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Wc have been looking for returns [rom our fricnds, but they are generally as silent as the grave : of course they cannotget the news ofusr, favorable or nof, iinless we get it ofthem. We have reseived only a single letter on the subject, ivhich rcads thus : Centerville, Nov. 4, 1846. "We have not as vet reccived full returns from our County, but enough havo been heard to warrant us in putting down our vote for Congressman, Hussey, at 130, which will be about our average vote. 1 have not the actual vote of last ycar before me, but to the best of my rccollection it was for Gov. about 80. A gain of 62 è per cent. Every town has given more or less Liberty votes, and in two, we are no longer the third party. Assoon as received I will send full relurns." In haste, Yours. We gather from the notices in our exchanges, that a portion of the party has deserted the nominations, and gone over lo Whiggery. Their statements, hovrever, must be taken with allowance. We cut the following from the Democratie Expounder, of Marshall A bargain was made before the election. between Gordonand the Abolition leaders, which has generally been adhered to th roughout the County. Indeed, tho leaders of the Abolitionists went so far as to withhold the Abolition tickets from all those of their party who could be prevailed ujion by such means, to vote the Whig ticket. In t h is way, more titan one hundred Abolitionista were conxed or driven lo vote for Gordon ; and most ofthem for iheentire Whig ticket. InTekonshaand Homer the Abolitionists, finding they had been chealed of their votes - with one exception - voled the clean Whig ticket. The excepiion was M r. , who, not being able to find out the names of the Abolition nominees, v rote "Caplai?i Winters" on a slip ef paper, nnd threw it in - declaring that he was "certain ho had voted part ot the Abolition ticket, for from Winter' of notoriety, he would be sure toget nominated for something." In Mnrengo the ieading Abolitionist, nnd his son, and as many as he could innuence openly voted the Ontire Whig tiuked. In Emmet, we are informed, every Abohtionist voted for Gordon and Dixey. Thereare28. In BattleCreek, all but 28 (there are said to bo about 40) voted for Gordon." An exchange says that "the Abolitionists of the towns of Jackson and Parma, almost to a man, voted the Whig ticket." Are these things so ; or are they chiefly the slanders of disappointed party men ? In Genesee County, the Liberty roto was about the same as last year. In Bruce and Armada, Macomb Co. the Liberty vote has doubled on last year. If our friends don't send us any newi we will try to gather it from official reportsofour exchanges next week.