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The Massachusetts Whigs

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At their Statu Convention, ihe ïouog Whigs and Old Ilunkers, or Cottonocracy, of tliis Staio hud on an mated discussion on the qnesiion whether the VVhigs of Massachuiejlë, ns a Party5 would take tho broad groundoftho immedinte AbJÜtion of Slavery by consiitutional moans. Hon. Stephen C. Phillips introduced a serios of rcíolulions covering tbia ground, which were discussed and rojeeled by a voteof about three to two. We will extract a couple of ihem for a sample of the doctrines held by a large porliun of the VVhigs of that Slat;-. - What would be thefateofsuch resolutions in a Whig Conventiuü of the State of Michigan ? " Resolved, That in tlic progress of the developement of public sentiment in favor of tho abolition, and in opposition to the extensión of slavery, the f higs of Massachusetts have chose;i 10 occupy a conspicuouá and responsible position ; that, bv the procedings of thoir conventions and ihrough their agency in the Legislatuic, they have given repeated and uaqualified pledges of their scttlcd polioy on this subject ; tiiat they have assertd, and have constantly pai ticipated, in c.xercisitig the riglu of petitioning Congress for legislativo remedies ; that they have especially decl.ircd themselvos in favor of abolishing slavory in the District of Columbia, and the territories, of prohibiüng theslave trade betwéen fhe State--, and ofnsiting upon the exclusión of slavery s a pmdition of the adiuission ot' ony i iev State intotho Union ; that they have f issumcd the chief res[on ibili'y of ] nally proposing an amendmcnt to the 7edeial Constiiution, by virtue of wiv'ch, 1 ive o erty would ceaso to be al asis of I representation in Congress and the electoral college ; that they havo concurred in adopting the most stringent and etrecturtl legal provisions to d.acuurago and frústrate the arrest of fugitive slciyeg vvithn tli ï- C'irnmonweallli ; tint in every pr.-ictical modo they have sought to vindícate tho constitutioiiul rig'.:ts of our colorcd fellow-citi2ens temppi;arily residing in the sJaveboldirig States ; and that, from the first inlítnáfíbn oí" t!:e design of annexing Tt-xaa to ti.e Union, they liavc deHared fncir opposition to it, in terms which, now that the design has been aecomplished, conimit tliem het'iic the country to st 11 more tmphatic & decisivo action upon the whcle question ofsl-uery. Rcsolrcd, thcrefore, That the Whigs of Massachusetts owe it to their knowii piÍQ-iples to make the declaraüon, thm they tnust hereafter be reganiod as the DKCIIED UNCO.MPKOMIS1NG OPPONENTS OP bíTávcry ; - thaï iliey are opposed to its edemion heyond ihc limils J' Hs present cxistïiicc, and will maintuin their opposition at nny polit cal hazard, tind in disregaid of all temp rnrv iacriiices ; that they are opposed 10 its. conli nuance whsre il atrèady exisls, and will concur in all ('ousfilutionol nteosyres thatcan promotO i;s aloHtion ; - and that in their pul;tical action, ihcjj will support such men nly asw'dl slcadfaslbj adrance, by ajprepriate mrasures, these thcir principies and purposes, - beleving that in this way tiiey shail render ei'cctm! service in rescuing the Constitution l'rom the abuses which have 'een heapd upon if, in socuring t the coumrv the snbtance, with the form, of a rcpublican govèrhmènt, and in making the Union sure to Ie preserved, by niaking it worlh presercittg."