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Vermoilt - A Machine forcutting wrought miils has been in ventee! by Mr. H. Ilolcomb, of Brandon, Vermont, which with two men will make as many nails per day as forty or fifly men can do, and with a great saving of iron. ittassachllSCttS - It is understnod that John Redmnn, who died in Boslnn last week, has loft to the Mnssnchasetts General Hospital some two lnindrod thousand dollar.s, to boavailable aftor the detnise of sunJry persons to whom annuities havo been left, A chimney has just been placed in the manufactory of tho carpet compnny in Lowell, whiclj is intended tocarry oiT the smoke of 24 steam boilers. It is 12 feot 6 'niches square at the base,' nud 7 At the top, and its height s about 120 Peet. It is cnlculated ihnt over 150,000 bricks have boon iised in it construütion, tho ■weighi of which, together with the naortar, ï?.betwen 0 and 000 ton.l'lio groat gun Jnlely cast at Algei's foundry, and described in the Pust, was fired a few Unies at South Boston Point esterday after noon. Shclls, 12 nches in diameter, and 180 pounds in weight, w-jre thrown vanous distauces, according tj ilie charge, elevuün, nnd length ol fuse used. VViih a c'nargo ol' 20 pounds of powder, 20 seconds fusr, at an elevatioi: of 22 degrees, a shell was thrown 2} miles, and buried decp in tho oarih ai Squandum. A rieochet shot tried wiih a ten seconds fuse, 20 pounds powder charge and 7 pounds in the shell. ït dashed through and over the water at an awful rate, aiidexploded at a dislance of about two miles, in the water, throwing the fragments several hundred yards in every direction. Next week the gun willba tried with higher 'charges of power. T.'ie Tega lar service charge s 25 pounds, whlcli, at a duo elevation, will project the shell somewhere bet ween 4 and 4 miles. Thus far all the previous calculations of the powers of tho gun h'ive been vcrifiod by the experiments. - Thü firing was undor the diieclion of Col. Bomford, the inventor of thia tremendously foiniidable species of ordnnnce, inten ded for Larbor defence. - Boston Post. The Mayor of Boston, at the great ceJebration at Long Pond, in honor of breaking groundat the aquoduct by wliich the tnasses of thalcily are to be supplied with puro water, siated that the roeal ofthetariíT - considorcd hy very inany sodisustrous in other respects - will enable Boston to procure tho iron for the aqueduct at an expense of half a mi Ilion lesa than they otherwise couid havo done.' - Thus.although a few ma nufucturers may suffer a lhtle in their profits, the great body of the tnx payers of Boston will be supplied with water nt asuni just so rnucli below wliat they would have had to pay if the bid h'.v retnaincd inviolaie. - Pennsylvanian.Mr. Dixon, of Lyon, Massachuseits lias i nado a cannun whicli, by the simple rnnvetnent of a broke, will prime, load [ind discharge itself. Wo leorn that a irnilar invention ís shortly to be brought Ltit in tliia city. lt iá vVorkëd by rmchinery, like clock woik. When loaded, l moves oíF on a raíl track 10 a dis: anee pf 300 yards, fires ten shots and relurti!10 iis íirst position, to bo wound Uj again. Another improvcmeiit isbeingadded to ihe rotary gun vyhjch was rècëritly exhibitie! at the Brooklyti navy yard. Il consista of nu engirió, similar to a locoinotive, inounttd pn fuur pairs of wheels. 11 is made to throw five hundred bolls in q minulo, without the use ol'gunpowder. It regülutes iisol f, nnd nlso moves oti a mil trac!;, to the disiance ofa qunrter pi :i niilt, firvs its load oi'25QU bal!s in fivc tr.inules, mowiug down a!l befo re it in 1 quarter öf a circlc, theu rever&es it.whe-.'.ls of ilsiilf, and returns to be replenis!;ed with balls, coal and rater. - N Y. Sun. The frigato Coristitution, which arrived at Boston n short time since, has licon absent iwo years and four months, and has circumoavigated the globe. Tliere are iiov in the City of Boston tweiity-five Uniiarian clergymsn reg"ularly ordaincd Ör inslnlieJ as prustors ol churches, ofwlnch fivc are connecied wiih the Minisiry at largp, and ono society is at present supplied with an unspithd ministei; mnking in all iwenty-six r.lergymen. The nggrogntp amount of salary paid them is about 842,000 annually. - The probable present vaiuo of ehurches and lnndá is O800.000. The society of which Theodore Parker is minister is no? inclüded above. - Transcript. A farmer, who is f:imous for having good fruit, snys he mises bis fruit in thr follpWHig manhér : lie t;ikes a cutting from the bfi-t treo ho can find, puts the end of the cutting intoa potaio, and sefs it in the earth leaving butoneortwo inchesof the cutting ab)vo the ground. The cutting soon sends out roots and grovvs rapidlv, making a fine trre which ncodsno Greal-Falls Triniscript.Olio shnro of the Boston Bee, (one seventh,) sold the other driy fur 84,0Ü0. The ciiy BOthorities of Boston Iinvp just sent back by ship Joshua Bato?, some 70 or 80 Irish puujjors who havo been sent out here, probably from pauper liouses hi Ireland. The Quincy (Mass.) stone quafries employ, it is siid, over 1200 rricn in gstting- out and dressing granite for the various building purposes in which it ij employiéd. CHE&CCliCHÍ. - Two men, Holcomb and Granby Olcott of Hartford, havjng hadsome djfiiculty, repaired to a room by themselves in the Uuiicd States' holo!, on VVodncsday of last weck, rs-savingto effect n seliletncnt of tlieir difiïcultics. Short] y after, a report of a pi-tol was heard intlje room, which drew to it the inmates of tlie houso. when thcy fuiy] tiothlying on the floor noarlydead. It is supposed that Ilolcomb first shot Olcott and tlicn himself. NsViT YorHi. - New York is heavily laxed. TheComptrolIer has asked for 2,520,750 9 - 883:, 192 fur tho polico j commoD schools $236,'820 62 ; Iamps andgis 1174,908 ; clenning and repairiug s; reets S130.ÜÜ0, The tax for the present fiscal year will be at tho ratc of 104 cents on the hundred dollars. The Secretary of tlie Treasury lias been trying lo mak e a loan ofthrco or four millions of the City Banks, at 5 per cenf. Tiie Banks refused ; but olTored lo lend for 6 j)er cent. There is a very prelty young girl n New York, who exliibits in public the religious dance of the shakers. 'A con(emporary remarke - " Tlie easo, grace, 'uüuess and beauty with wiiich she moves n tlie whirling dance is not only unsürpassed, but perfoctly un.ipproacltnble. at east out of the palé of Slinkerism." lt s a singular mode of making a living. A lady who, with hor daughter come up n the steamer Belle, made a complaint nt ihe pólice oflice, yeeterday, aguinst a cnnril runner named J. W. 3ailey, for cominitling a rape ubon ihe erson of her daughter, in ihe canal of. fico on the pier. Dniley was arrested and held to bail, and wo hope he will receive the pynishment he su richly Jeserves. - Albany Atlas, IGth. The Ejecutivo Committee of the Ñew York State Society, for the Abolition of tha Death Penalty, have recomniended ihnt a public meeting for the discussion of the subject be 'neld on Friday evening, the 20th of November next, ín evc-ry own and ward in the state ; that tlio subject be ialroduced for discussion into he variousdebating sooieties ; that editor open tlifir pnpers lo anieles upon the subect ; that peiitions be sent in early to ihe Legislature ; that leclures De given at siated periods, &c, Sic. The Suprome Court sitting at Roche3 íer - Chief Justice Bronftn presiding - has made an important decisión. In an action for a penalty under the new License Law, the Court, held that streng Beer is "strong nnd spirituous lhjuor,1' within the meaning of the act, and that an action Iie3 for reta'ling it. Another point wrs also raised in t!iis causp, viz : whether the plaintiff should state icfiat kind ol liquor wa.3 sold. Tho Chief Justice thought he need uot, on account of the difficulty in the pvoof, remarking thal men did not altsays knoio ichaí kind thcy did drink. A Novel, Case. - A Mr. Welsh, in Nc.v York, has lntely married a young girl who was a bound apprentice to the shoe-biuding. The boss shoe-maker has sued the bridegroom, and the case ;s to be trieJ vvheihor he c-an take the bride back te serve her tinr Another iinmonse Sleamer, snid to be ;he largfst In the wOrid, has jut ben cotnpleted at New Y.rk, S'ue is ca'led Isaac Newjton, anl is to run between New York and Albany. Her lenglh is 340 leel by 40 fcet widp. Her engineis 1374 horse power, and has a. 12 foot .iruke. Tiio alu-ifis and crar.ká c.ich weigli o2,(00 poiindá. Twelve tons of white lead, ai.d twen'y tons oí pnint were used in painting her. 2354 yards of carpeling were used, with 500 mairesses, 00 piliows and oifier bed fixings lo match. tThirteen thousand sevcn hundred persons visiied Trinity Church, New York, on Wedncsday, to hoar the new Oigan recently put into the house. Tho New York Post Ims the follp-ving descri)tion of the new organ in Trinity Ci.urcb : "Tho case is of solid oak, in the Gothio slyle, richly carved, 53 feet high, 27 ftifït wide, and 32 fet-t deep ; the largi'sl wooden pipe is 36 nebes wide, aod 32 feel long ; the longest melal pipe i 18 iiu'.lies in diameier nd22 feet long ; t contaiasabout 2.500 pipas. The reed stops are admirable, the clarionats, hiutboys, trumpels, bassoons, and tromboons are excellent imilaliona ; the dinpasons are vcry heavy and j-ich ; when the four organs were uniiod, (!iq power and ëffecn v.' The plnying was very niLio!) admired, parlioularly of Mr. Kitig, wiioshowed the vast pmvcráot tiie .'isirumoiit, lp t!ie g'-eat deüght of the numerous audience. This instrument is frosn the rnanufactory of Mr. Henrv Erben, of this city, nnd will for ages bo a monument lo his fama as an orgiu buÜdor." The Marlom Company, the New York Journal of Comme rec says, have laid down a piece of their road with eist iron rails. The rjad is spoken of in the hi'ncst terms of approbtrion, and said to bc better tjjan aoy other, at less than half the costfor wrought ron rails. Tho New York Herak!, in noticing the article at the Fair of the American Instituto, says ; - A vory beautiful quili,wbiöh hangs on the left of the ontrnnce, and beyond the clerk's (!ok, really is of such striking beauty, and displays so much slcill and porseveiance in tho maker, ihat it deserves special notice. It contains 10,000 blocks oftwodiaiuonds, eac:h containing sixteen switches, or in all 320,000 stitches. It represenfs a oountry scène, and has over fifty different colors of silk in its composttion. Il aitracls wowda of 1 ad i C3. FeoKsyívania. - A Mr. Wise, of Lancaster, Penn., has invonted a machineby which Vera Cruz may be captured - in theory. It is an anncd balloon, wilh len tons of purcuisioned bomb shelis and torpedoes, which guided by a cable five miles ia length, could hwer like a cloud of desfruction over the dcvoled city. - The balloon of course contains considerable gas and 30 does the description ofit. IWaryEnaid. - A Wilmington paper saya that the slaves are running away by families on the Eastern shore of Maryland. In Sassafras neck, which contains about Iwclve hundred miles of territory, 200 liave escaped within a year. Kciítucky.- A weahhy man in Kentucky married a preity brunett, with whom he feil in love not long ago. - VVhilo the honey-moon wasyet bright, a manfrom Tennessee came along, and found the wife to be a runaway belonging lo him. Afilio. - The journeymen iailors in Cincinnati wero on a strike last week for hïgher wages, when their oraployers liad thexn arrestcd for conspiracy. ï?lisoni'i. - One speculator in Missouri is said to have cleared $2700 in 30 days in buyingoxen for the Government. Uncle Sam bleeds fur ihe war, and few but the spcculators derive any profit by it. "- WSscorasán. - A valuable iron ore bas been di-covered in Dodge County. When analyzed it was found to yield 90 per cent. The deposite in the mine is said to be about 20 feet thick. ltslengih and breadth hos not been ascertained. The Internal Improvernent Commiiïee in the Wisconsin Conventicn have repo ried the folio w ing article for the new consiitution : Internal Improvement shall forever be encouraged by the governmcr.t of this state. But the legisl-iture shall in no case ere tic, or incur, a sta'e debt ibr the object, without at the same time providing mouns for the payment of the interes thereof and trio finl liqu'.dütion of the samo. By a vote of 80 to 10, the Consti.u üonal Convention have declared tha thore shall be no bank of issue in the State, norshall the legislaiure have powei to give banking privileges to any corpo ration or pfisons : nobody shall make or is-ue any pa)ermoney : no corporation shall do any banking business whatever no branch of banks in other States shnl be estabüshcl : no paper monev shal be circnlatcd in the State, after 1847 of less denomination thanSLO, and afte 1849, of less than $20. The Legislatura at its fust session is required to enforce these provisions byápprorinate penalties It is al;o proposod that m all corpora üons, ti:e stockholders shall be jointl} and severally liab'e intheir individual ca p;icity for all debts they shall in any man nfr contract. The question of coloree s'iíTragc is yet in debato, ilrcgon. - The poriion ot Oregon that bebng-; to the United States is s.iid to contain 21)0,000 square miles, which i more than sis times the superficies of the State ol' NewYuj-k.