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Scene At Washington

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As 1 was coming frocn Pennsylvania 'Avenue on the bill last evcning, a little before sunset, in cólnpany with the Hon. , of Pa., we mef, just in front of the gate opening into the public grounds, a, ibur horse team, driven by a white tuan sented upou one of the w heel horses. Tlie wagnn had unon it a large open lumbej box, into which was crowded, as nearly as I va3 cble to count them. cighteen slaves. They were all young men and women. Sorrow and unutterable grief ere marked upon their countenanecs. As they possed by, they iastened their eyes ïhtently upon US, and appeared to implore assisfance. But as I saw my fePow beings, creatcd in the image of God, and redoemed by the blood of a Savior, thus transponed to our American Golgotha, for sale, I experienced sensations which I have no power to i describe. Would thatsomo of our reverend clergy, who delend Slavery from Scripturè had been presont io have scen tlie praciical workings of the M Patriarchol institutions." Behind the wagon rode two beings in human shape, each carrying a largo club in the form of a cañe and each probably wcll armed with pistolsand Bowie knives. They drovo up the Avenue to 7th street and halted at ihe tavern betveen tho Avenue and canal. They took the slavcs iuio the house 1 ani told until the crowd which gatherd around had disporsed, and then they were marched ovöi to W illiam Hew-ppn on Maryland Avenue. It is said they all belonged la tho estáte of an ex-Govcrnor of Alarykmd who Jived in uPrince George'á" county, and are on