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Foreign News: Fifteen Days Later From Europe

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I lie Camuña arrived at Boston, nt lOu'cIock on Wednesdny even ng. The politica! nnd commercial news received by this arrival is important. The papers are filled with nccounis of ■ mirages upon jiersons and property. Grent ilarm is mnnifestod at the open trafile in fírenrms amopg the pensantry. Tradá is dull. The fnc lories nre rori;ing oa short time. The Engüsh grnin markets are anitnatec, and previous priecs uf flour vnnintdined. No change fn provisions. The cotton mnrket. after the arrival o." the Brilannia on the Ist inat.. beenme nnimnied, and lnrge ales wore mude nt nn advance of a J.J per Ib. On the 3d inst. the market ciosed firmly. wifli a rendeney to a furilier advance. The niovement, however, is CJiisidered by practical men as speculaüve. - Money was abundnnt and easy to be hnd at '2 a 2 por cent, per annum ; on flrst class bilis 3 per cent. The compirative quotatiom of the most m)or(aiu anieles of consnmpiion b) the steamt-r of ho 19ih ult. iind'lth inst.. will show the moveíent which has tnker. place. Ndv. 19, United States red whoat Ha 2J o 8s 6d ; U. S. whitc o. tís. Gd. n Ü3 '2d ; Indian corn 5ií n fjJs ; U. S. freeflour, 31 61 a 3ls ; U. S. bonded 29a a Os. Opening of thk Pouts. - No less tlian four eputations f'om diflervht parts of the metropolis vai ed on Lord John ltussell, ai his ofTice in üowning airee', London, on the 2!st ult., íor ie purposc of presenting mcmorials to the joríls of the Treasury, calling on Governmcni o open the ports to the admissiun of western corn uty free. His lordship expressed n hope of iheir 'ishus being realized. Poiitl'Gi.. - The roynl cause was considered o hopelesfr. that npartnieiits had been provided n Vindsor Cnstle for the fugitive Queen and íer Court. At the latt advices, however, ihc esertion íriiffl the popular forcé was frequent, Imi t wasdoubtful whether the Qucen could retain ícr throne. Tho people nre disecntonted, nnd abor under feelings very inimical to the exiating rder of tbinge.