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The Jews

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-All the Jews in the king.dom of Poland were obhged, on the lst. of October, ta auopt the ntw costume, presoribed by ihc imperial ukase.. To their great annoyance, thcy must now appearin public dressed ia the modern coat and surlouf. Noifring can g!ve an idea of the lamentations of the Jewish commonities, at tho last divine services, performed in the synagoguesof Warsaw. Groans and cries were heard from tho interior. All opposition on their part wou ld bo useless ; the pol ice is ordered to strip ihem of their national constume, wherever they appear in that attire, unless they have purchased the right of wearing it until 1850, at an enormous price, which the mnjorily are unablo to Pa3r■ From Jan. 1, 1839, to Márch 3, 184S, the war expenses of Government were 153,954,881 ! l-five miliions more than all the oivil erpens&s of tks Grwcrnmcni 17S9, to 1944 M