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"Ilesolution," says a writer, "is om nipoten. And if we will solemnly dotermine to make the most and best of all our powers and capacities ; and if to this end, with Wilberforce, we will but "cize and improve the shortest intervals of possible action and efibrt," we shall find that th'erè is no limit to our advancement. - Without this resolute and earnest purpose, the best aids and means ore of little worth ; but with it, even the weakest are mighty. Without it wc shall accomplish nothing, with it, every thing. A man who is deeply in carnesf, acts upon the motto of the pickaxe. on the old seal : 'Father, 1 will find a way or makeone.' Me has somewhat the spirit of Bonaparte, who, when told on the evc of battle that circumstanccs were against him, replied, 1 Circumstances : I malee or control cir:umstances, not bow to them.' In sel f 2ultivation, as in every thing else, to thïnk ive are able, is almost to be so ; resol ve o attain, is often attainmenL Every rt'here are the means of progress, if wc liave but the spirit, the fixed purpose to ase them. And if, like the old philosoïher, we will takc as our motto, " Highcr - for ever higher !' we may rise by them all. He that resol ves upon any great md by that very resolution has scaled hegreatest barreir to it, and he who seizes the grand idea of self-cultivalion xnd resolves upon it, will find that dea, that resolution burning within Jiim, nd ever putting him upon his own mprovcment. lic will find it removing liiFiculties, searching out or making neans, giving courage for despondency, trength for weakness; and, likc the :tar in the cast to the wisc men of old, jjüiding him to the sun ofall perfection. .f wo are but fixed and resolute- bent on .elf-improvcment, we shall find means jnough to do it on evevy side and at ivery moment ; and even obstacles and ipposition will but make us like the fablc spectre ships which sail fastcst, in the