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Mr. Somebody at Richmond Iately cowhided a woman wiih an infant in her arms, because she had spoken disrespectfully of his wife; and in his earnestness in strapping the mother, he gave a few cuts, by accident, to her baby. Some of the newspapersin the Ancient Dominion defend him stoutly, and give us to understand ihat, being a " Virgini.y gentleman of the old school," Jie was quite too chivalrotis to tolérate any "sarse" against lis wife, especial ly f rom a woman no )etter than she should be. How notions of chivalry differ with legrees of latitude ! Up North here, ín he "Free Nigger Slates," striking a voman is regarded as infamous. And any man who should strike any child but lis own in in parental correction, would ertainly be despised. And a man who hould strike a baby, or any bejson holding baby, thus putting it in danger of his lows, would be stigmatised not only as a )oltroon, but as a brute. And whoever 10 uld undertake to defend his wife or ther female relative against the unbridled cense of a bad woman's tongue, which tongue was no slander," would be regarded as bringing himself down to her evel. Only think of it ! A rcspectable citizen of Philadelphia, the head of a repectable family, cowhiding a she one of cracked character, for gabbling ill-looking stories about his wife ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Strike a woman ! ! Among us a man would not be permitted to hold one uneasy. But in the land of chivalry, such thingsmay be allright, because women are whipped every day, and the men are used to it. This " Virginny gentleman of the old school," who goes about cowhiding the she fancieswith babies in their arms, to defend the reputation of his wife, must be " as ardent as a Souihern sun


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