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District Of Columbia

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Here is a sample of what we are doingr by ourlmvsin the District of Columbio - imprisoning men on suspicion ihaï (hey have no " right to lile, libcrty. and ihe pursuit of hnppiness," and selüng ihem nto perpetual slavery to pny theii joil fees. 'J'he following advertisement s from ihe official orgnn of ihe Lovernmpnt, the Union : - The Herald of Frecdom. Notice. Was cómrriílteá to the jail of Washington county D. C, on the öthof July, 1846, as a runaway, a negro man: who calis himself John Crew. Ke is ablack,about 5 Tcet.G inches high, nnd about forty-three yen re of age. Hè says that he is fvee aml was born in Hnnover C'iunlx, Va., and was sel free by Mrs. Allen, forrnerly Mrs. Watson, of said county, and ihal ho lived wiih Jude & Muir, in Richmond Ya., nnd ihat he obt.' ined l:is free papers in Richmorid, in 182Í5, when a. 3lr. [lenning was Clerk in ihe Cuurt. íle has liad his right leg broken, wliich has lefi a large scar uptifi ir. He has a scar on the right side of liv neck, whici he says he has received since he left Richmond. Theowner or owners of the above described negro man are hereby required lo come forward, prove him, and 'ake hiin away, or ho will be so!d for his prison and other expenses, as ihe law directs.