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For The Signal Of Liberty

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To the oft rcpeated assertion of the op posers to the immeJiate emancipation o theslave, viz : tint he is not yet sufïi ciently elevaled in moral condition to ap precíate freedom, we find tljis apropo answer in Macaulay's Essay on Mil ton : - "Many politiciansof our time. are in the habit of iaying it down as a sp]f-eviden proposition, that no people ought to be freetill they are fit to use their fredom The maxim is worthy of the fooi in the old story, who resolved not to go intothe waler tí 11 he had learned to swim ! 1: men are to wit for liberiy till they be come wise and good in Slavery, they maj indeed wait forever." Ann Arbor, Nov. 1846. Multiply the figure 9 by any other single figure and the two figures comprising the product, adüed together, will make 9. Thus 9 multiplied by 4 makes 3G, which two figures, ttdded together,