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Mexican Unwillingness To Be Slaughtered

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" As the is too obstinóte or unwilling to acknowledgo her inferiorily, we mus pursue her with blow upon blow, and stun tier into her scnses." - Washington Union. öf whom spoaktflh the gentleman this? Is it an ox thot he is butchering, or a shc-boar, or a seal that will nol bo taken, or a hippopotamus that ho has brought down nnd is pounding ? On what or wliom is this singular and savnge jrocess of stunning her into her scnses to be pcrformed ? Reader, it is a nation of human beings, the humane writer is speaking of! This is sirnply the process recmmended by the edifor of the Washigton Union to be pursucd towards Mexico. Poor creaturo, we have got her down, but she is so senseless, that she vnll struggle still, and we mjst slun her into lier senses. Obstinate crealuro, she wil] not acknowledgo her inferiority, and beg pardon for deiending her own life, and must ibllow her with blow upon