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At least two thirds of the population of Vlatamoras sleep in the open air in the court yards and upon the tops of houses, a majority of which have flat roofs. - When tho hour for retiring arrivés, which s gcnerally speaking much earlier than n tlie large cities of the United States, hey pull their cots out into the court yard, (cvery house of any size here has largo yard in the rearj and two or hree dozen, male and female, sleep in one nclosure. Those who have notcotsor he means of procuring them, make a very comfortablo bed upon the bricks vith which most of these yards are paved. The great majority of Mexicans rise sarly, frequently before thesun,but they sleep again in the evcning, from three until about half past fïve o'clock. In act, they are as regular in their siesta as you are in your dinner, and when rourning from ray dinner, thero are seven jt eight houses, the front rooms of whichare strewcd wílh cots bedsteads are usec only as ornamenta here) upon which señor, señora, señoritas, and all the litlle onns are napping qfT at a beautiful rate. Amongst the over particular people of your country, a lady would no more think of sleeping in a room fronting a thoroughfare, with the window blinds open, than she would of flying. But here, bless you, they think nothing of itWhy here ayoung señorita will come to the window, and converse with a gentleman of her acquaintance with nothing on butachemisc, ond think no more ofit than a Camp street gentleman would of going into a house with his coat ofl.