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This excellent compound ia ïor sale by thf proprietor's Agonía. KATNARDS. 263-1 y 'j; HOLMES &cb. YHOLESALF, AND RF.TAIL DEALERS IN STATLE AND F.V.NXY DRY GOODS, Ei-st Groccrifis, Carpeting and paper ffanghtgs, ]ro. G3 Woodicard Avenue, Lamed"1 Block, Delroit. j. a U..MK5. Nae York. ? 5 m. hoi. mi s. Detroit. J WE nke tWsnielhod ot inlbrmingour l'ricnd a-id cuslomêfs throughout tüe tute. Ui we are stUl pursuing the even tenor of nu w2v3, cndea'voring to do our !us.moss upon li and honorable principies. We wou!. I also ten Steiourackaowlèagmenta for the potonpimx tended tousbyour cuswmers, and wou.d bc lêttvê No cali the attention ot the publ o to n vel V.C.W seiecte'a nsáortinent ot seasonablo Goods wWeharooDeredat wolcsale or retail at ver 1 w rices Oar taciliues ior purchastng Good Ire u1 " 'assed by any concern in ft,. Smo - One ofthcUrm. Mr. J. Höes rcsiaes ip.tfa o New York, and fraiq lus long e.xpenenc fnihe Jobbing linde in iliat cuy, .and irom bi .I, knotedjof the mnrkec. he s cna Sed to avail bimseU of the aueuona and ?m j r„i„ erices Wc also purcliase from th 5 5OÍOOO Iba. WOOLWantod; iheabove q.-.nntity ol good rn-rchant ablc Wooj for which the lughest market pne will be paid. -: H0LMES & co. Detroit, May 28, 1843. 214tf WEbe-loave; Wool Growmp íriends, íhát we shall be preparedTor the purcliQse oi' 100,000 lbs. Snneed with Eftstern wool dealers, u-e shnll beab Pío pay .he hiyl.est pricn the Eastern mnrket wiil aiTord. Grcat comphint was made ladl .orf amongJt íhc Eáetern Delers and ManuSurersn refenmee to the poar condmon o M c Wil-r.ucb of U.boins in bad orde, min con.rton benig , tóWeS bïe fake ocension to request tbai theuunos: pnins should to taken to hav-e ,hc 6e round greatly to th'-advnntnceol olGrowersto put up jheir wool m th.s Wj vashed wool is not mcrchnn.nblc, nd JWH b rejected by most if not all ot the Wool bujers, il WOOUWAHD AVKNPE, LarncrAs Biock. Detroit, Marché. 1S46. ___}L1846. WHOLESALE & RETML. A. JWFARREN, 137 JEFFKRSON AVENUE, DETROIT. KFEPS constantly for snlea complete nssori ment of Mis,-e!!aneous, Schoo. and CLissiC1' iJooks, Letter and Cap Pnpcr: pam and rul e Qmlls Ink, Seoling Wax, Cutlery. rap f,i„., [n,.er, Printing Paper of a!l s.zes; and Rk, News and Cannisier Inkr of vanons kinds. BLANK BOOKS, ruil and hnll bound of everv variety of Ruling, Memorandum Books, &c. To Merchanrs, Teachers, and others. buying in u'iantitics. a lurgo discount made. School and Bible Society Dojpton medical lotice TBranderíigneá ín his services to Wasiuenaw ...d the adjolning Cnuesa Homeopathie physician. woulcl say, thnt atter praeiice.l on the principies as SSghfS the otd schoo!, anrl treated d.sensc for theW two ycars according W the Iaw of Honi(Eopail.y. - f.SimiU sinuMus cvrantur, ) tau"ht in the new school oí ; and hav ing compare1 tho acces of thé two sysiems. }1ei:'unhes!itatingly believes Homoèonathya be tho most safe, certain and successlul rnethod ol CUüïseascs, hitherto incurable, are now in mosi cases, pernianentlyeradicated by Ho.ncropathy. AJr,ctions of thespine. head. uterus, stoinach. &c. &c. have no their certain J.p ilepsv, mania, pnr.lysis. neuraly-a, ondg Uver'and ung diseaaes; scarlet fever, cholera. black tneasles, n.allgnnnt sore thro.t. erysipc te or black tongue. croup, inflammarions of the brain, stomach, bo'wels. &c &c. arconly a few of (til many itls, that have been stript of then terrorsby the ti.nely application of homcnopath.c :icilícanients. . , .,,,1,: Withont furthcressny.thc undereigncri I woula leave ii to the afflicted to say , on trial of the remcdiea, whether Homosopathy is whatit claims to ïeó'uld nlso state thnt he has jut returned frnm New York and Phibdelphia, wi'.h a compSTertmentof MKDJCAMENTS, jnst imponed from Leipsic.. to th.s place where he wi Uitend to all calb,and furnish medieaments, atlhc lowe8t Frm !hecIof and exclusive atumtion he is giving to the study anJ of Hornosopathy .0 be abie to entisfacúon to thoec who may lavor Iwm wjth their patronage. Comrnunicniions, post pnd. from patients at a distance, will receive prompi 3 Trióse who may wish to place theincclves nnder his treatment for any chronic disease, can obta.n lodin"a eithcr at his house, or in oihCr 'filOsTÉLACKWOOD, M. D. HomoEopaihist. Ypsilanti, 20th Xov. 845 239-1 y _ BETTERLATE THANNEVER' THESubscribcrlna the pleasuro of announcinf ,0 tl.3 Public, that he has just rcccived from Fïevf York, and opened a choico and weil eslected assoruuent of NEW GOODS, conslsting of Dry Goods, Grocerics, Crockcry, Hardware, Bools and Shoes, which he w:ll se!l ai Vcry Low Pricca for Ready Tay in Cash, or Produce. T„r . C v'H or Good3 wHI bc paid for WOOL m any quantuics. DAVIDSON. Ann Arbor. June 10, 'r _ woOdTí woodü! SUBSCRIBERS who are topay in Woodwill please cali mmtdiatdy with a few loada athe Signal Oftite. Slpt, Í6, 146.SffiB íaüsíiu _ y TANN LliT;. II I ltiHI""'M"T E LEATHER! LEATHER! LEATHER! J7LDRED & CO., No. 1-23, JeiTerson Avenue, "Eldred's Block," Detroit, takc _L_i this opportunity to inform their customers, and the public generally, that they still continue to keep on hand a full assortment of Spnnish Sole Lenther, Also. Lasts and Pens. Curriers' Tools, fcc. Slaughicrcd do Ilorse and Coiiar Lea'.hcr, Ilemlock taitncd Upper Lcathcr, Cordevan do O.ik '; " Morocco Skins, French tanncd Calf Skins. Scnl do Oafe and Hemlock tanncd do Goat Binding, Hcmiock tanncd IJarncssand Cridle Lcathcr, Deer and Lnmb do Oak " " " J AVhito and Colored Lininge, liaR and Top Lentber, Printed do Skiriing. Philadelphin nnd Oliio; Shoe Russet do niing-, and Kit ol all kinds. As the Subscribcrs are now manufocturing their own Leather, they are prepared to sell as lovv osean be purchased in this market. Merchants and manufacturers will find it to their advantage to cali and examine our stock before purchasing elsewhcre. CTCash and Leather exchanged lor Hides andSkins. ELDRED & CO. Detroit, Jan. 184(5. 248-1 yNEW GOODS! Choap for Cash!! TH'" Subscribers beg lcavc 10 inform iheir old custoincrs. and the public gsnernlly. ihat thcyare now receivinga large and splr'liil nssnnment ol English, American and West India, GOODS, ' Crockery, She7f Hardware, Pai nis, Oils, Dycsluffs, Drugs and Medicines. Also a general assortment of IRON. suitabjo for Ironing Wagoons and Buggies, Nuil Rod s. Ilorse Shoes. nnd Horse iVails, Sheet I.-on, Tin Ware nnd Tin JPIate - also a genend assortment of BOOTS fr SHOES, th:ck and tliin sale work, ond custom work to snit purchnsers. All of wliich ihey wil! sell on the luwest possible terms for Cash or Baktkr. Feeling confident os wc do, thnt we can niakc t for the interest of all those wishing to purchase any of the above mentioned Goo!-. we do most earnestly solicit nt lenst au investigation ifour Good3 and prices uefore purchasin e!sevhere. JAMES GIRSON & CO. Vo. 3. JExchange JBlocfc. Ann Arbor, liOwer Town, fíept. 1A, 1S-Í628;J-tf CLOCKS AND WATCHESf E7'-.V-? T I VilK Subscriberhas jusl Ê-s1 received, (and is conJfi VrJ stnmly receiving) from fíf ifv&wf Jvcw York an eleijantard UM3È& wc selectcd assortment Jcwelry, Clocïis, Watchcs,xc. xc. which lui ïmeiids 10 sell as t'f.w us at nny ther establishment t h is sitie of Buflalo for rcady lay only nmong wl.ich inay be found theiollow ng: a eood assortment cl Gold Fínger Rings. Gold Brcnst pins.Wristlets Gaard Cbains and Keys. Silver Spoons, Germán Silver Tea and Table Spoons (first qualiiy.) Siiverantl Germán do Sugur Tongs. Silver Snit. Mustard and Crcnm spoons. Uutier Knives, Goldand Silver Pencil Cases. Gflld Pens, " f' Pencüs, Silver and Germán Silver Tluniblcs. Silver Spectacles, Germán and Steel do. Goggles, Clotlies. Hair and Tooth Brushes, Lailier Brushes, Rnzorsand Pocket Knives. Fine Shears and Seissors, Knives? and Forks. BrittanniaTea Potsand Cnsiors. Plnted, Bross, nml Brittania Candlesiicks, Snufiers & Trays, Shaving bnxesandSonps. Chapman's Best Rnzor Strop, Calfand Morocco Wallets. Silk and Cotton purses, Violins and Bows, Violin and Bass Viol Strings, Flutcp, Fifes. Clarionets. Accordeons - Music Books for the same, Motto Scnïs. Steel Pens and Tweczers. Pen cases, Snuffand Tobacco boxes. Ivory Dressing Combs, Side and B.ick and Pocket Combs. Needie cases. Stelettoes, WaterPaints nnd Brushes, Toy VVatches, a great varicty of Dolls. in short the greatest variety of loys ever brought to tliis maTket. Fancy wotk bo.Vcs, children's tea setts.. Cotoene Hnir Oils. Smclling Snlts, Couri Piaster. Tea Bells. Thermometers. Germán Pipes. AVo'od Pcnciis BRASS AND WOOD CLOCKS. Sc. in fact almost every thing to piense the fancy. Ladics and Gentlemen, cali and examine for yonrse'.ves. Ciocks. Watchea and Jewelry repaired and warranted on short notice. Shop at bis old átand, opposite H. Becker'sbrick Store. CALVIN BLISS. JÍ. B.- Cash paid for old Gold & Silver. Ann Arbor, July Ist. 1346. 271-ly pms: fiee:: FJ. B. CRANfi would rfspectfully notify tho citizens of Ann Arbor, and the suroundina country, that he continúes to act as A rent oïthe HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, nd will insurc Propcriy against 'osaes by Fire, t thclowcs' rates, nnd with despatch anri nccuacy. The Hartford Insurance Company is one f the oldest and most stable in the country, and 11 lossessufitaincd by them will be - as they ever ïave been - promptxy paid ! Fire is ' dangerus element and not to bc trifled with: ;liereiorc. make up your mind to guard against. it and do.v't uelay ! A few hom s delay inay be your ruin. Mr. Cuase's OfTicc 3 in Crane's nevv Block, corner of the Public Square, Ann Albor. '2S0-I f LJÑSEED OILff THE Subscriber is manufhetnring Linseed Oil on an extensivo scalo and he is able to upply MÉRCHANTS AMD PAINTERS, n terina more favorable for them ihan have ever efore been offered In rhis country, and he 'us repared to supply orders fnr large or small quanities nt prices extrnmdy Inw. HU" Communications by mail vill be promptD. L. LATOURETTF.. LrjngLakc, Genesec Co. Mich. 283-Iy ""temperance house. PB. R1PLF.Y would say to his frionds and the Iriendrt of Tempcri nee, ihat ho hns aken the Temperancu House, lately kept by Vm. G. Wheaton, where hc would be lad to ait upon hem. Hay and Oats nnd Stabbling o accommodnte teams. Detroit, January 1, I84o. Chattcl ITIortgages, JÜST printo'l and fr sale at thi fFic in any niwntity.iïtm Jlrbor f :'- ■■: - -■■-■ f TílK uruluisigned liaving nurrh.-sed ihe iniereatsofhis partner in lUe Mnrble Business. wojiíd inform tlie inhahítan'soí ihisanducijoinin couniies. ihat he continúes the business ut tin1 oíd stand in Upper Town, near the Presbyierian C'rmrch. where lie will innnufaciii'e to orclnr. Monumenls, Orive Slones Paint Slonc, Tablets, S'c. Sfc. Those wisbíng to pbtain nny article in liislinc of business will find by calling thni hehasanossortment uf White and Variegáted Mirble frorn tlie Enstern Marble Quarrice, which wili be wrought in Modern siyle. and sold at eastern priees, ftdding transportatinn only. C-ill and ge' theproof. J. 3S1. ROCKWELL. Aun Arbor, July 8. 184C. 272 ly CENTRAL LAND AND TAX AGENCY, Jackso.n Michigan. Ojpce Second Story of the Bride Block adjoining American Hotel. TIIE subsenbers undor the nnme of Hurlbui fc Trendwell, havin" esiabl:shed on office at Jackson, for ibe purpose of Iranaicüng busi ness as General Real Estáte Agenta, will give ihcir personal atiention to 'iVc jmrchasc and sale of Real Estáte, Paijmcnls of l'urcs on Land, Fcdetming Lands solí for Taxes, Examinalion of Tilles, Convcijanccs, and such ólhér business as pertains to a General Real Estáte Agnncy. íniendin permanently to lo continue the above Agency, arrangenients have been made with extensive Real Esiaic Oftices nt the East, through which thc salo of improved Iand3 may be inateriallv facilitated : ond desiring lo render itas benifi-'ial ns possibic, a regisier ot such real property for sale, as may be furnished us, with prices, terms, particular descrijuinn, S:c. will be kepí for tho ínspection of purchaser8, and when a sile ls eífucted. commissioii of 2 per cent s expected frora the Beller. A catalogue of Land$, Farms, or oiher real properly for sale will be publi.shed and extensive!y circulated by our office, and owners of such property, dísiring to find owners, can avail them sclvcs of this medimi), by forwarJing to usa particular description ofihc properry, wiih pri ees, terms. &c. and One Doliar forcach descrip tion adveriised. Our charges for all services, will ip. all cases bo rcasonable. ÜZT All letters must be postpaid.J. IVÏ. TREADWELL. Jackson, Sept. 1816. 282-2m The undcrsigned will continue to attend to ihc pracfice of his prol'ession, and will duvote parlicuiar attention 10 ihe collection and securing y clniniB, Foroclosure of Mnrtgagca, nnd draft ingofDeec's, Mortgages. Contraéis. &c. J. M. TREADWELL. Cheap Hardware Store. npHE Subacriber takea this method 10 inform X his old customers and the public generally that hestill continúes 10 keep a largèand general assortmem of Foreign and Dotneslic HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. Also. Spike, Wrought, Cui nnd Horse Shoe Nail, Gla?8, Sheet Iron, Hoop Iron, Sheet and Bar Lead, Zync, Brig!u and Ancnied VVirc, MoIasse8 Gates and Fasseits, Mili Saws. Cross Cut Saws. Hand and Wood Sawe, Back and Key Hole Saws, Anvils, Vicos, Bnllow6,Adzes,Cooper's 'looli, Drawin? Knivcs, Spoke Shavcs. Tap Borer?, Cast Steel Augurs, Comnion Augurs, Aupur liitts, Hollow Augurs, Steel ond Iron Squifcs, Ground Piaster, Water Linie, GrindiStones, Potnsh.Caldron ond Sut'nr Kcttles. Cable,' Log. Trac& and Ilnlter Chaftis, Broad, Hand and Narrovv Axes, Spirit and Piumb Levels, to,'ethcr wi'.h a general nssortmcni of Hollew Ware, which will he sold low for Cash 0" npprovcd credit at J 23, JefFerson Avenue. Eldrcd'8 Block. lt. MARVIN. Detroit, Jan. 16ih, 18-IG. 248-ly CLOVER MACHINES. THRASHIXG MACHINES and Scpcrators are made and sold by their Machine Shop, near the Paper Mili, Lower Town, Ann Arl.or. KNAPP & HAVILAND, Jan. 10, 1640. 2ir (rP[ÍE prcceding hguro ís given to reproben ihc Insensible Perspiration. It is ihe gre:i cvaciiation tor theiinpurities of the body. It will bo noticcd thatathick. cluudy mist issues from II points of the surface, which indicntes that t!i3 jcrspiration flows uninierruptedly when we1 are iu hcalih. but censes when we are sick. Li'e cannot be sustained without it. Jlis tlirown oíí" trom thc blood and other juicos of i'ne body, nnd disposes ly this nicans. of ncarlyail the inifpurhies within us. The blood, liy thin mcans only, works Hsell pure. The Innguage üf Scrip lureis, "in the Blood is ?tic L.ife." lí' it ever lecomes iinpure. it inay be tracetl directly lo tho sloppage of thc Insensible l'erspiiaiion. It never requires any iniernal medicines to cleanse it. as tt alw-iiys purifics iiself by its own heat andaction. and throwo oil" i!l thc ofiending linmois. through the Insensible Perspirntion. Tlius we sce all that is ncccssury wlien the blood is stagnnnt, or iníectod. is to open the pores, and il relieves itseltlVotn cll impurity instantly. Itsown heai and vitulitv are suílicicnt, without oneparticle of medicino, except to open the porc? upon thesurface. Tlms we.see thé iblly ot taking so mnch internal remedies. All practitvoners, hownver, direct their effjrts to restore the Insensible perspiration, but h scerns to be not alsvays the proper one. Thc Thompsonian, for instance steatns, the Hydropathist slwouds. na in wet blankets, the ílotnopath stdealsoui infinitissimalí, the Alí.D.ith:8t bleeilsnnd doses us with mercuiy,and che blu3tcring Quack gorges us with piils, pilla, pills. To give somo idea of thenmnunt of the Tusen eiblc Perspiration, we wili state tliat thtf learncil Dr. Lewenhock. and thc gteat Boerhaave, ascertained that five-eighthsoí all we receive into the stomach, passed olí" hy this insana. ín other words. if we eat and drink eight pounds per day. wc evacúate five pounds of it by ihc Insensible Perspiration.This is none otlier tnan tne useü up particies of the blood, and other juice givmg place to the ncv' and fresh ones. To check tlns, theicfore. is to retain n the system fiv-eiylnlis of :ill the virulent maticr that nature deniamls shouldleave the body. And evon wlicn this is the case, the bbod ia of so active a principie, íliat it determines t' ose partióles to the ski i, where lliey form scabs, pimples, ulcere, nnd othor spots. By a sudden trnnsition írom heat to cold, the pores are stopped, ihe pcrspiration ceases, and disease hegins at once to develope itself. Henee, a sroppngc of this flow of the juice3, originales so muny eornpiaints. ít is by stopping the pores, lint ovcrwhelms mankind wiih coughs, colds, and oonsumplions. N'ine-tcnihs of the world die from diseastw inducéd by a stopp.ige ot the insensible Perspira tion. It is casily scen, therefore, how necessary ís the tiow of this subtlc humor to the surfnee, to preserve heahh. lt cannot be 8topped;_it cannot lic even checkcd, without inducing diseasc. Let me ask now, every candid niind. what course seems llie most reasonablc to puisue. lo unstop íhc pores, after thcy are closed? Would you gtve physic to unstop tne pores? Or would you apply something tliat would do this upon the surfice, where the cíóggiñg-nctuolly is? Would not this be conimotí sense? And yet I know of no physician wíjo makes any external applicalion t) eíFe:t it. Thereason [ assiirn in, no medicine withtn their knowledge. is capablc of doing n. Under thpsc circuuisianccs, I presont to iliysicians, and to all oiliers, a preparat;on ihat lts this power n itafullest c.tient. It is McALSTÉIÍ'S ALL HEAL1NG OIXTMKXT, or the WORLD' S SALVE! It has power to restore perspiration on the fcet, on the head, around oíd sores, upon llie chest. in short, upon onypartol the body, whclher discased lightly or severcly. It has power to cause all external sores, scrofulousluimors, sUin diseafcs?. poisunous wonnds, o discharge their putr.d ntetter, nnd then hcals h.eni. It ís a remedy that sweeps off the whole cataogue of cutr.ncous disorders, and restores the entire cuticle to i:slicalthy functions. It is a remedy that fqtbidi the nrcessify of so mnny and deleterious drugs taken into the stonnch. It is a remedy that ncither sickens, gives nconvenience. or is dangerous to the intesiines. It preserves nnd deiends the surface from all lerangement of ts functions. while it keeps oíen the channels lor the blood to void all its immrities and dispose oí all its useless particles. The snrface is ihe outlet of five-ei.hths of the )ilc and used up matter wiihin. lt is piercéd A':h milüons ol openings to relieve the intes..ies. Stop up these pores, nnd death Icnocks at your door. It is righily ternied All-IIealing, or there is scnrcely a disease, external or interna!, thniit will not beuefit. I have used it for he last fourteen years, for all diseases of thcchest, consumption. liver, involving iho utmost danger and responsibiüty, and I declare before Ieaven and man. th'itnotin one single case haf t failed to benefit, whcri the patiënt was within he reach of mortal mecns. I have had physicians, le-irned in the profession; 1 have had ministers of iho Gospel, Judgeson the Bench. Aldermen and Lawyers. en lemen ol' the highest erudition and multitudes of he poor, use it in every variety of vvay, and here has been but one voice, one iinited, universal voice, saying, "McAlister, your Üintment is jood!" CONSUMPTIOV.It can liardiy Ue crcUitcd itiat. a snivc cnn nnve nny elftd upon ihe lungs, seuted as tbcy nre within the system. Bat wesny once tbr all, (hál this Ointment will rencli the lunes quicker than ay medicine thritcnn bc given iniernnlly. Thus, it' plar-ed upon iho chest, it penctrates directly to tlie lungs, sepáralos the poisonous partieles tliai are consuming them, and expels ihem froni the system. I need not eay iliat it is curini? persons of Coneumption coniiiiuaMy, althoiigh we are to!d it ie loolislincss. I care not wbat is said, so long as I can cure several ihuusand persons yearly. Ui: I ACHK. This Salvo hascured persons of the Head Ache of 2 years standing, and who had t regularly cvfiry week. 6o thnt voniiting of;en took place. Denfness and Ear Achü are hclped with the likc succt'BS. as also Ague in the Face. COÏU FKKT. Consumption. Li ver eomplaint, pains in tlie chesl or side, falling of the hair, one or the other Jilwaysnccomnanies cold feet. It is a sure sign of disease in the system to havo cold fcef. Tiio Salve wilt restore the Insensible Perspiration and tlius cure every enso. In Scrofula, Erysipclns and Salt Rhcum, and othcr diseases of this nature, no iniernal remedy has yct bcc-n diecovcred thnt is 80 good. The same may be said of Bronchitis, Quincy, Sore Throat, Piles, Spinal Discoses, Broken or Sore Breast, Src. And as for the Chest Diseasrs, such as Asthma, Pain, Ojtprcssion and the likc, t is thetnost wonderítil antidote in the World. Fr Livor Ccmploint it is cqually ertiennious: fur Bnrns it hns not lias tsequal in the World: also, Excresences of every kind. sin-h as Waits. Tumor, Pimples, &c, it niakes clcnn work 01 t hem all. SORE ETE3. The inflammation and disease always licshnck of the ball of the in the socket. Henee ihe virtue of any medicine must rench the sent of the nflnrtiation or it will do littlc pood. The Salve, if nibbed on the temples, will penétrate ircciiy into thu socket. The pores will bc open d. a proper perspirntion will beercated and tho isease will soon piF3 offto the sur'ace. on tuk fací; fukckles, tan, ïiascuLIN'E RKIN, r.HOSS srilFACE. Iu first action ii'tó cxöel all humor. Itwiljnot ccase drnwing til! ilie face ifl free from any tnntief ihai may bc lodged undcr thn skin any frequently breaking out to'lho suiface. li then he;its. VVlion tlicrc is noiliingbiu grossnrss, or cfu.II repulsivo Burfaoo, il begins to sollen and sollen unul ilieakin becóírneá nssino.itli nnd c'dicaie as o child's. It tlirosvs a freshness and blushing color upon the now wliiie. iranspareni skin. iliiii is pcrlei'ily eiichanting. So'ino (irties in case of Freeklen jtwül first start out lliose that liavo luin hiddennnd scen butseldom. Pursuü the Salvo and all will soon disappcar. wou ms. Ifp -tri-nts knew how fatal niost medicines werc to chüdren taken inwarclly. tin y would be slow to resort to ihe:n. Especially "mercurial lozenges." calli'd "medieuted lozenges," puls, &c. The tfdth is. no one can teil, wvariably, when worins ar1 present. Now Iet me suy to parenis, thnt this Salvo will alwiys teil il' o child has worms. lt will drive every vestige of tlicm away. This is a simple nnd sale cure. There is probably no medicino on the face of the carii at once so surennd so safe in the expulsión of worms. lt would be cruel, nay wickcd, to givo infernal, doubtlul medicines, so long as a harmless, exicrnal one conld be had. TOII.KT. Althoiigh I have snitl little nbout it as a hair rsstorniive, yet I will stak e it ngainst ihe World! They may bring ïheir Oils iar and ncar, and mine will restoro the hair iwo cases to thcir onc. Ol.n SOUKS. MOR11IIC VI 1ONS, ULCKR8, KTC. That sonie Sores aro an outlet to tho impuritic? of the systcm. is becnuse thcy cannot pass off throügh the nam al cliannols of the. Insensible Perspiration. If such sores nre hca'ed up, the impurities must have some other outlcl. or it will endanger life. This is the reason whyitis impotitic to use the comtnon Salve of the day in such cuses. For thcy have no power to open other avenues, to let off ihi.i morbid matter, and the conseciuences are always fatal. This Salve willalways próvido for such emergencics. DISKASKS OF CHII.DRKiN. How many thousands are swept off hy giving internal medicines, whan their young bodieB and tender frames are unable to bear up against them? Whole armies are thus sent to their gravos mercly frvm pouring into their weak etomachs powcrfnl drugs ond physics! It is to 6uch that the All-IIenhng Oinnncnt tenders se safe, pleasant, and harmless n cure Such can ses as Croup, Cholic. Cholera fnfantum, Worins, and all Summer Complaints. by which so many chiMren dte, the Oiniment will remove s' spccdily and surely, ihat a physician will be needcd. Mothers! throughout oll this land. we now solemnly and sacredly declare to you that the All-Healing Oinnnent will snve your children from an oarly gr&ve if you will use it. We are not now actuated by the leas' dcsire to gain; but knowing as we do that vast bodies of inlants and children die early; which is supposed to be inevitable nnd impossible to prevent. wY hold up our warnine voice, nnd decl.ire in the face of the whole world. CHILDREN NEED ISOT DIE MORE THAN OTJIERSÜ But it is from the want ef proper nourÍ3l;mcnt and the constant drugging they undergo which mows hem down as the rank grass falls before the scythe. Mothers! we repent ngain. nnci if lliey were the last words we were ever to utter, and of conrse past the rcach of all interest, we would any, "use the All-Hcaling Ointmentforsickness among children." RHEÜMATSM. It removes alrnost imniediately tho inflamation and swclling, when the pain of course ceases. FKvn:s. Tn rnses of fever, tho difficulty lies in the pores being locked up. so that the hent and perspiroiion cannot pass ol}". lt the least moisture could bc starled, the crisis ia passed and the dnnger over. The All-Ilcfiling Oiniment will in all cases of fcvers almost instnntly unlock the skin and bring forth the perspiration. PKM r.K coMrr.AiNTs. Inflamation of the kidneys, of the wonih, and itsialling down, wcakness, ond irregularity; in short, all those dillicultics which nre frequent with females, linii rendy and permanent relief. W h.ive had aged ladics teil us they could hot live six months without t. But to females about to becomc mothers. if used foisomc weeks antecedent to iheir confinement. very few oflhose pains and convnlsions which attendtheni at thai period will be feit. Thisfact ought to beknown the world over. SCALD HKAD. We have curcd cases that actually defiedeverything known, ns well as the ability of fiOeen or twenty doctors. Onc man told us he hnd spenl 500 on his children without any benefit, when a few boxes of the Ointment cured them. CO KNS. Peoplc necd ncver be troubled with jhem if thev will usc it.As a FAMILY MF.DICIJÍE, no ntnn can mensure ís valué; So long os the stnre rol nlong óvcr thc Heavcns - so long ns man tread the earth. subject 10 nll i he i n fir mi lies of thc ílesh - so long as disease and sickness is known - just so long will tliifi Ointment be nsed ant esleemed. Wlien mnn ceascs from ofTthe eorth, then ihe demand willcease. nnd not lili then. To allay ail apprehensions'on account of its ingredients. in posscssingsuch powcrfulproperties. we willstaic that it is composed of some oí ihe most oornmon and hurmless herbs n existence There is no mcrcury init, asean le leen from ihe fact that itdoes not injure the skinone partido, while it wil! pass throuph and physic thc bowela. JAMF.S McALISTER & CO. 1C8 South etreet. N. York. Sole proprictor of the above Medicine, to wlioin all Communications must be addreescd (post paid). Pricc '5 cents and 50 cents. CFCAUTION.xj As thc All-IIcaling Ointment hns been greatly counterfeited, wc have g;ven this caution to thc public, thnt "no Ointment will be genuine unless thc names of James AicAlister, or James McAlister & Co., are written with a pen upon every label." The label is a slee! engraving. with the figuro of "Insensible Pcrspiration" on the fnce. Now we hereby offer a reward of $500. lo bc paid on conviction, in any of the constitmed courts of the United States, of any individual counterfciting o'ir name and Ointment. MAYNARD'S. Ann Arbor, Wholesale Agents; Smith & Tyrell. Clinton: Kctcfium & Smiih, Tecumseh: D. C. Whitwood, Dextcr; fj.f Bower, iVlauclicsier; John Owen &. Co., Deroit; Harman & Cook. Brooklyn. Dcc. 18, 1845. 214- Ty EXCHANGE HOTEL TEMPERANCE HOUSE. (Directly opposile the Cataract Hotel.) BY CYRÜSF. SMITH, NIÁGARA PALLS, N. Y. TI1Í8 House is not of the largest class, bnt is wcll kopt. upon thc same plan that it has been for several years past, and aílbrds 'implo and very comfortablc nccommodations for those stopping at the Fülls. This Hotel is situated in the pleasantest pari of the Village, on Main Street, and but a few minutes walk from thc Cataract, Goat Islund or t!if Ferry. Niágara Falls, 184C. 2G2-Gm i Hats and Caps, IN all thcir varictics, also Cams, Silk and Gingham Um.bre.Uas. Suspende rs. rich Silk Scarl'sand Cravats, Silk, Lincn and Kid Gloves, with every article in that lino can be had at fair prices and warranted to suit by sending your wishes by letter or by calling at No 58, VVoodward Avcpuc, 3 doors north cf üoty's Auction room. Detroit. N. IJ. Ministers and Liberty men supplicd it n small advance from cost. 2G6-(i.-n JAMES G. CRANE. FOR SALE CHEAP for CASH, or every kind of country Produce, Saddlcs, Bridlcs,Harness, Trunks, Vaïises, Trunlc Valises, Carpet Bags, Sfc. AIro a ooit assorirnent of Wh:ps & Lashks, wliich will be sold vory low, and no mi?tfike, at COOK & ROliINSON'S. Ann Arbor, August 12, 1810, 277-tf ,BOOKS! BOOKSÜ AT PERRY'S UOOKSTORE. TO THE PUBLIC'! THE undersigned hoving returned from New York whli a new, laigc and valuablc stoelt Iiooks, Stationcry avd Paper Hangings, is now rca!y to sell for Cflsh, any ihing m liis line nt hta new 8!nnd on Main streef, opposite H. Becker's JLJrick Store. He will say to Iiook pu reliaseis, tliat. ly his cflVis last fnll on his rc'um from New York. the price oí' nenrly evcry thing in his line has been sold less ihan hcretufore. nud had it not been for him. purchnsers would have contmued lo pay the priceshere;ofoie chorged! PJo can say nlso. that his sales have been beyowl his most sanguine expectations. ehowing 'conclneively ihai a public benefactor, nlthotígn ever so smul!, will not go unrevvarded in thisenliglitened comntuniiy. He 3 thankdil ffi the favors alrcady bestowed. and would resprciftilly solicita eontinuance of the tradc: and he would say ti) those who ncver lmc pnrehased books of him, that he will show tliem anieles and pn'ces with plensuie a' nny time ihey may cali whether they wish to purchnse or not. Csh orders from tho country will be attonded to, nud the books pneked ps well as if the persons were present lo attend ihe purchases. He will also &ell to piularen as cheap as iheir parents. Purchase's will do wcll to examine his stock and prices bcfore purchnsing elsewhere. Don' t forget tlic place: be sttre youcall at PERRY'S BOOK STORE, on Main Streel, a few doors South of the Public Square. WM. R. PERRY. Ann Arbor, Juno 27, 7816. 269-tf THRESHIN6 MACHINES, THE undersigned would inform the public that he manulactures Morse Powers and Thrcshing Machines at Scio, of a superior kind invented by himself. Thes3 Powers nnd Mnchines are particularly adapted to the use of Farmers who wish to use them lor threshing their own grnin. The power, thresher nnd fixtures can nll be loaded into a common sized wason bo.x and drawn with one pair of horsus. They are rlesigned to be sed with four horses. nnd are ; bun lantly stron for thnt number, and may be saiely used with six ot eight norses with proper care. They work witli less strength ol' horses according to the amount ol business done than any other power, and will thresh generally about $00 bushel vheat per day with four horses. In one instance 15tbushels wheat were threshed in three hours with four horses. This Power nnd Machine contntn all tho nd vantages nccessary to make them prolitoble to tlio purchaser. They are strong nnd durable. - They nre easily moved from one place to anothcr. The work of the lorses is easy on ihen powcis in con.parison to oihcxs, and the price if LOWKR thnn any otlier power and inncbine. have ever been sold in the Sratc. arcording to the real vnlue. The terms of payment will be liberal for notes that are known to be absolutely good. I have a number of Powers and Machines now ready for sale and persons wishing to buy are invited to culi soon. CLEAN ERR.I e.xpcct to he prepared wiihin n few dnys to make Clenners for those who niay wnnt ihem. The utility and advántagea oí chis Power nnci Machine will oppenr evident to nll on e-xaminin he recommendaiions below. All persons are cnuiioned against ipaítrag ihcee Powera and Machines: iho undersigneií hnying ndopred the necessary measures Cor secu ring letters patent for the saine witliin the time required by law. S'. W. FOSTER. Scio, Wasbfenaw Co., Mich.. June 18, 134G RECOMMENDATIONS. During the year Irí45. each oí" ;hc undersigned purchased and used either individually or joinily with othere, ore of S. W. Foster's ncwly in vented Horse Powers nnd threshing wnchinos. and believe they are botter adapted to ihe use of Farmers who want Powers and Machines Cor their own use than any other power nnd inrceher wiihin our knowledgo. They are calculated tobe used with four horses and are of ampie strength for that number. They nppenr to bf: consiructed in such a mnnncr as to render tlietn very durable with Hule liabiliiy of getting out o' order. They are cjsily moved from one place to another. Thcy can be worked wiib any num berofhand8 from four to .iht, ai-.d wilíihresli abou't 200 biishels wheat per day. J. A. POLHEMUS, Scio, Wnshtenaw co G. BLOOD, " " T. RICHARDSON, " " SAMUEL HEALY, " " 5. P. FOSTER, " N. A. PHELPS, ADAM S.MIT1I, J. M. HO WEN. Lima, WM. WALKER. Webster, " THOS WARREN. " D. SMALLEY, I.odi. I threshed last fal! and winter w.'th onc of S. W. Foter's liorse powers. more than fifteen thousand bushe's grain. The repairs bestowed upon the power amotinted to only fí cents, and it was in good order when I liad done threshing. 1 invariably used six horses. A A RON YOUNGLOVE. Marión, June 6, 1916. I purchased one of S. W. Foster'a horet powers last fail and have used it for j'ibbinc. 1 have used many diílerent kinds of powers and believe this is the best running power í have ever geen. D. S. JJENNET. Hamburg. June, 184C. We purchased one of S. W. Foster's ETorse Powers last l'all, anti have used it and think it is n first rate Power. JESSE HALL, DANIELS. IJ ALL, REUBEN S. HALL. Hamburg, Juno, 184(5. 2C9-tf 1846. 1846. TEMPERADOS HOUSE. MILTON BARXEY OP TUK STEAMBOAT HOTEL, DETROIT, IS now rerdy to nccommodate his friends and the Trave ling Public, with all ihose convenieiices calculated to make them comlortable, and t snit the timet. Meals twenly-five Cents. Best f art in the City for the same Money. General Stage Ojji.ce. Stcnmboals leuvn Detroit for liuffali) eccry Ecrnivg, at half past ü o'cloclc. (Usually.) The Railroads are withinfivc minutes ridc of the Steamboal Hotel. 272-tf A. C. M'GRAW & CO., Are now receiving their Fall Stock of Boots & Slaoes Which have been selected with much caro for tho Wholesale Trade! npiIIEY now rcspectfully request tho MerJL chants of Michigan and adjicent Siates. to examine their extensivo slock wiiich will be sold at very low prices for ensh or npproved credit, flaving for the last fiiteen years sold more Goods at retail than any other House in Michigan, they feel fully persuadcd that their selection is to price, quaWij, and sizr.s, will suit tho wants of the pcople. Their stoel; of Leather and Findings is also complete. Tho retail tradn continuos ns usual on the first floor, Couneii ov Jeffkiison anu Woodwaud AVKNUKS. . C. McGRAW, & CO. Detroit, A tig. 22, 1840. 2-ltí-lyNEW C GOKING STOVE And Stoves of all kinds. The subseriber would cali the attcmion of iba public to Woolson's Hot Air Cortón? STOVE. VVliich he can coniïdeiuly lecotnnnd na bcin decidedly superior to any Onoking Stcve in use For simpliciiy in opcraiion- ornnomy in uel nnd for micqualled Baking and Roastino queh cs, u is u n i i valled, Tho new and important improvcmenj introduced in iis construction being such as to in. sure great advantages over all other kinds of Cúoktng Stoves. VVÍLLTAM R. NOYES, Jr. 7fi Woodwaid Avenuu, Dei'roit' Dec. 12, 1845. a42" BJOTIcñ "" GD. HILL would rrepcctiully inform tho ciljzena of' Aun Arbor and viciniiy ibat the firmof G. D. Hill & ('o., h.iving distolved. lic wit! continue (Tío bus-neBS ni the old siand in Hawkinsr' Block. on the old and pgrablijihed principles of the house "smalí. pkoits a promtt r vv." hc wil) be nble toorFer io lus custoniers on or nbont the 2'Jih dny of May, A SPLENDID ASSORTIMENT CF SPRING QOODS at the loweat poBsibló ratcs for Cash, Wool. and all oihor kinds of produce. A!l persons wanting to buy goode wil) find ; to their odrontnge to hold on their Old Clothe$ tin r i J the nbove named ossortment jb received, as thev wiü he soldar verv low raicé. The Sabacribér will also pay the hihrsr market price for 100,000 POUNDS OY WOOL G. D. HILL.' Ann Arhor. May II. T84fi. 2(M-if "Crockery at Wholesale." FREDICRICK WET?OHE. has córmantly on hand. ihe lnnrest stock in the West of Crockiri, China, Gcissvare, Looking Glásés and ríales, Britamiia Ware Tra ia, Lamps and Wieking-, Pía Led Ware, China Toys, fc. %c. His stock includes all ihe varietie of (Jroekery and China, from the finest China Dinuer and T-a Stt to the most commo and low priced ware - from the nchost ent plass to the plninest glass ware. Hriinnnia Cnsiors of Overy kind. Britnnnia Tea Sctis. Ooflee Pots, Tn Pois, Lamps. Candlestifks, Ac. Solar Lari LUmps Ót'èyery deacriptinrt from the most custly cut PurlorLamp to the cheaiiest Store lamp. All the nbove arricies are imponed by himsolf direcily from the manufacturos and will be old nt Wholesale, as low as .-ir any Wholesale Howse cxpenseii from eephpajd ndded on.'v. A liberal discount givèn for crish. Merchants and others are invited to cal! nd examine the nbóye ariich s nt ihr o!d -tard .0125. Jefierson Avenue (Eldied's Block ) IV 'roit 24 1 ySELECT SCHOOL. MÏSS J. li. S.mi th. nSsintad by Mis S. I' i k r. n, nnnoiniccs to the public ihnt the in (irepnred rccêiVe yóung ladiés into litr tchoul in the basement room oí the Epiopal Cburch. Tkkms. - For quarterof 12 weeks, for Enclish branches from $2td 5; French and Latin cach .t,.?extrn if pursuetJ (ogeilier witli the Knsliah indies, or sepamirfy. $5 ench. The school wiil be rurnrehed wM a Philósophíc] apPrtus; and nccnsionnl leciurcs givcn on the Nal. ural Scierces. Mrs. Huh3 wül .7lve nstmciion (o nH wo 'esirc il, in Musie, Drawing, Paimingnnd Nm. die work. Miss Smith refera to the follown,?frenliemen: Professors .Williams, T,n 1 rook, nd Wh.odon of tlio Un.versity; Rcv. W. S. Curtió, liev. Mr: Simons, R,v. C. C. Tèylbr, Uon. E. Munly, Wm. S. M.iynnrd Fq. Ann Arhor. April 29. ]16. 2!;2-tf MICHIGAN L-A NCANO TAX AGENCY H. D. POST, Mason, Inghavi Cpunly, Michigan. WÍLL nttpiid to the pnyment of Tjiïcs. exnmmation oí Tules, purchaee and sato of Lnnrls. Ac. &c. Any business entrusted iohim will be trunsort. eü wiih promptness and aocurucy- Addicaa hy mail. Iirftrcncrs, (Inj permission. ) C. flurlbut, Dctioit. J. C. Hcnrit, Öröther & Co. ) „ ' W;ldor& Snovv, } Troy. Woodbiiry. AVery & Co. ? .. r R. G. Williams, AiW y'. Stcam Foundry. THE undersiiineil bnving boucht the entiro inter-st of JJ. fe R. Partridge nnd Geo. F. Kern in ihe '-Stcnm Foundry," Ann Arbor, will manufacturó all kinds of'Cnstinn 'o order, nnd willbe hnppy to iuniis-!) any kind of C.iïtini; to the old cpetomjsra I Harris. Pariride A Co., O.& R. PoriVidge, &. Co., nnd Parmdge. Ken V'' and to al1 ot!l(-rs who mny favor tho wak a cali. H. r. MARRIS. . , . K,T. WILLIAMS. Ann Arbor, Dcc. 26, 18-16. 24l-t. FOR SALE AT L0vTr1cÊsTND EASY TERMS. TTIE Subícriber oíFers íor snle a Farm. in the town of Dcxinr. of KiO acres, bout 80 acres improvod. Aleo a Farm ai ihe mouih of lloney Crcek in Scio, 3 miles Trom (his villnge, of (4 tJ. aerea, 90 aerrs improvod. Alson Farm on mile from thits vülage of 160 acres, 100 nerca improved. Each of these Farms are desimbly locatfd for resldence8; have good buildings and are all well wniëred. Also two dwelhng bous and lois in this villuq;o. 200 villnge lots; 24 out lotsof about one acre each, in tbc immcdiatn vicinity ofihis villoge.'" IOacrc8 timbéred land. and 30 aerts inprovcd 3 of a mile from this village. A 180 5 slips in the Prcsbytcrian mee'ing honie. Anyofihc above mentiorief property will bo sold at fair pricos and on n credit oi 3 of the purchaso money - Tille, Perfect. Wantetl - a srAN of good Hor SES IN PAYMENT. WILLIAMS. MAYNARD. Ann Arhor. Mny li). IS 10. 2(5.1-G(U CHEAP STOVES AT Yl'SILANTl! I O5 COOKING & PAK LOR STOVES, ■ AJ just received. by the Subsciiber, (mostly from Albany) making q gohd assortment of tlie latest and best patterna. which will be sold at Lmo Priccs! not to bc undersold ibis sidc Lako Erie! Also, Copper Furnituro, Caiild'ron Ke:tlcs, IIollow Ware of all sizes, Stovc Pipe, Sheet Iron, Zink, &c. TIN WARE! Manufacturo], and constanüy kopt on hand which will also bc sold vcry low. P. S.- Purcbasers will do woll to cali and examine for thcirown satisiaotion. J. M. BROWN. Ypsilanti, J:no20. 1S4G. S7lt MEDICAL B00KS. ANFAV lot of Medical Rooka, juet openod and for snlo cheap for cash ai June 15. 270-tf Püivpt's