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Extraordinary Flight Of Butterflies

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tsríiieá ever seén in th;a country, crosed ïhe chnnnel from Fraticè to Eng land, on Sundny Inst. Such vvns the 'liMisity and e.xtent of the cloud formcd liy tha living mnss. thal it completely obscuredtho sun from the people on board mr continentnlsteauiers, on theirpassng lor muny hundred yards, whüo the in.srcts slrewcd theriecks in nll directions. The flight rflïched England nbout 12 o'clock nt noon, and .%persed thpm9elvs itilünd and along shore, darkening tho nir as thy went During the sea-pass;ige of the buttetflie?, tiie wealher was cilrn ndsunnv,wiih scarce apuff of wind stiriifig, b;il half an liour or so afler thoy reachod terra fima, it came on to blow grenl gus?s from the S. W., the direclion whence the insects camc. - Canterbury Journal. We are toially opposed to the mixtura of religión with politics. - BcnneWs Her' ald. And 'are Sot.iüy opposed to all politics which eschew Religión, and nll that Rflligion which does not itself feit in politics, nnd with evpry othor legitímate field of human aclivity. lf n man's Religión leaves him when he enters upon ihe discharge, of his poüiical duties, w appreliend it very raroly finds him again.