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Unmitigated Blasphemy

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I he Rev. Mr. Page of New York, who was h delégate lo the Evongelical Alliance, made the following reply to some striciures upon the Ú nigger pews " in Dr. Patlen's church, in Ñew York. - Wc should rogard thc " alliance " of the Rev; gentleman with tho prince of durkness far more intímate and proper, than with nny "evangelieal" body. - Alb. l'iüriot. 'Asto ifhát is said about Ihis 'Jim Crowpcw' ín Dr. Patten's church, I wil remark thaí ihcre are quite a number oí them there, and very commudious ones, too, situated, not in the lowest room-, but near the head of Ufe tablo close by the master of tho ceremonies. Indeed, they are placed conspicuous, righí over i"he heads of the white worshippers ; higher tip a litile towards heaven than even the pulpit ltself, at Dr. Patten's right hand, and near his heart, I have no doubt. - They are seated just as the Son of Qted himself is seated ; on high, above the great congregation, in the eycs of all, and by the right hand of their best friend."