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CONSECRATIOX FOK OílEGON. - A VCI' imposing ceremony tuok placo on Silf.dav inorningláat in the Roman Cal hel ral a Montrea! - the elevuiing lo ihe episcopo (ligniiy ofthfi Rev. Mr. Blnnchet, one o ihe r.annons, who was nominnted ni Rome f ir the office of Archbishp of Oregon His title iá "ArL-hbishop of Walluwalla.' Scven diocpses aro now formeel in Oregon and provisional!}' threo p relates puneriu tend thcm, ihe Arohbishoo and tvvc Bis hops. Letters from China give information of mnny conversions in th? Celestial cm piro fhroügh ïho labors ol' the Calholi inissiphqcles. Througlu)ut the provincc nf Kinng-Nan, nnd in Nankin, t le cap ':tal (jf that provinco, le ciu-o f Chris is rnaking grent progrriss ogiinst BudiJha The niirnbcr óf missionnne now going tlirough China in behnlf of thu Cntliulic fnitb, is eighty, of wlmm somc uily are French nnd twenty [tnlians. Glas8 Cuttíü. - At a late rhfreting of the Roya! Polyteclinic School o!" Lon don, Dr. üustnted a nnthod o culling and boring glass by comrnon iror instrumentí?, empioying, however, a solu tion of c.impliop and turpentino, it)stonc of the üsaa-1 preporaiions, such asemeiy, suVphate 'öf cbpjiëf, &c. By keoping tlie instrument moistoneii with the camnliornted terpentine the Doc'.or showed tlml glfissmiglit be out nnd 'moreel nj readily ns any of the metáis. This is a secret well wortii knowing. A ruífian lately bit oíT a mnn'sear. - St range to s.iy, hc was bound over to keep he pcace. Wonder if he was. Fruit in Excland. - h isno ünusual thiug Ibr an English lady to have on her tnble, nt a pnrty, fruit ivhïcll costs from $2000 to 83000. A dirmer wa.s given by an Engüsh nohlemnn some yenr? since, for which tbo fruit olone cost $30,000. Thmk twice bafore you spoak onco.IIorses. - There is no one fact that mankind are more ignorant of tlian this: iliat ïho culor a horse is n sure indica! jon of his character. In thw nrticle 1 shall attemplto give a few rules by wtiich a man of cominon observatiou can teil the disposiiion of a horse as soon as he sees Kim. The first thing lo be observed, is the color of the animal; tho second is the phrenological deveiopemcnls. If bis color is a light sorrel, his feet, legs and face white, those are marks of kind-ness. - Thcn, if he is broad audfull between. the eye-', I will warrant him to be a horse of good sense, and easily trained lo anything. Such liorses love good treutrnent; tlie kin'der you treat them the betlcr ihey will treat yo in return. A horse of the above deacription will never stand the vhip if hoia veil fod, - Prairie Farmer, An IMPHOVED ENGINE OF BLACGHTER. - A verv ingenious ennnon has been recontly exhibited hiere, invented by a Canadian gentleman named Trochelle. - t sponges, loads and discharges ilself, nnd can bs m-ide lo fire sixly times per minute. The model shown here was vorked by a srnall crank by the hand. - Montrcal Hcr'ald. Look into the ledger of the United States, and see how ihis war-breedingsyse:n hasswallowed up the revenue of the country since the Revolution. From 1791 to 1832, the nggregnte ofour axpenlitureSjWith Iess ihan three years of actual varfare, was 6342,250,891 ; and S805,092.844 of this sum were llirown away nrompliance wiih that old heathenish maxim: "; iims of psace prepare jor icary' all swallowed up bv the army and navy, which, during tliat wholñ periorf, did not save a life, or adJ an inch to the territory, or a cent to the wealth. or the slightcst iota to the truc honor, glory, ani happiness of the Union. Juat think of it for n moment - during a period jf about 40 years, all the other expenses of carrying on ihU Government amounted in the whole to only $37,159,047, whüo S805,092:844 were throion into (he loltomlèss gulf of war preparaiions in time of peace - Burritl.Dr. Franklin recommends in the choice of a wiíe, to select lier froma bunch. - A down east editor says, the commoi practica now i to select her tailk a bunch. A Washington xvriter says : " Ever India n that comes to Washington eest the treasury o much as a meniber o Congres?, and in nine cases out of ten lie ís jubt r.s profitable." Costly. - The trial of McNuliv th defauhing Clerk of the House of Repre senlalives, is said to have cost the (Jnitec States $17,000. Tho Montreal Courier statea thal i thef r penilentiaiy, women of all ages ar sirrpped and flogjjed by a man and in ft presencc of men. L.IHERAL OFFER. - " I will saVQ VOU thousnnd pounds," snys an Irishmnn to an oíd gentleman, ';if you do not staiuj in your ownlight." "How V' '-You have u daughter, ar.d youintend to give lie ten thou-;and as a marriage "portion." - "l do." "Sir, 1 will take lier with nine thuiisutid " The Frateuxity. - A society has beet furmed in Paris under this name, cornposed of laboring people of both sexes ior the purpose of muiual insurance ngainst l'ness and nccidenis. It is to be upon ihe largest scale, and ndmits persons ol all ages and conditions as members. A French enginecr has couccived ihe idea oí" furnisliing water in the desert ol Sahara by rneansoi' Artesian wells. The. govemmeni is engnged in putting the plan inlo execuiion. It will have the nii.s' important consequences if they get the vater. The great certral Irulh which I woulü impressupon themindsof my readers is this - premising a gèoüiné onergy and singleness of parpóse - the ciiTüniitances are notliing, tlio man is all. We ir.ny he the s'aves or tnvs of circurnsfnnces if vw will ; most mon perhaps aic so ; and to the:e all circumstncèa are alike evil - thai is-, rendered-so, if not by rugged difliculty, then h}r scf: temptation. liu: ihai man who truly rtileth his own spirit and suí:!i there is, even mrong us-- readilv defies ail material influencfa, or lends thfim to hiswi'l. Be hopefiil, be confident, then, O friend ! if thou Imsl ar-hieved t!:is greut conquest, and beÜevó t!iat all olse símil follow in duo season.- tí. Grocle-i'. Germant. - Emigran' consoquencc of increasing miVcry, is nugmentiog in n truly frightful prportion. A moiion of a member of ihe Chaniber of Iiej)i"esent.'.tives of Pilanlieim, H)r the pur pose of calling i lic at tent ion of the Germaaic diet to the suhjec', inforins us that during ihe first quarter of the present year ihe numof rmigrants rose to 62,000 ; 8,)00 more morethnn during tbc whole of last year. This is a five-hundretb part of the population of all Germany. TO MAKE ÏÏA3D WATER 6OFT. Add to one bnckot of warm water, one ounco of carbonate of soda, which rendera it soft as rain water.Haiuts of Comi'Ositiox. - A Parisian ietier-wriier gives the following singular accoUDt of the eelebrated Lamarline's literary habité : 'For want ofother matter, I shall teil ou how Lamartine, the poot, writes lii. yerses. He walks forth in his park, wiih lencil and pieces of paper : whatever deas strike him he puts down on these. ie throws them all tito a box, and hi ecretary afterwards arronces them as he iiinks best. They are .then taken toa ookselier, andsold forone thousand fivo undred or one thousand six huodred ounds a work. '■Mother. ! motlier ! iiêrè's Zeko fretng the baby. Make him cry again, Jeke, then moiher wül give him some .suar and I'll take it away from him, and ïen he'll squnll ; then mother will give imsomc and }rou can take ;hat,then we'il o;h havesome." Potatoi: Rot. - Eighieen kinds cf otatoes, in the hands of ihc Duke of 'ortland, we re all sound on Saturdav, ndonihenext Monday, the rot comienced in them indiscriminalely. Some otatoes from Norwny, where the disease ad not rnade. its appearanee, were, on eing brought lo Eng'and, in four days tiacked witii ihe diseae. Seed potatoes, iso brought from Mexico, where the lant was first found, were atiacked in ie same manner. No experimenis have eiultod, thus fhr, in throwing any Jight ntiie subject in England. It is said that the resultof certaineríerimrtnís at Portsmouth, Englnnd, has jeen to show that a ennnon ball will go rlear througli an iron vessel, and orders ïave been given by tho Admiralty to suspend tbo building of all such vessels r the Navy. The General Assembly cf the Presbyerian Church in Ireland Imsdirected ihot ihe first VVednesday in each monih shall baset npart as a d:y of humilialion and dovoiional exercise, ou account of the pótalo blight.A Fhse Trads Pie. - The inhabitants of Denby Dale, England commemoraied iheaccoiTïpiiihment ofSir Roben Peei's free trade mensure in a somewhat singular manner, not by the ereclion of acol lossal s'.atute. but by tbe raising of a giganiic pie,which was placed on a wagon, and drawn through the iown,and tbence to Sisasett, amida iho enlhusiastio cheers of íbousands of spectators, aud the enlivening notes ofthree bands of music. On the return of the procession to Denby Dalp, the pie was cut in due form, and portions of it freely disiributed to all who desircd to partake of it, particuhrly among the working clnsss?, for whom it was oiiginally designed. The immense pileof culinary architeciuro - tlie devies of womau's art and skill - measured 8 yards in circumference, 7 feel 10 inches in diameter, and 10 nafres in depih. Il was ccmjjcwed of iwo sacksoi' flour, whfch is equal lo 34 sione 4 lbs.; 100 ppuijds of yuet, 20 pounds of butler, 16 pounds of lnrd. 4 sheep, 1 amb, half a ca! f, 2 geese, 2 couple oí dudes, 5 coupleof rabbits, 5 hare,, 3 brace of patridges, a pheasant. a dozen of pigaons, 6 fmvls, and sundry smaller birds.


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