’t.  There has to be something good about this situation.  I don’t know yet, but there has to be something good,”

“We will never get another hug after the divorce from Dad. It won’t happen.  We will never get to play with Jacob and Sebastian ever again after the divorce.  Christmas, snow, vacations, birthdays will never be the same.  Just us and Mom.  No one else, not another single person.  Just us,”  Misnery, tried to explain to the happy person.  

“You’re right.  There really isn’t anything good left about this is there?  Just horrible things.   That’s all there is.  No more joy,” Joy finally let her optimism go.   

Once Joy let the depression enter her, everything went downhill.  No one wanted to do anything.  Why would they?  There wasn’t any point to.  There was nothing good left in life at all, in their point of view.  It was all horrible.  Dominiquie was getting separated from her siblings and her dad.  Dominique's friends didn’t care.  They only talked about themselves.  No one cared.  Not one person.  Not a single breathing creature.  

That caused the people in the head to not want to do anything.  No one told Dominique what to do about her feelings.  No one spoke for her, no one listened through the ear-radio.  If anyone slept in the pons, it was only for about two hours.  No one conversed with each other.  All they did was sit around and mourn their thoughts about the upcoming divorce.  The only time words were spoken is when someone was in their way, and they needed to get through.  

Thoughts of friends forgotten, brothers never to be seen, a parent lost forever, one gained for eternity, memories of everything that was, visions of everything to come went through everyone’s mind.  No happy or hopeful thoughts went through a single one of their minds.  

This went on in that depressing place of a head for who knows how long.  Forever it seemed.  

Even though they all thought all of their friends didn’t care, they could not be farther from the truth.  Dominique’s best friend, Kayleigh, was trying her hardest to make Dominique see she cared.  Doing things like texting her back immediately, giving all attention to her, trying to show her not to look on the bad things in life, and look at the small things in her life that are good.  In life there will always be bad things, but look at the small things no matter how small.  

What Kayleigh was saying was not sticking in those stubborn minds in Dominique’s head.  No one was listening to her words.  Somehow Kayleigh performed a miracle one day, and I will never know how, so neither will you.  

It was a normal day in the head, where everyone was just sitting in pure silence thinking when all of a sudden another person entered.  What made this weirder than Misnery’s entrance was that this person looked nothing like Dominique.  This girl was tanned with dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, skinny and tall.  The polar opposite of Dominique.  

“Okay, now listen up you pessimistic fools.  I’m Valoroie, a brave one, from Kayleigh’s brain.  I’m tired of my best friend being stuck in her own brain.  So if you answer my questions and listen to what I have to be say, I’ll be out of here as soon as possible.  So, who started all this mess?  Who put these thoughts in her brain?  Who is the depressing personality?  Come out now before I make you come out,” Valoroie questioned in a hateful tone.  Misnery walked out from where she was standing.  

“I may have started this, but I was telling the truth.  There is no hope left.  We are being separated from our siblings and dad.  There is nothing good left.  It’s all gone,”  Misnery explained herself.  

“There is always hope, and plenty of good things in life.  Value the time you have left instead of moping around here like this.  Spend the rest of the time with them.  When this becomes final, your siblings may get to come over to Mom’s and you over to Dad’s.  On Christmas you get to go to both houses, so that means double presents.  Your mom might spoil you more.  There are plenty of good things in your life.  You have a blanket, a bed, a pillow, a good house, name brand clothes, talents of drawing and music, friends who really do care although you may not see it, and a lot of other things that are great.  Don’t focus on the bad things in your life or the past, you can’t do that or you will be the way you are.  Focus on the good things and the future.  Please, Kayleigh hates seeing you this way.  You’re hurting yourself and people who love you.  See that, please,”  Valoroie taught.  

Joy, the least depressed, snapped out of her depression as soon as the speech was over.  Joy’s face finally broke out into a smile, and ran over to the side Valoroie was on.  

“Guys she’s right.  Don’t focus on the bad,” Joy continued in a speech that said basically the same as Valoroie’s.  After hers, Kary, Bright, Vaile, and Angel snapped out of their depression and went to the same side as Valoroie side.  

The ones that were free of the depression kept giving speeches until everyone minus Melonkey snapped out of their depression.  Melonkey would not snap out of it no matter how hard they tried.  Eventually Melonkey’s best friend, Joy, went over to her and whispered some word I will never know because they were so quiet, but whatever she said snapped Melonkey out of it immediately and Misnery left in a flash.  

“My work is done.  Make sure my best friend out in the real world in normal again.  Thanks girls.  Hopefully won’t see you again,”  Valoroie said as she popped out of there.   

“Okay, that was a strange...situation.  Glad to be back to normal.  Remember what they taught us.  Don’t let it slip your minds or Misnery will be back, and no one liked her, so yeah,”  Bright reminded to the others.  They all nodded their heads and headed to the pons to catch up on the much need z’s they had missed.  

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