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The Whig Governor Of Ohio

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It appears i'rotn the Cincinnati Ilerald, :hat while Mr. Bebb, ihe Wlijg candidato fbr Governor, was stutnping it through DhiOjho bccame literaily all things to all hoed. On the Reserve, where Abolition ivas popular; lic carne out boldly agninst all the Black Latvs. In the more southsrn counties he limiied himself to the Testimony and Bond-and-Sccurity lawg. " Afterward.-, in a later period of the campaign, when the infuriate cry of prejudice underthc stolen narre of Democracy bccame fiercest, he visited Mcrcer county, tho se;t of ihe inhuman oatrnge trpon the Randolph negroea. And there fbr thfi (ime in the canvas?, Mr. Bebb tnkes occasion to declare tliat wliile he is ín favor of lbo repcal of the two laws w8 hnvc specified. that he is nevertheless opposfd to jmntitig to colored persons the right of suflrnge, the right of ftee education, the rigfit of emigrntion to the State, and ihat to prevent this Ialterr if neecssu-y, hc would recominei-id the adop. lion of a lawprohzh'ilíng colored persons f rom holding real estáte" Movv contemptible does süch diïpïicitj ook in a public man !