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By the latesi adv ices, Santa Anna had marched wilh 4,000 men for the seat of war. Com. Sioat had arrived nt Havana with ' fivo or six of liis ofllcers from Monterey on tlie Picific, nnd hoisteii his pennont on the U. S. brig Perry, which he found at Ha vano. He would sail for Cnarleston in the Norfolk in a fewdays. Com. Stcckton was at Monterey. All well on board the Pacific squadron. Gen. Peredes, Ex-President of Mexico, was al Havana, on his way to England. A Mxican schooneror brig had been cnptured by one ofour esseh, and the opinión was another nltack would be made on Alverado. The health of the squadron was generally good. The Mexicana s'.ate their forecsat Monterey to have been 13,750, A letter from Tepic, dated Mexico, Sept. 12, says Commodore Slockton has declared the whole of the Mexican coast on Ihe Pacific in a ttnte of blockade. At Com-Tgo two affhirs of honor were oxpected in come off. Brigadier Thomas Marshall had calledCol. Ballie Poyton to account, and a mesting was expected between ihem on the llih. Another duel was ex peded at the snme place between Captain Musson, of New Orleans, and Captain Shevous, of Texas.The Matamuras Fiag gives the deaths of volunteers at M.itamora? from Sep!. lst 10 OlM. 5th, 1G in number. 14 were discharged during the samo pcriod. The s'.eamer Col. Mamey, witli a fu 11 cargo of govcrnmeut stores, was lost on llie 12lh uit., near tlie mouih of the Rio Grande. The Harney went to piece?, ond the cargo was scaüered alung the shore. 15 lives were lost.. Tliero wcre 28 persons on board. Capt. Shanmn, Rooney, the mate, ihe pilot. and 2 engineers were save 1. Iiay'á and Wood's (wo Texas regiments were to return home, and new regiment were to be ra .-cd f hostilitics wcrc renewei. The main part of the woundrd officers were duing well. Gen. Butler wis rccovering. Gn. Taylor has now under bis comniand nt Monterey unwards of 5,800 tronps and he is ordoring up all liis rpgülarsand most of bis volunteers. He Cceh confident of sustaining bis present position ngainst all Mexico, wiih the fortifications. The N. O. Diïlta has rcceived a letter from Gen. P. F. Smith, (Col. Smiih.) - Me says speakingof tho battle : "We have taken 22 pieces of brass cannon, and an immense -unount of ordnance stores, and are now in possession of all the work?, city, and surroundiüir country." The Mexican iorce at Monterey could net have been less than 10,000 or 12.000; and now tliat their forts have been examined by our èfigïneers, they are pronounced lo be of the strongest ano most scientific construction - impregnablc, indeed il would seem. The specitl correspondence of ihe Picas une, under date of September 23. v rites :The reports of the different commandcrs n Gen. Taylor's army Iinve not all heen sent in yet, but enough is known to ronder it cert-iin thnt ourloss wül not vary tvventy Oom five hundrod killed and wounded. A considerable number of the wnunded will die, so that the number vh will have lost their Iívps will be aboui ihree hundred. Gen. Worth lost eighiy, killed nn:1 wuunid; nbout twenty killed, or have died since ihe battlp.