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An Angel's Visit

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A young angel of distmction beingsent Jown lo this earth on some business, for he first time, had an olcl courier spint nsigned him as a guide. Thcy arrived over the sea of Martinico in the middle f the long dny' of obstinate fight between he fleets ofRodney and Do Giasse - When, through the cloiuls of smoke, he av the fire of the tho decks covered with manglcd limbs, and bodies dead or dying, the ships sinking, burning, or blown inlo the air, and the amount of j.ain, misery, and destruction, the crews vet alive, were dealing arouud to each othcr, he turned angrily to his guide and aid, " you blundering blockhead, you Tre gnorant of your business ; you un(Jertoi)k to conduct me to the earth, and vou have hrought me into heil." " No sir," answered the guide, " I have made no mistake ; this is really earth, and these are men. Devils never treat w one anothcr in this cruel manner ; they have more sonse, and more of tvhat men