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Jinn Jlrbor #4#w !! BW r -- - THh undersigned having ourchüseuil.e interesisofhis partner in ;lie Marble Business. wouH informlhe nhabitan'sof thisandadjoining counties, thnt he continúes the business at the oíd stnnd in Upper Town, near the Preebyterian C'hurcli. whpre lift will rranufacMire to order, Monuments, Grove Slones Paint Slone, Tablets,$c. 8fc. Those wishing to obuiin nny article in hisline of business will fiud by calling that he has an assortment of White and Variegaied Mirble frotn the Enstern Marble Qinrrice. wfaf'cli will be wrought in Modern style. and sold at eastern prices. transportaron only. Cnll and ge' the'proof. J. M. ROCKWKIX. Ann Arbor. Jnly B, 18-iG. 27' Iy Cheap Hardware Store. rpiIE Subácriber takes tliis method 10 inform JL Itis old customers and tlie public generally that he still coniinuea to keep a largeand genera] assortment of Fonetgp and Uomesiic HARDWARE, CÜTLERY, &c. Also. Spike. Wrought. Cut and Horse Shoe Xnils. Glass. Sheet Iron, Hoop Iron, Sheet and Bar Lcad, Zync. Bírght and Aneaitíti Wire, Molasses Gates and Fassetts, Mili Saws. Croes Cui Saws. Hand nnd Wood Snws, Back and Key Hole Saws, Anvils. Vicos, Helio ws. Ad7.cs,Coopci'a luol.-, Drnwin? Knives, Spoke Shavcs, Tap Borers, Cast Steel Augnrs, Comtnon Augura. Augur Bitts, Hollow Auguts. Steel and Iron Squares. Ground Piaster. Water Lime, GrindJSïones, Potash.Caldron and SugnrKeitles. Cable, Log. Trace and Halter Chams, Broad, ■ Hand and Narrow Axes, Spirit and Pliimb Levcls. together with a general assortment of Hollew Ware, which will be sold low for Cash o." approved credit at J 23, JefTcrson Avenue. Eldred's Block. R. MARVIN. Detroit, Jan. lfitfc. 184G. 24B-y__ BLANKS. Warrantv Deeds, Quit-Claim Deeds, mortgages, Chattel Mortgages, SüMMONSES, subpcenas, Attachjvients, executions, Leases, Masters' Deeds, foreclosures in cliancery, Marriage Certificates. The above are printed on good paper, " añer the most approved forms, and can be had by the single, dozen, quire, or Í hundred, at the Signal Office, Ann Arbor, r Lower Town. Nsvember 1, 1846. OYSTERSf OYSTERSf OYSTERS!! ROWE & Co., having thoroughly completed thcir arrangements. are now prepared to f. furnish ihe citizens of Detroit and vicinity with O Y S T E R S ! ! Ofa superior quality. at the lowest pnces. They intend making a regular business of it, and will reccive by express, and keep constanty on hand, SHELL nnd OPENED OY.S1 TEUS ol a quality ihat cannot be surpassed. - They will be put in Cans or Ke?s that hold from ? one quart to two gallons. We do not wiih you " to take our word for the above, but to cali and ry us. 3 ÏÏT All orders left at the Hnil Road Hotel. 1 or sent by mail will meet with mmcdiate attention, ROWE & Co. Buffalo, WM. MATIIEWS, Agt. Detroit. V. S. Oysfer6 delivered to any part of the ■ city free of charge. Detroit, 184(i. 28o-3m C CLARK, Attorney and Counselor, and Justice of tkc Peoce.- Office, Court Houe, Abo Arkc. SWíí