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The New York Convention

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We quotod last week the clause of the new Constitution by which any persun of requisitelearning and abiüty may practice law in all the ccurts of that State. - It is now said thut the clauáe ímpliós an cxnmination of the candidate by a board of lawyers appointed by the Court : and of course n'one vill be deemed by theui to have suílicieni learnmg and abiüty but those who have gone through a course of technical study. tl'ence the courts will beas well lenced against interloper os they ever have been. In the convention, a m'ition to admit iiny one to practise was made, and might have cVrried, had nota lawyer pre.-ent purauaded the mover to accept this subsstitute, the prac tical operationof whieri he did nut per ceive till it was too lato. The Tribune has the following nolice of the provisiohs of the new Constitut'on : Reform in legal practice. - Three Commissioners are to be appointed by tho noxt Legislature 'whose dut y itshall bc to revise, reform abridgn and implify the rules of practice, pleadii;gs, forms and proceedings," isc, in the Couris of this Siate. Future Debt. - The Stae shall contract no debt excc -ding 81,000,000, unlcss to meet the c.xigencios of War, - ceptforsome singlo spesified object, and with the express appröval of tho People signiñed by a direct vote ; and a direct tax must at the time be levied sufiicient topay the annual interest of said d-btand extinguish tho principal within eighteen years. Banking. No special 'charter for Banking purposes is to be grantcd, hut Banks may be established under geqerallaws. - The Legislature shall exact ampie si-curity for the pay.-nent of their notes and obligations, and shall in no case sanction a suspension of specie payments by them orany of them, directly or intlirecily. - Stockholdcrs in Banks to be individually liable to the amount of iheir scvoral shares themselves. In ca;e of Insolvency, biliholders have preforenceof all other cróditors. Amendments to the constitution may be made as hcretofore, or the Lcgishtureand People may at any time uuite to cali a Convention as this ono was called ; and in 1806, and in cvery twentieth year thcreafter, the Pcople shall vuie directly to cali or notlo cail a Constitutional Convention.