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Some Of The Beauties Of The War

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The following is nn extract of a letter lYom James S. Jackson, Iisq. relaiive t Col. Mar-shall's Kentucky Regiment, daicd in Texas, Sept. 23. 'I hope by the nexl letter I write tu give you an account of improving heall!) in the Regiment. You oughi to see li.e men. Tiieir condilion is a reproneh tb the Governmont. They are barcfootcd and some of t hem literalty withoul breeches, manj withoul hals and coals, but ihey stond up as pröud ns if they weie dressed in iniporial purple. The Govcrnmrni 's indebted to ihis Regiment this duy 875..000 - it has receivcd no j)ay whuicver and lliough paymaslers pass and repass ii, it hatli sean no signs of payment. - Young men of cducation and iniolli gence, uscd to the luxuries of private life, are by this npglect absohUcly turncd nakcd ín a wild coïinfrp, and expösed t thf? climate and so'iferi'ng fromthe weather, without any care for their condition on the nart of the Government they serve. They would ruise a röw pretty quii:k!y, S)ut ihat they respect too highly the feel'. ings of theii' own oilicers to place ihem 'm on nwkwárd posiiioii, by drawing down on them the displeasure of the War Department. Besides the nbove, the Kectncky Reponer siatesthut upward oï four kundtednre reponed to be on the sick list. - Tribune. (trTlie Bcitidh Anti-slavcry Reporter speaks in strong termè of the decisión of Ihe Evangclical Alliunce by vvliich slaveholders are admitted as memhers ot' lint body. It rcgards il as compromiso unworthy of the Biitjsb name and character - a wenk concession to the American (iclegalion. Tlic Londun Patriot says oí' Aliiance, - "Wc have conversad wiih those who pass for mi'mbers of if,nnd who are unablo to say whether it really exists. and if so, in what shape or form. Somo openly avow it to be un uborlion. O'Iipi's, on the contrary, albw il to bc indeed a sickly, hul vet a living child. While .somf can befoand hold erioiigh to claim for it ihe clvirafjter ofan infunt Hercules, alrpady strangling with its hcavenburn cnrgy. those t win sisters, Popery and Pliti(;ul Diosent ! Cojld e persuade ourselvcs of tho truth of this Jast opinión, tliere might be some hope of its yei turning the river of Britidh indignation through the Augeau etablo oï American slavory!"