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Poetry: A Receipt For Buckwheat Cakes

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A Receipt for Buckwheat Cakes. Do, dear Jane, mix up the cakes, Just one quart of mcal it takes; Put the water in the pot, Be careful that 'tis not too hot : Sift the meal well through your hand; Thicken well - don't let it stand; Stir quick - clash - clatter - Oh! what a light, delicious batter: Now listen to the next command: On the dresser let it stand Just three quarters of an hour, To feel the gentle rising power Of powders melted into yeast, To lighten well the precious feast. See! now it rises to the brim - Quick, take the ladle, dip it in. So let it rest, until the fire The gridle heats, as you desire. Be careful that the coals are glowing: No smoke around its white curls throwing; Apply the suet, softly, lightly - The gridle's black face shines more brightly, Now pour the batter on - delicious! (Don't, dear Jane, think me officious,) But lift the tender edges slightly - Now turn it over, quickly, sprightly, 'Tis done - now on the white plate lay it, And to the breakfast room convey it, Smoking hot, with butter spread, 'Tis quite enough to turn our head. Now I have eaten - thank the farmer That grows this luscious, mealy charmer; Yes, thanks to all - the cook that makes These light, delicious buckwheat cakes.