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MIE prcceding figuro ís given to represen llie Insensible Perspiration. It is ihe grea n:l neuuion lor the iinpurities of the body. It will cx iiüticeil thai a ihiek cloudy mist issues froni I puiii'.s of ilic surtaoe, which indicntes thai is per'spiraiiun flowe unimerruptedly whe.n we ' e in health, butccases when we ate sick. Li e ' ,miot bu Hiistaincd without it. Il is tlnown off m! om the ti!oüd ani other juices of i!ie body. ld disposes by this meuns, of neurly all the iniiriüea within us. Tlie bluod, by ihis means " i!y, works iitell pure. The langunge of Scrip " ' ireis,"in tbc Blood is she Lifo." Il it ever ü( jcoines impure, it muy botraced dircctly tf the ll'. oppagc of tlic Insensible t'eispirtuion. lmever w quires nny inlernnl medicines to clcanse it, as ' always puriiifs itaelf by ft'è ówn heat '" on, and throws off a!l the offeriding hnmois. ()l ïrough the Insensible Perepirntion. Tlms we "' ie all tltat is necessary wheu ilie bluod is w anl, or ófected. ia to open the pores, andit ieeves itstilf fro:n uil impiirity insiaiitly. lisown . ent atnl viialitv are sullicient, without ont m c!o of medicine, except to open the poten upon "' ïesurface. we s.e the lolly oi taking o j' inch iniernal remedies. All praoiitioners, ' ver. direct their cfforts to restore the Insensible 8t erspiration, but it to be not always the Sl iroper une. 'i'he Thumptsonian, or inaianctí sLl icams. tlie Ilydropatliist shrouds ■■sin wet is, the II'ino;aih st deals out infinitissinials, thé bleeds iind dt.scs us wilh mercury.nnd sc ie blusterin Quack gorges us with pilla, pills. m .lis. To givc somo idea of thenmnunt of the Tusen n ible Perspiration, we wil! state tbat thv lonrned c' r. Lewenhock. and the great Boerhuave, 8r ained thut fivc-eighihsof all wc receive into the w tomach. pasí-ed ott" by this mean. In other ' rords. if we oat and drink eight pounds per day. Vi ,'c eviicuate five pounds of it by the Insensible w 'erspiration. This is none other than the iif=ed up particles ! f the blood. and other juices giving place to the v ew and fresh ones. To check ihis, tlierefore, s to retain in the systeni fiv-eighlhs of all the irulent maner ihat nature demands shouldleavc ai he tiody. And even when this is the case, the n bod is of so active a principie, that it ll nines t'.ose particles to the skh, where they un scabs, pimples, ulcers, and other spots. " By a sudde.'i imnsition 'rom heat to cold, the Cl ores are stopped, the perspirarion ceases. and 8i iscasebegins at once to developeitself. Henee. a stoppage of' this flow of the juices, originales o niiiny eornpiaints. It is by stopping the pores, iiat ovcrwhelms t! uankind with ciugli8, colds, and oonsumptions. c ïiné-tehths of the world die from dise;ised in[uced by a etoppage ol the Insensible Perspira ion. P It is easily seen, therefore, how necessary 10 s he ílowoí' ihis subtle humor to the surface, to (: ireserve healih. It can not bu Btopped; it y lotbceven checked, without inducing disease. H Let me ask now, evcry candid inind. what :ourse 6cems the most rcasonable to pursue. to instop the pores, after ihey are closedf Would ■Ou give physic tounstop tne pores? Or would ' 'ou npplj sorneihing that would do this upon the s urface, where the cloggirig actuaüy is? Would N' ïot ihis be common sense' And yet I know ol ' 10 pbysician who makes any external npplication ' o efle;l it. The reason l assign is. thai l :ine witliin their knowledge. is capablè of doing = t. Under tlse circumstances, I present to P ihysicians, and toall othürs, a preparation that P re tliis nower in its lis i STER'S ALL HE AL ING ÜINTMENT, ir the WORLD] S SALVE! Ii has power to estore persptration on the feet, on the bead, ' ound old sores, upon the chesl. in short, upon ■ iny part ol the body, whether discased tlightly e r severely. Tt has power to cause all exter.ial sores, scrouloiis huinors, skin diseafcs. poismious wounda, o discharge their pu:nd matter, and then hcalfi t hem. It is n remedy that sweepa off the wholc t logue of cutaneous disorders, and restores the , jniire eutiele to itshealihy lunctiotis. t It is a remedy ihat forbids the necessity of so t many and dcleterious drugs taken into the - mach. ' h is a remedy that neither sickens, gives i convcnicnce. or is dangerous to the irires ines. It preserves and delcnds the turface from all i deranement of its functio:is. while it keeps 1 pen the channels for the blood to void all its 1 purities and dispose of all its useiess particles 1 The snrface is the outlet of rive-eit.hths of the bile and used up matter within. It is pierced wi.h millions ol openings to relieve the ïntes..:ie8. Stop up these pores, and death knocks at your door. It is rightly ternied All-llealing, tor there is scarccly a disfase, external or iniernal, ihalit will not beuefit. 1 have used it for the last fourteun years, for all disca6es of tlie chost, consumption. liver, pvolving the utmost danger and responsibility, aod I declare before Heaven and man, that not in one singie case has it failed to benefit, when the patiënt was witliin the rcach of mortal means. I have had physicians, learned in the profession; 1 have had ministers of the Gospel, Judge3on the Bench, Aldermcn and Lawyers. gen tlemen ofthe highesterudition and multitudes of the poor, use it in every variety of way, and ihere has been but one voice, one uriitcd, universal voice, saying, "McAlister, your üintment is goodl" COHÏÖMPTIOK. Tt can Inrdly be credited ihat a salve can have any eífeci upon the Iungs, feated as they are within the system. Bat wesny once for all, ihat this Ointment will reach the Iungs quicker than any medicine ihat can be given intcrnally. Thus. it' placed upon the chest, it penctrates dirccily to the Iung3, separatcs the poisonous particles thai are consuming ihem, and expela them from the sysistn I nced not say that t is curing persons of Lonsun.ption coirinually. although we are told it is loolishnesö. I care not what is said, so long as [ can cure severa] thoiisand persons yearly. IIKAD ACHK. This Salve has cured persons ofthe Head Ache ot 12 years standing, and who had it regularly every week, so that vomiting of.en took place. Deafnes8 and Ear Ache are helped with the like succeas. as also Ague in the Face. COLD KEET. CoMsumplion. Liver complaint, pains in the chest or side, fallin? of the hair. one or the other always accompanies cold feet. It is a sure sign of disease in the system to have cold fcer. The Salve will restore the Insensible Perspiration and thus cure every oatc. In Scrofula, F.rysipela3 and Salt ïthcum, and other diseoses of tliis nature, no iniernal remedy has yct been diacovcred that is so good. The same may be said of Bronchitis. Quincy, Sore Tliroat, Piles, Spinal Diseases. Broken or Sore Brcast, &c. And as for the Chest Diseasee, s'.ich ns Asthma, Pain. Oppression and the like, it is the most wonderful antidote in the World. Fnr Liver Ccmplaint il is equally pfficacious: for Btims it has not hnt itsequal in the World: ülso, Excrcsences of every kind, suchas Warts. Tumors. Pimples. &c, it makes clean work 01 ihem all. SORE KTE8. The inflnmmation and disense always lieeback of the ball of the eye in the socket. Henee the virtue of any medicine must rench the eont ol the inflamation or it will do little pood. The Salve, if rubbed on the temples, will penétrate dircctly into the socket. The pores will be open cd. a proper perspiration will becreated and the disense will soon pass offio the suriace. PIMPI.KS O TUK FACK, FRECKl.KS, TAN, MASCÜI.I5E SKI, CIIOSS SUR7 4CE. It ftrst action o cxol fewmor. It wiljcuue druiL lili the luce s fice Irom any 1 it-r niny be lodged under th skiri nuy J jcinly bfeuking uui 10 iliu suilacc. li ihen Is. VV'heii theie is nolhiiig Imi grossni'Sd. nr I repulsivo suifaec, u hegins lo tolicn oiid un u'jiil th skin ii.ciinK's as sino. 'tli nnd ('ili: as a child's. It ihrouH a freahneas and íhing color upon '.lio iio.w wlutc. trnnspaieni u. thut i periectly cncliniiiing. Same limes case oí Freckles ii wiil fiísi siart out tliosi' l linve lain hulden and seen buisi-ldum. l'ur thoáalvo auJ uil wil! s.oon disappeur. WOVMS. '"parents kncw how lual most medicines were y ,'lnUlren taken inwardly, lia y wuuld be hIow retsort to iliem. Especiilly mercurial lozenfj ." cülled "medicateJ lozenges,-' pills, .Ve. j e i r 11 tli is. no onc enn ti II, invmiubly, when ruis tm present. New let meacy topnrenta. if t thid Salve wili alvv.iys tell if a child lias li nne. It will drive every veslige of llieni as y. Tliis ís a simple and sale eme. í'here is probably no medicina un tlie fnee of h earth o't once so sureand o safe ill tlie exe laion of worm8. h It would be cruel, nny wicked, to give inters I. dóubtful medicines, so loiigns a hunnlesa, '■ icrnal one could be mil. TOH.KT. J AIiIiouhIi I liave said little nbout it as n huir t ;toraüve, yet I will Btake itngninst the World! ' íey may brinn tlieir Oils (ar nnd near, nnd 1 ne will restor tlie linir iwo cases to tiieir one. OLÍ) 3ORK3, MOU1 'IFICATIONS. UI.CKliS. K'l C. That soine Sores uro un ouijét to the iinpurit ■ of the syöiem, is been ase they eimnot pnss f throtiüh the nam al chnnnols of the Insensi' b Perspiration. If such sores are healed up, i e itnpuMues must h;ive some otlier oiulcl. or it i II endnngor life. Th is s the ronsnn why it is ipolitic lo use the conunon Salve of the dny I Buch cuses. For ihry have no power to open her avenues, to let olí" ihi niorbid matter, and ' 6 consrqueuee6 nre alwnys fatal. TIiíb Salve i illalwoys provide for such emergencias. DISKA3K Oí' CHII.1JRK.N. ' How many thousands are swept off hy yi ving iern-l medicines, ■whon thrir joung borlies ld tender Iraníes are u nublé to benr up agninsl em? Whole a'inies are thus sent to their aves nieiely tr'.m pouring into their wenk oniachs powerful drugs ond physics! It is to ich that ihe All-Ilealing üinmient tenders so fe, plensant, and harmless a cure Such can :s as Croup. Choli:. Cliolern Jiilaninni. forms, and all Suinmcr Complnints. by which many chillren die, the Oimtncnt will reove s speedily nnd sureJy, iha? a physician ili ncver be needed. Motliers! thró'usKoui I this land. we now soinninly and socredly deare to you that ihe All-Hcaling Ointineni will ive your cliildren froni an early rtve if you ill une i t. Wc are not now actuated by the ns desire to pain; but knowing os we do that ist bodies of ininnts and children die early; hich is 8upposed to be inevitable and impossie to prevent, we hold up our wnrninsr voice, id dccl.ire in the face of the whole world. I1ILDREN NKED iNOT DIE MORE THAN OTHERSÜ But it is from the want ef proper nourisl-ment ld the constant drugging they undorgo wbich iow8 Uiem down as the rank graas falls before ie scythe. Mothcrst we repeat ngnin. and if ilrey were ie last wofds we were ever to uttef", and ol ;urse past the reach of all interest, we would jy, "use the All-IIealingOtntment forsickness mong children." UHEUMATl.SM. it removes al :nost immediately the inflaniaon and swelling, when the pain of course cabes. rv.vrns. Tn ca;ea of fever, the difiïculiy lies in the ore being locked up, so that the h.nt and pcrpirntion ciinnot pnss olf. Il the least moisture ould be starled, the crisis ia passed and the ansjer over. The All-Henling Ointmeni will i ali enses of fevers almost instantly unlock the kin and bring forth the perspiraiion. FKMALE COMPI.AtNIS. Inflamation of the kidneys, of the womb, and isialling down, weakness, and irregulaiity; in hort, uil those difilculiies which are fieqneni i tth females. find rendy and pormnnent relief. 'V have had aged ladies teil us they culd nut v! 8ix months without it. Bui to femnles nbout ri become inoihers. if used for soine weeks anteedent to their confinemont. very few of thosc iains and convulsions which artend t)em at thot icriod will be feit. Thisfact ought to be known he world over. SCAI.D HKAD. We have eured cases that actuallv défied eveything known, as well as the ability of fifieen r twenty doctors. One man told us he hnd pent 500 on hts children without any benefit vhen a few boxea of the Oinlment cured them CO KNS. People need never be troubled with }hem i hey will uae it. Ás n FAMILY MEDICINE, no man can neasurc its valué. So long as the atare roll ilong over the Heavens - so long as man trend he carth. subject to all the infirinities of the lesh - so íong i6 disease and sickness is known - jubt so long will thÍ8 Oinlment be uecd and ;steemed. When mnn ceases from off the earth, hen thedemand will cease. and not lili then. To allay all opprehensions on account of ils ngredients. in possessingsuch powerful properies, we willsiate that it is composed of some ol he most common and harmless herlisin existsnce There s no inercury init, asean he iecn from the fact that itdoes notinjure the skin one partiële, while it will pass rhcoúgh and physic the bowels. JAM ES McALISTER &. CO. ]G8 South street. N. York. Solé proprictor of the above Medicine, to whom all Communications must be nddiessed (post paid). Price V5 centsand 50 cents. inrcAUTioN.cro As thc AHHcaling Ointmcnt has been greatly counterfeited, we hnve g:ven this cnution to thepublie, that "no Oiniment will be enuine unless t lie ñames oí James VícAlister, or James McAlisier& Co., are written vih n prn upon every label." The label is a sicel engrnving. with the figure of "Insensible Perspiration" on thc fnce. Now we herehy offer a reward of 5(.'O. to he paid on conviclion, in any of the constiiutcd couris of tho United States, of any individual counterfpiíing o'ir ñame and Ointinent. MAYNARD'S. Ann Arbor, Wh-lesale Agents; Sniith & Tyrell, Clinton: Ketchum & Smith, Tecumseh: D. C. Whitvvood, De.xtcr; H.t Bower, Manchcsier; John O wen fe Co. Deroit; Morman &- Cook, Brooklyn. Dec. 18, 1845. 244- ly On Hand Again? THE Subscriber would respectfully noiify the public, that he is located onw more in the village of Ann Arbnr, nnd is prepared to accommodaic ihe community with i choice and well selected assoriment of HTX3W aOODS, consistinir of Dhy Goous, Grockrivs. Hardwrk, Boots and Shoks. CrockkrY. &c. &c, which he will sell for REAVY I' A Y as chea as the 6ame qüolily of Goods can be had at an oihcr store in town. Persone who wish to makepurchasesfor Cash. at Cash l'rices, will do well tü cali bcfoiepurchasing clsewhere. By keeping thc first quality of anieles, by sell ing at 8mnll proíhs, aml by n fair and honotablc course in business, he e.xpecls to meril a libera shnrc of public patronncn. Most kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE wil be tnkcn in paymciit for Goods. O' Don't forget the place, - on thc East Sid of Mnin strent. a few doors soutli of the Publi( Square, in the same slore with C liliss, Jeweler M. WHEELER. Anu Arlmr. Nov. 24, I84G. 2!)2-if FIRE AND DISSOLUTION. NOTICE is hereby given that the Co partnership herctolore oxising between thi SuI'Pcribers, is this dny dissolved by mutual con aent All persone indebted lo said rlrm. nre re qut'sicd to cali foithwith and selile. as our !os: by fire Tendera it necessary that immediaie pnyment should be made. The accounts aro lef with Subin Felch. at the olrl stand. SABíN FELCÍI. KMANUEL MANN. Ann Arbor. Nov. 14, 1846. N. B. S. Felch will continue in the Boot Shoo, & Lenther Business, as usunl, wht-re h hopea that nll his oíd patmns. and the public generallv will favor him with their patronage. 29t-3m SABIN FELCIÏ.