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The Homestead

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The notion of uxempting a home lor cach family frotn legal liabilities seems to have tnken well with the people wherever t hns been presentcd. Wc gave last week the answers of ihe Liberty candidatos of N. Yoik, in favor of it, as il apponrs, without any limitation of its vaiue. n O!iii, the project lias como up for acion. Mr. Lewis, the Liberiv candidnte r Governor, wasinterrogated respecting ït, and answered thas : - 'In point of fact my inind heen settled (anü l lliink you nre upprised of ii) ihat the sale of Üio public lands tthould be stopped and the lanJ donaied or rat her divided arrtong tho ownors on sucii principies as woukl secure to the Inrgot jiurnber freehold tenures. And no man of hunianity could have sec-n as mnny motliers and chiidici drivpn from their homes, beca ose t lie lifad of the family wns so uufurlúhnU1 as to get in dobt, as I have seen, nnd heen ca lied 90 ofien lo alleviaie iheir suftVringv, without heiug doeply impresped viih the injustice of any law that could thus punish the innocent who are tnaüe 10 suffer on such occaaions; Nine times out oí tMi, tlie dishonest rna't) ytho S,ets in debl sfoures by surnt qnirk oï" the law, liis proper! v tö himself andchUdrón, nnd his crediloM suñef, while th honesi maii sutrenders hi last fooi of land and die, feaving h widow atid orphnns to tlie co!d charity of a hearllss world."