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The World To Come

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If al! our hopes nnd all our fcnrs Were priaoned in lifc's narrow bound ; If, travolers tlirougli this valo of teara, We saw no bcner world beyond ; Oh f wiiat could check the rwii sigh ? What eauhly thiug could nleasure give t Ok ! who would venture, then 10 die - Or who would venture then to live Í Were lifc a daik nud desert moor, Wherc mists and clouds eternal epread Their gloomy veil beyond, before, And tempesis thundcr ovcrlead ; Wherc not a sunbeatn breaks iho gloom, And not a ñowerut smiles beneuth. Who could exist in such a tomb - Who dwulliu darkneaa and in dcaiu T And such were lifc without the ray Of our divine religión given; 'Ti this that maltes üvs darkness day, 'Tis thi-j that mukcs our carth a heaven I Oright is the golden sun above, And beautiful the llowers that bloom, And all is jciy and all is íovo, Reflected froin the world to come !