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The Road To Wealth

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íhe vray tu gei credit is to be punotual I- The way to preserve t. not to nse il inuch. Settle ofien, have short oceounis. Trust no mnn's appearances ; they are deceptivo f perhaps assun.eJ for the purpoae of obtainng credit. Beware of gaody exterior. Rogue usually dress wel!. Therich ore plain men.- Trust liim if ary one, who carries but littlo oa iis back. .ever truat him who fliea into a pasion on being dunned ; make him pay qulcklj, f there be any virtue in the law. lie well attfi;d bcforc you givea credit, that ibose to whom you give it ore sote raen to b trusted. Stil your goods at a small advnncer and never mbreprcBcnt them, for those whota you once deceive will be aware of you thesecond time. Deal uprightly witb all men, and they will repose confidence in you and aoon bccom your permanent custotner. Beware of him rho is an office seeker. Mem do not ujually wnnt an ofTice when thc-y have anr ihmg to do. A man'saílüiraare rather tow whea he feeks office for support. Trust no tranger.. Vuur good are belter iban doubtful charges. WJiat 3 chanictcr worth, if you make it oheap. by crediiing nil alike ? Agree bcfore hand witb. every ,nan about to do a job ; and, if largo, put it into writing. If any decline thia, quitorbcheated. Though yon want a job ever so much, rnakaall sure at tho onset ; and in a case at all doubt- ful make sure oí a guaraniee. Be not afraid to ask it ; the best tet of responsibility ; for, if