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Railways And The Sabbath

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üivery innovation or change upon the old routine of society usages has various and important hearings upon the genera] welfare. Many of these are not very apparent at first sight. Take, for example, the introduction of Railways. One would not at first suspect that they would necessarily be hostile to the observance of the Sabbath. Yet a London paper informs us that the prevalence of Railways in England is sweeping the general observance of the Sabbath from the land. Their number is multiplying in every direction : they will soon run through all the principal villages in the kingdom; and they run on Sunday, with scarcely an exception. Crowds collect at every depot and multitudes take pleasure rides on that day at a penny a mile, travelling as far as their finances will permit. In addition to this, great numbers of young men of the middling classes, of good education, among whom are lawyers, physicians, surgeons, &c., are seeking permanent situations on these roads, and will of course live in the disregard of a Sabbath, and will bring up their tamiles to do likewise. The London paper tells us that to stop the extensión of this anti-Sabbath process " is now beyond the power of man." The same causes and results are being developed in this country. The Sabbath will not be generally observed in a"community where Railways or Cauals are in operation on Sunday.