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The Indians

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ït is now lughly probable that Ihe vhole Indian race will soon disappear 'rom the North American continent. - ?hose tribes which are sunk lowest in ntemperance and degradation, and who vill not heed the invitations of the gospel, must inevitably perish. Those saved by Christinn eiïbrts, polished in manners, nd cultivated in mind and heart, will soon e blended and lost in the Enropean race, vhich with its gathering millions is fillng the land. There is now, with very many, no repugnance to intermarriages vith the aboriginal inhabitants of this and. Nearly all the hunters and advenurers in the wilds of the West, connect bemselves with Indian wives. The ecceniric Senator, Jolin Randolph, regarded t as one of his most distinguishing honors, that there was Indian blood circulaing in his viens. Om population of -bout twenty millions doubles in about twenty-thrce ycars. In the territoriesof the United States there now exist but little over three hundred thousand In dians. And they are rapidly diminishing, by the two causes o f death and intemperance. They must all inevitably soon perish, or be merged in the Caucasian flood, which is with such resistless