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Miss Stein States There Is No Such Thing As Repetition

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There is no such thing as repetition, says Gertrude Stein, noted poetess, who said: "A rose is a rose is a rose."
Miss Stein, addressing an audience limited to 500 by her own request, Friday afternoon explained her conceptions of the psychology back of attempts by the individual to give verbal expression to thoughts and ideas. She spoke in Lydia Mendelssohn theater on the subject "Portraits and Repetition."
"I am inclined to believe that there is no such thing as repetition," she said. "The inevitable seeming repetition in human expression is not repetition, but insistence."
In writing, the process of remembering may confuse, she said, because it brings into action two elements of time. Thus she explained that she may endeavor to include in her portrait the essence of the subjects as he moved and lived, but not to include a resume of his past actions as she remembered them.