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The War: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Letter to the Editor
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I Mn. Eoitor : - , Piense iniorin me, if you can, through ilu Signal, what (he Whiys iimun (che Detroit Advertiörr especially) wlian tliey recommeiid their iriends to let tlio Government li;ive iiu-n and luoney to curry on an Itifoiiioda w;ir, bu; . 'huld tictu responsihle," t tía t 8,njB i undc.rstotid t, lielp tlieni i l" a 1 1 tlie niiscfítcl ibcy cirn. and then niakc tiicm necountabie. i h;ive nskcot ■ a miuiber oí Whigs in iny iiWn vicimty witlioüi I olu. iiuu' sa síaction os to how, when, uid lo whom the account is to he given. A SIMl'LE READER. I - I We cannot lell what the Whigs mean by their adrice. We would callón tlie Detroit , tiser for an explauauon. We hnvn regarJct! the course of the Whigs, in reference 10 tlie War, as both inconsistent and cowanlly. They know that il was an unnecessary, unjusüfia'jhand aggre8sivc assuult by us upon a weaker neiglibor : but they d.ire not say so publicly lesi thoy be caled 1Oli) Fkderai.ists" ! Thiü terrible epithet cares ihcm from their proprcty : anJ heneo ihey shout and oxn at tbc suncess of the war, furnuh thounancls of men and millions of money ior carrying it on, and then talk of ímpeaching Mr. Polk lor commencing ít 1 A geiitlcmnn who has been wcll known as a prominent Whig, remarked to us the oihci day, in expluuation of thc course of tlie Whigs, that anv war xohalczcr would it popular with the great ms of thc Amoiican p:op!e ; and no political man could openly oppofe the prosecution úf a war, no mattor how unjust it mny be. without endiingering, if not pcrninnently destroying his pnpularity with tbe people. In proof ofthis ho referred to the stigma, which, in popular estimatiun, lias ulicmjs tuinchcd to thosc persons, however eminfínt for ability or pairiotitm, whj cpposrd the war wiih England - "%Ve disagreed with the gentleman al first, bui ■uliscquent reílection convinced us that the spirit of wai is so prevalent thut the great mass of eur cnuntrymen would ehout snd l.urm at any successful war which our rulers nüght origínate no matter what might beits object.