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Russia, as to extent of territorty has during the last cenlury, been making th most astonishing advances. Her subjccU are nowseventy millions, and one-seventh of the who!e habifabe globe is brought under her power. Her dominion extends across the whole breadlh of Europe and of Asia ; reaching from the eternal snows and glaciers of the North, to the sunny plainsofthe palm tree and the fig. Her fleet is ever on the wing - her armies ever marsh.iled for war and conquest. - She has swallowed up Poland ; Sweden and Norway are prepnred for her repast. She is now devouring Caucnsia, having already consumed large portions of Turkey, and she has planted her fangs deep and strong in the Persian empire. And the armies of Nicholas are crowding rapidly down, to meet upon the plains of Central Asia, ín fearful conflict with he veteran troops of Victoria. Russia and England have met in Asia, as two highway robbers, fighting for the plunder of the helpless; and now and then a hriek is extorted from their victims so piercing - of such fearful horror, that it makes the ear of Christendom to tingle. - England recentl rained down a tempest of grape shot upon the naked Affghans, and robbed them of their country. And he cool apologv she made for the crime vas, that if she had not stolen the land' bichólas would have done so.