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The Homestead

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The Homestead. Were no man allowed to possess more than a given convenient or necessary portion of God's free heritage to man - the Soil - and every man securely possessed of that, against all and every claimant, the whole community would be far happier, holier, more friendly and peaceful. Let every man - or family - be possessed of a Home, secure against all misers and laws, and they, particularly the former, would scarcely be known. Then, would all realize and enjoy the blessedness of home. Oh! the happy remembrances - the affectionate emotions - the joyous associations, that are awakened and revived by the simple mention of that one sweet word! There is but one other word, in our language, which embraces, expresses more, which speaks deeper lo the heart of man; that word is Love; it is the attribute - it is God. Indeed, what two words are more intimately connected, more beautifully associated, than Love and Home? And who - that is not worse than a savage - but would wish all of his fellow-beings such an abode. Give to each a safe and sacred Homestead ; then, fully and sacredly enjoying and appreciating his own, he would have little inclination or temptation to violate and trespass upon an other; thus the safely and peace of the whole would be promoted. Besides, once in the full and perpetual possession of a sufficient residence, the occupant finds it his first and highest interest to make the place as pleasant and comfortable as his industry and ingenuity will enable him to do; and he is stimulated to this course by the reflection that himself or family may continue to enjoy it, as they cannot be ousted from it, by the inabilities of misfortune, or the crafty miser's schemes; hence, the welfare of all the neighborhood is protected by having the general good become the common interest. - D. S. Curtis. The New York Sun says, there is a chapel in Red Lion Square, London, in which the services are conducted for the especial benefit of the deaf and dumb. - The language of signs is the vehicle of communication adopted. Somebody - not the street Commissioner we believe - has advertised for sealed proposals for grading the Hill of Science, and McAdamizing the Road to Fame. Dugald Stewart remarks that the power of setting readers a thinking, is one of the most unequivocal marks of original genius.