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"old Virginia."

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On Monday, a small emigrant party ie well worthy the pencil of an artist, pass )- ed our office. A large wotnan, clud ii y a loóse fitting gown, with n pieceof mus p lin lied round her head by way of bonnet led the party, and behind her in regulai y steps, followeü" nine children, the young- est of whom was carried in tho arms oí 3 the oldest daughter, a girl about 16. - j Bringing up the rear came tho old man 3 clad in Kentucky jeans, his head suri mounted by an old wool hat, and hearing ; on his ehoulders a bag containing their provisions. Eight of tho ninc ehildren : were barefootpd, and thcir coveringwas made up of many and variously colorcd patches. Each of the boys was carrying sonie portion ofbediling, and thus they moved up the street, single file. Whcn the old man reaehed the Merchant's Hotel, he haileda person standing at'the door, with the inquiry of - " Whafs Missouri?" " Why, you are thar!" was the characteristic answor. "Then how far is Bowlin's Giecn, Pikc County ?" said. the old man. " About nincty miles," i ns the reply. 44 That aint nuthin," says the emigrant; and lus face lit up with a ploased smile, as he added - " wliv, Pm most tltar " Some one asked him w'vero he had come from, nnd the old man entered into an interesting history of his progress from Henrico county in old Virginia, to the present place, and how he lost his horseon the road on the Blue Ridge in Pennsylvania, his value, &c. 41 1 suppose you belong to one oL the first families ?" remarkcd a bystander. "Well," says hcr "síranger, Í don't belong to anythin' elsc!" He started again, nnd ivhen he had gnined a fow stt)s some one inquired ii' all the childron yth him were his own." Well, I reakon tbey are," says he, " for they stick to me, and cali me daddy; but tliese," added he, pointing his iinger at the vine, " is only my second croj) - Tve got cight more at Bowlin's Green-" "Well, you're a Iioss!" shouts the questioner. "Well, 1 am!" responded the oíd man, and on he moved towards his