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Ann Arbor, Nov. 13. - Wheat brings 62 i cents per bushel. Buffalo, Nov. 8. The advices by the Britannia received here by Telegraph on Saturday were incorrect, and asthey were despatched westward by the Hendrick Hudson, they will no doubt occasion heavy losses to persons west who may be influenced by them. Insteadof there being an advance of 5 shillings on on flour as was reported, there is not an advance of a single penny. The quotations of flour in Liverpool, received by the Caledonia were as follows : "Free flour 34a35s 6d- bonded 32a33." The quotations in "Wilmer's Tines," received by the Britiannia, are free flour 34s6d to 35s 6d- in bong 31s to 33s - Wheat is also precisely the same, 8s 9d to 9s 3d. In corn, however there is an improvement. The London correspondent of the N. York Courier and Enquirer, a Whig paper, in his letter of Sept. 21st, says that the farmers of the great corn-growing States may depend on a pennanent demandforlndiancom, at about 30 s. per quarter, equal to 95 to 100 cents a bushel in England, or GO cents in New York. VVhat do Mr. Clay and Mr. Webster and Mr. Hudson say to that 1 lic says the demand is now for human food, but in ordinary times it will be wanted parlly ibr animáis, to supply the greatly iñcrcased deirnnd for butcher's meat. It is time to begin a stir that shall reduce the exorbitant tolls and charges on the N. Y. Canals. It costs more to bring grain from Búllalo to New York, than to carry it from N. Y. to Liverpool. The Boston Journal says that the great demand in New York for ships to send grain to England has compelled the New Yerk merchants to come and buy or charter all tho ships to be had in Boston. - Emancipalor. We give tho following table of breadstufis exported from the port of N. York for eight months, from the lst of January, 1845 and 1846 : 1845. 1846. Inc. per cent. 175,381 bbls. flour, 591,211 237. 18,215 bbls. meal, 60,688 233. 84,086 bush. corn, 563,187 570. 6,902 bush. whoat,523,332 8767.The quantity brought to tide wate through the Erie Canal, from the com mencement of navigation to the 7th of October, in the years 1845 and 1846, is as folio ws : .By reducing the Wheat to Flour, the quantity left at tide water this year compared vrith the corresponding period of last year, shows an excess equal to 717,116 barrels offlour. The increase in this one channel exceeds the ordinary export of iheyear.